ModNation Racers Beta Update

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Hi everyone. My name’s Liam and I am the European Product Manager for ModNation Racers! So it’s been a busy week for me on ModNation. After only 7 hours of the Beta being live in the PSN store the 100,000 slots where filled. Those lucky enough to get involved have been enjoying yourselves creating some awesome creations.

Modnation Racers Beta

We’ve seen plenty of awesome Mods (including some familiar faces) and an array of mixed up kooky Karts and the most twisted tracks!

Modnation Racers Beta

So far we have had over 5,500 new creations uploaded to the share station each day. (Mods, karts and race tracks combined). That’s pretty amazing!

Modnation Racers Beta

Now I’m sure you have plenty more creations you haven’t shared yet beta testers! So come on; show me what you can do..

Modnation Racers Beta

Don’t forget you can also Race against others online… So far we’ve seen over 100,000 races entered. If you think you have what it takes to get on the top spot then enter the Race Station (left hand side of the ModSpot) and start challenge others to an action race, time trail or a good old fashioned first past the wining post.

Modnation Racers Beta

And finally the official forums for your feedback on the Beta is LIVE go and post your thoughts on the beta and get thinking about what you will be able to create in the full game:

Modnation Racers Beta

Hopefully have some more ModNation news for you next week….
See you on the starting grid!

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5 Author Replies

  • Nice cross promotions, these things actually make me more curious to try the game..

  • I understand it’s an early beta, but I’m getting an awful lot of sound glitches (cracks and pops) in the game while hard drive data is streaming around — either in the ModSpot or during a race. As soon as I get online, it’s getting even worse.

  • You have a download code left for me?

  • Awesome game, awesome creations! :D

  • Love the game i just have one problem and that is connect to the online i just see the red planet at the right.

  • Please fix the loading times in the final version. They kind of make the game unplayable.

  • love the game, will definitely pick up the full version.
    But I have come across lots of freezing and eventually lock up and the PS3 hard restarting as i rummage through downloading mods in the creation station, i’ll make a list and report them on the forum! :)

  • One of the most exciting games of this 2010!
    Liam, could you give us an aproximate release date so I can put down on my calendar??
    PD: thanx for your response :D

  • I’m loving all of the Sony cross-promotion stuff recently. I hope Nathan Drake will be making a guest appearance in Heavy Rain, haha!

    • Hey Deathvein,
      The Mod’s where created by the Beta users not us. It’s nice to see that the PlayStation Exclusive characters are some of the most downloaded creation ;). It means we are doing a good job to creating some awesome gaming heroes.
      Nathan Drake in Heavy Rain? dunno if there is enough ancient hidden treasure! Although I’m sure he will be racing round in a Kart if someone has the time to make him!
      Maybe that’s a little challenge for you Beta testers!

  • that yellow guy in the first pic reminds me of an old megadrive game character, the game was called ristar and i assume that’s what the character was called, he was basically a star with arms and legs.
    had a couple of problems in game with the camera, it’s crashed when i tried to take a picture, saved the pics but had to reset my ps3.

  • best beta I have played in a loong time, I wasn’t very interested in this game until I got the beta, now its day a day one buy!

  • ha ha, that’s my Helghast Mod, thanks for posting it!
    I LOVE this game.
    See you in the modspot!

  • Love the beta even though the framerate isn’t optimal (which I’m sure will be fixed, since this is a BETA)
    Two questions though:
    1. The game supports splitscreen as I understand, but how many at a time?
    2. Will the ModSpot always be populated with other players, or is there an option to “kick them out” in the full game? I don’t like some users that is having a blast ramming into my kart when I’m heading for a station.
    Thank you very much, Liam, United Front Games, Sony and everyone else involved in ModNation Racers, I can’t wait for the full version!!

  • Loading times are definitely too loooooong!

  • I’m loving the beta and so are my nephews (6 & 8) – they are both huge Mario Kart junkies so the fact they are excited about this game is a huge achievement on your part!
    I have already left some ideas for improvements on the forum and I’ve also thought of a new suggestion today that I will post later tonight.
    I’m particularly loving the track creation tool and most of my ‘wish list’ of improvements relates to that, a few examples:
    Fix the branching tool for better shortcuts (it has some random side effects currently)
    Allow proper multi-path track designs
    Give the ability to ‘cut out’ sections of water – having a global height adjust means you can’t have lakes and valleys in the same track (ie the valley would be flooded too)
    Have the ability to create a ‘favourites’ or ‘recently used’ menu to give easy access to your favourite tools/props
    Allow tunnels (I have a feeling the final game will)
    Make the Circle button go back through the track edit menus in reverse order to how you accessed them, rather then taking you straight back to the first menu.

  • ^ that should have been 6 & 8 years old, not 6 and 8) lol

  • Any 4 player off-line split-screen gaming in the final Game? ;)
    If so can ‘Player 2 + 3 + 4’ have their own names and stats for the game that is saved all the time? A lot of PS3 games lack that :( Which is a shame. LBP does it well tho ;)

  • Howya Liam, game has fantastic potential, and i’m enjoying it despite the teething probs, which i’m sure will be resolved. See you on the forum. :)

  • “After only 7 hours of the Beta being live in the PSN store the 100,000 slots where filled.”
    Only 2 hours after it was up I looked and could get it…
    Was it limited to only so many per country?

  • Could not* I meant.

  • Will guys fix the controls/camera issues that most people are complaining about ?

  • I love this game. How has the work gone on fixing the frame-rate? Will the game be locked at 60FPS in the final version? Also, the camera really needs to be further away from our car. Its so close its hard to see some of the sudden turns most of the time.
    Other than those issues, its fantastic.

  • Yea comment 22 is spot on, the frame rate fix is a must. its very choppy at the best of times which is fustrating most of the times and free modes of views would be great for the races too, you know, a bit like the GT series.

  • I have been a little bit disappointed as I can hardly connect to the server.

  • Is it true that us EU folk only have limited items to customise our mods with? but during the US beta, they had whateever they can use?

  • Its limited beta? awww im finished repairing my ps3 a little late.

  • the yellow dude in the first pic looks like sogeking

  • This game has a lot of potential, but the frame rate problems and the load times really have to be fixed before I’ll consider buying this game.

  • #28 is right. Even for a beta I felt that the game was running horribly, and to be honest, not very intuitive UI. Uninstalled it after just half an hour meddling.

  • Hi,
    I love this game. Just wanted to report some problems. I know this is only BETA but thought you would like feedback.
    It takes ages to load and also long time to load between menu’s.
    It is a pain when trying to join a game online. You have to wait for next screen to load where only to find that the room is empty. You then have to quit and takes ages to load back previous screen. :(
    Also when I quit game it makes my PS3 system crash and reboot everytime.
    If these problems can be solved this will be an ACE game as when I have managed to join some games, the races have been gr8 FUN!!

  • loving this beta. check out my AA recovery truck lol.

  • Id disappointed that split screen is not available in the beta
    Any chance that in the full game we will be able to play splitscreen and online at the same time?

  • Yeah, despite the current issues in the beta it’s a lot of fun and the variety of created characters is very impressive.

  • gutted,I wrote a shed loads of stuff,I felt needed looking at,went over the limit,clicked back and it’s gone :(
    will be forced into the forums with the Ps3 :O

  • 1st
    Stuff it not putting up with that lagging mess of a forum :)
    First up,not bothered with framerate and load times in an early build,I can accept that.
    In it’s current state they lack a visual punch,again it’s early build.But I do find them incredibly unimaginative.I also think that being able to alt fire behind can lead into spamming.
    Stacking them is cool,but it doesn’t hide a lack of verity,again early build but would prefer dedicated front and rear attacks,and more unique approach to the weapons.
    I do think they shoul be fully customizable,i’d want hop on R1,basically I want a Mario Kart layout.

  • 2nd
    I think the stick input needs adjusting,at the moment it feels like it should be on the d-pad,hard to explain but it’s a little sharp and feels like a digital input as opposed a analog input.I think it undermines the slide function for tight corners.
    I applaud going against the norm with a boost button,I do think it’s a good idea using drift to gain energy.It reminded me of F-zero and it’s boost vs shied management,but it feels wrong.I’d prefer a Mario kart (lol again) drft/boost system.
    But I think the core driving is so good,it doesn’t need a boost sytem.I do think if it was completely removed nobody would say,this game needed a boost button.

  • 3rd
    Track editor
    It’s really good
    A few things i’m sure your aware off,place along track function can be a little awkward,sometimes it doesn’t go were you want it,and when in certain edit functions the camera can lock up.
    Just a personal preference,i’d love if there was an isoparm editor,I know that’s a nurbs thing,but if you could select a line of CV’s or have a basic mesh editor for the track surface i’d be in heaven :)
    You guys have a stunning product here,be it ghe hub system,driving,mod tools,community functions,chat,near enough everything in the beta is awesome,I didn’t like a lock on joining a friends private,but I guess we wouldn’t need the full game if that was the case.
    Hopefully my little issues have/will of been looked at,because if you got core mechanics right,it’s just tha need tweaking and you’ll score hue with the reviews.
    Again awesome stuff.

  • I’m really sorry for serious spamming guys,but that last paragraph is a mess.
    Hopefully my little issues have/will of been looked at,because iyou got core mechanics right,it’s just that it needs tweaking and then you’ll score huge with the reviews.Again awesome stuff.

  • That Clank mod is totally awesome!

  • There will be Portuguese in all European versions of the game?

  • Just tried the beta and have to say visually its very nice, played time trial though and found it a little boring. Customisation is is nice though and it seems fun just randomly driving around!

  • all i can say is thank you so much.
    FINALLY! a car combat game to get me off crash bandicoot team racing.
    this will have to tide me over till david finally announces his new twisted metal game.
    only complaint is it takes a really long time to load, though it is a beta so hopefully that will be fixed by release.
    any idea on when that would be?
    i cant wait to sink my teeth into the single player mode, shame its not in the beta.
    o again thank you for creating a car combat game, the most deserted but best genre out there!

  • In the second photo down, is that a Mario mod behind the Helghast guy?

  • sogeking is in the first pic. :)

  • I’m loving the beta, im picking your game up when it comes out (:
    Brilliant designs about btw they look awesome :D

  • The link you provided in your reply #2 isn’t working.
    Even combining both the text lines gives me a “node 0” page error.
    I tried finding the page manually but there is just to many forums on the playstation website to figure out which is the right one.

  • Hello,
    I downloaded the beta as I am a big fan of this type of game.
    One point before starting writing about the game, it is very good to open a beta but it will more useful to have a reporting site in order for the beta tester to report good and bad stuffs.
    So regarding the game so far :
    – The track editor is very good, the only problem I had with it is when I try to populate my track with obstacles, it is not very convenient to move from a category to another.
    – Regarding the game itself, the view when you drive is too low, it is very difficult to see the track properly, either you let the player choose the angle or you define several position. For example in the creation mode when you enter the track creation you see the kart and the angle is very good far better the on we have in race.
    – The frame rate is too low for the time being
    – The kart are too responsive
    – Load time are too long
    – The game crach often during online play

  • And…
    Expected feature for the final product :
    – 4 players split screen localy and online (I know that 2 players split screen online had been announced but 4 will rock).
    – A specific game mode with a top camera like in Mashed fully loaded will be fun also with 4 players locally on the same screen.
    So that’s it for me, you have a very promising game in your hand but a lot of improvements have to be done yet in order to name it the Littlebigplanet of the kart games. I hope you will reach this goal.

  • Just wanted to drop by and say that this beta actually made my PS3 hard drive crash. Had to take it out, connect it to my computer and format it, lost all my save games.

  • Hey Liam, not sure if anyone has asked but do we get to keep the Mods, Karts and Tracks we’ve made in the Beta for the actual game? Thanks.

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