HEAVY RAIN: Evidence Analysis Moves Into PlayStation Home

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Some of you may have noticed some strange happenings in the Presentation Podium over the last few weeks. Well, as of tomorrow, we can confirm that the blast door, (below) behind the jumbo screen will be opening for the very first time unveiling a brand new space – The Backstage Pass.

Heavy Rain Home

What will you find in The Backstage Pass? Well, your first task will be working out how to get through the next security door, which will only open once certain criteria have been fulfilled…

Heavy Rain Home

If you do manage to get through, you will be able to take part in the HEAVY RAIN: Evidence Analysis mini-game. We don’t want to give away too many clues, however check out the screenshots below to whet your appetite:

Heavy Rain HomeHeavy Rain Home

And that’s not all, those of you that do manage to successfully complete the (cerebrally challenging) Evidence Analysis, will receive a rather special reward! This prize is definitely one you HEAVY RAIN fans won’t want to be without… ;)
If you fancy updating your T-shirt wardrobe, make sure to visit Alter Ego this week. For both males and females, you’ll find a bundle pack of 20 new shirts. These shirts feature animated scrolling slogans. Priced at €4.99, this bundle is fantastic value!
Episode 2 of our new Home TV feature arrives this week. Available to view in the Theatre, Home TV aims to highlight all the good things in PlayStation Home – in particular, the fun things you, the community, get up to. If you’re involved with running an event in Home, or participating in an event, and think Home TV should come along to report on it then make sure to let us know at HomeTV@scee.net. Perry, Home TV’s eccentric presenter, gives us a quick rundown of this month’s episode:

[viddler id=bb64b4ca&w=545&h=327&playertype=simple]

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12 Author Replies

  • That video made my head turn inside out :S

  • great update can’t wait for the Heavy Rain event n lookinh forward to the next HomeTV

  • shame i cant get home to work… :(
    it just gets a white screen of death as it tries to place me in the theatre straight away and nothing happens. any ideas??

  • Good stuff – Looking forward to the Heavy Rain space/mini-game. Wonder what the ‘certain criteria’ are …not!!! lol

  • Woot Xi mk2 i mean Heavy Rain comes Home lol :)
    Looking forwards to this along side the 4 days challenge :)

  • Nice update Alex
    Cant wait for Heavy Rain :D

  • Alex, I will ask this question again.
    Could you provide more info on the languages included in Heavy Rain, please? How is it going to work? Many gamers are arguing about it now.
    Will the UK version have only English language and will the Dutch version have only Dutch language? For most of us, it is of a great significance.
    Please, elaborate on that!

    • Are you asking about the game itself? If so I’m afraid I don’t know the answer to this question. I can try to find out, however you’d be best asking somewhere that the Heavy Rain team might frequent.

  • I like this idea where you inter-twine the different publicity campaigns and do stuff within Home promoting the event.
    One of my favourite uses for Home ;)

  • Not bad SCEE kudos

  • assasins creed 2 stuff
    ghostbusters appartment
    warhawk space
    siren space
    namco museum
    godfather 2 space
    loccoroco space
    pixeljunk space
    paris appartment
    lounge cafe
    waterfall fishing appartment . i know ive missed even more stuff but anyword about this well overdue content mr weekes as it just seems to be getting ignored as always with scee and to think home is ment to be about community yet we are always kept in silence .

    • I’ve commented on several of these on the forums recently. Here’s a very quick summary for those who may have missed it. Any I don’t comment on, I don’t currently have an update for but do have on my list to get information about.
      Assassin’s Creed 2 – it’s coming soon.
      Warhawk space – will not be released, as we can’t localise it.
      Siren – coming soon.
      Namco – we’re awaiting updates from Namco.
      LocoRoco – was intended for January, now planned for February.
      Pixeljunk – very soon.
      Paris, Waterfall – under consideration

  • home tv but no stage set?
    who on earth decides what content we’re allowed to have in europe anyway?
    does anybody running the scee home actually have any kind of plan for the service?
    and do as little work as you can get away with is not an acceptable plan.

  • gonna be great to see for the 3rd week in a row to start 2010 u.s home getting a great content update yet scee fall even further behind . lmao still snowing outside scee building is it alex

  • Instead of all this stuff the Home devs should first work on the load times and reduce the downloads as currently navigating Home is a real chore and puts people off.
    They should also be making the existing spaces more entertaining and interactive instead of constantly rolling out apartments and spaces that will only dilute the community more. Would have been better to include an investigative mini game in the existing Home Square for instance.

    • Load times are a client issue. he client and content placed on the client are worked on by different teams. Content releases therefore have no real impact on client development. The client team know that load times are something that you all want to see improve.

  • love how he doesnt even respond to un unhappy community on official blog lol gotta love scee . picture frames not for another 6 months at least for people who didnt hear that news .only in europe mind every other region has picture frames

    • Sorry seany1, I’ve been out of the office at a meeting. Currently catching up on all the comments while on a train :), and will do further review when I get home withaccess to a PC instead of my mobile.

  • Everybody knows seany that if you been paying attention dax has said we are not getting the warhawk space now as the developers of the warhawk incognito have gone and don’t exist anymore so they decided not to bring it to europe it’s in one of the threads on the playstation home forums, some of the other spaeces you have suggested might not come over here, also you mentioned locoroco island, dax has said it will come in february if the bugs are ironed out, people like you expect great updates every week and when they are not then you don’t like it and so some other people, if you don’t like it to go

  • dante do you work for scee or something coz all you do constantly dude is brown nose on here and on forums . any sort of complaint with home and your right in there defending it as if its cool we get a half botched service compared to other regions .

  • btw also dante have u seen the update the u.s got last week lmao its more than scee gave us for the last 3 weeks in a row .betting u.s will get a huge update this week too as always coz they can do their jobs to the upmost.

  • Where is the presentation podium will it be in home tomorrow or should it be there now because i dont see it?

  • I do not defend them, I do not work for SCEE, i just get my information on the playstation forums, in europe we will never compete with america or japan and that is fact, it seems now to be a competition between all the regions and everybody’s expectations are set too high in my opinion

  • u cleary are fine with getting a lesser service than the u.s and japan but i certainly am not dante so ill continue to voice my dissaproval on here until i feel the need to stop or the service gets better . why should europe get treated the worse with everything in home yet we pay the most money for stuff and buy the most items . yet u think its ok for scee to give us tripe updates on a weekly basis while others get loads of good stuff and features e.g listen@HOME and the virtual map pointers in u.s home square and redeem stations .these are all actual big features i had seen mentioned numerous times on our english forums yet u.s get them and we dont and u think this is ok lmao gd for u then dude gd for u

  • Wonder what the Prize will be ;) [ bet i know :P ]

  • @ 23 another tomatoe head probably lmao

  • I can’t even found this place “Event Space” and no one on the HOME knows either! Where is it!?

  • u would think the team would try make some other clothing except just tshirts theres about 300 tshirts and 10 pair of jeans lol

  • maxapbl4 wrote:
    Alex, I will ask this question again.
    Could you provide more info on the languages included in Heavy Rain, please? How is it going to work? Many gamers are arguing about it now.
    Will the UK version have only English language and will the Dutch version have only Dutch language? For most of us, it is of a great significance.
    Please, elaborate on that!
    I have to agree on that one. Would hate it if I could only play the game in Dutch.

  • Our home team is smaller than the other regions so it takes longer for them to get the content ready, we all want to be on a level playing field and have the same amount content as the other regions, but in reality we are not going to get it at the same time as other regions and some things will might never see over here, no I don’t think SCEE should give us poor updates every week, but you can’t expect brillant updates every week can you, alright the last 3 weeks haven’t been great, if people expect brillant updates every week then they must be mad

  • And the awesomeness continues.
    Thanks at everyone at QD.

  • dante id rather have features like listen @home ,the redeem stations and the home square map but doubt we will see these either and those are features not content yet we are lacking them aswell so just proves my point .

  • Steven_dutch, Alex Weekes is the home community lead, he only discusses content for home and not for the heavy rain game, you need to ask alex pavey about the heavy rain game for the languages

  • We all like to see them as well, I would, for a service like listen@home it will probably needs a new home square for it to be used, at the minute there isn’t enough memory on the home square we have now, I would like also to have redeem stations in home so I don’t have to quit to put a code in, I agree with some of the points you have made

  • exactly dude a new home square is whats needed as i remember tedthedog saying the memory is very low on the european home square but again that leads me to my point its only europe home getting shafted

  • the updates are good but most of the stuff I enjoy come from third party with the updates espcially in the store.

  • ok dante, i can understand why they won’t be bringing the warhawk space to europe after so many months, though we never should have waited months for it in the first place, but there’s no reason why we don’t have the stage set of ghostbusters firehouse.
    ghostbuster is a sony film property for god sake.
    and if a smaller team is the reason we end up waiting months for content then they’re still short changing us.
    whatever the reason is, be it laziness or not enough manpower we deserve better than scee.
    like seany said, we need a new square, what we have now is still based on a design that’s nearly two years old.
    how many new home squares have the us been through in that time?
    and how big a team do you need to just copy everybody else’s work?
    because we get very little that’s unique to europe that isn’t yet more bloody tshirts.

  • Alex, thanks for your reaction!
    I tried to ask this question regarding the languages included in the game on several forums, but nobody seems to know the answer.
    It would be great if you could provide some more information on that. In 2009, Quantic Dream promised to include 13 languages on one Blu-Ray wit the game. Yesterday, Alex Pavey stated that the UK version will, most probably, have only the English translation.
    Does it mean that the Dutch version will be only in Dutch? Is there any chance that the UK version will have all 13 languages?
    Please, help us in finding an answer. It is very important for many people.

  • after a year and the way 2010 has started from scee home i guess theres no point in it at all for european customers unless u like getting milked for your hard earned money .

  • if picture frames is at least 6 months away for europe i think we can safely say content sharing and television in home will never happen for us lot under the scee banner . pitty to be under such a shoddy outfit

  • What, may I ask, might the slogans on the tshirts possibly be?

  • some tshirt slogan ideas for scee to put into e.u home .
    out of all these id really like to see the GOT MILKED tshirt make it into scee home as it fits the scee motto perfectly .

  • We had some late news earlier today that didn’t make it into the blog:
    The Sodium space will update to offer the Bartender trousers for both male and female. These are required for earning credits when mixing drinks.
    We’ve also confirmed that the rest of the Sodium pilots outfit and jacket upgrades should be released during February.

  • Great, looking forward to checking out the Heavy Rain task as i’ve barely been on Home since xmas.
    @42, swfc18 :
    Interesting….. i thought it might be a scam so i did a search ….
    …… just remember nothing in life is really free ;)

  • Great stuff :-)

    you best deleting it and all saves,instalation data.
    Then download again.
    Warhawk space – will not be released, *as we can’t localise it.*
    Gob smacked,Sony can’t localise it’s own content.Over a year since it became public,and it still feels like there’s zero unity between the SCEWW studios involved with home.
    Alex can tell me if story related spoilers will be in the heavy rain space.
    Also I love the news show,it’s well written.And keep up the adult swim stuff,I love it.

    • Re: Warhawk, the issue isn’t that we can’t localise it, but that the assets required for us to get the localisation done weren’t passed to us before the team who created the space disbanded. We could still do it, however it would require a lot more work on our behalf and it was decided that the resource would be better spent on other projects – such as Siren, LocoRoco and Pixeljunk.

  • “Its coming soon” is a phrase SCEE likes tremendously doesnt it?

  • Great! this makes HOME more alive! well done!

  • It’s just a shame everytime i turn home on it crashes my PS3.

  • OMG everyone purchased a littlebigplanet avatar. LOL

  • @vonhammer,
    thanks, looks like that is my only option :(

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