Heavy Rain – ‘Four Days’ Begins

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Hi everyone – it’s time for the first ‘Four Days’ challenge to begin… If you’ve already registered, then you’re ready to embark on a unique series of three four-day challenges that will draw you into the universe of Heavy Rain. If you haven’t registered yet, then head over to to sign-up (you’ll also get an exclusive PlayStation Home t-shirt when you do).
This week, you’ll find yourself looking into a dark and mysterious mind – follow, and see just how far their influence has already spread. The rain is already falling – start looking there for answers…

Heavy Rain - Four Days

Four Days: The Heavy Rain Online Experience is a live online mystery which plays out in real time across three weeks. Between Tuesday and Friday every week there will be daily tasks for you to complete (leaving you the weekend to catch up if you fall behind). Each task will lead you onto the next part of the journey. At key stages you will be prompted, whilst on other occasions you will need to deduce the right thing to do. You will receive an instructional email at the beginning of each of the three weekly events, and you can always turn to the Facebook Fan Page Community for help and discussion.
Along the way, you may well discover some cool exclusive content – but just as importantly, it’ll be a fun experience, and you won’t find any spoilers that will ruin your experience of playing Heavy Rain itself!

Heavy Rain - Four Days

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3 Author Replies

  • Cool heading over there now :-) Thanks for the heads up :-)

  • Very cool :)
    This is such an awesome idea :D

  • Great idea guys!
    Waiting for my 1st mail!!

  • Hi Alex,
    I signed up last week and I’m still waiting for my home code. Is this part of the plot? ;-)

    • Sorry to hear that, Ezz – have you checked your Spam folder, just in case the email has ended up in there? Mails were sent out late last week to everyone reconfirming your voucher codes, so you should have received one.

  • I still don’t have my first email to get me started either, Vicheous.
    I have the home t-shirt code though. :/
    I’ll just start regardless.

  • Please Alex, we ask a lot of times wich are the languages included in the UK version of the game, we know by the US Blog the USA version languages, why don’t you tell anything about that?

    • l0_t0 – For various production reasons, including exciting things like disc space and QA (Quality Assurance) processes, it’s sometimes necessary for the various localised language versions to be split across different discs for different areas.
      Tied in with this, downloadable content codes are associated with specific disc versions – so basically, it’s always worthwhile purchasing the version of a game that is being sold in your own country, so that you don’t risk missing out on DLC or online play.
      In the case of Heavy Rain, I’m afraid that the UK SKU does not contain any of the European languages – nor can I guarantee that the DLC codes would work for non-UK PSN users.

  • Just waiting for the Starter Email.. .got my home code and t-shirt already… hopefully this just means it’s starting today… i do love a good experience, so i hope this delivers.

  • DiscoMcDisco – Yea, I just went onto the site without my started code, and you can do nothing, so I guess we’re all waiting to get started.

  • The first mail comes between Tuesday and Friday so we might have to wait a day or something..

  • Ah ok, well good luck! ;)

  • The first mail already arrived for some, tells you to go to

  • [DELETED]… Not available in saudi arabia!!

  • Thanks Alex,i’ve just checked it out and i see something new there…
    and thanks for that pointer DiscoMcDisco, although it doesn’t seem to be the obvious one unless i’m making a twitter of myself … oh well, back to it… :)

  • are you allowed to talk about your progress so far on here?

  • Ok Alex, i don´t care about DLC, just wanna know languages included in UK SKU like USA SKU in the US Blog.

  • Hi everyone – a couple of suggestions and reminders…
    – Head over to the Facebook Fanpage if you get stuck at any point – there’s plenty of discussion going on there.
    – If you think you’ve solved a puzzle, mark it with a ***Spoiler Alert*** in case there’s anyone who’s trying to solve the puzzles solo!
    – The mystery will unfold day-by-day, and it’s not possible to get too far ahead of yourself – so if you’ve already made some progress on a certain day, but can’t seem to get any further, you may need to wait for the next day to come around.
    Have fun!

  • I’m still waiting on my home code too and so are rather a lot of people across various boards.

  • I registered twice with two different email addresses when the sign-up page was a little glitchy – to sum up, I got two codes emailed to me when Alex and co. sent out the confirmation emails he mentions.
    Here’s the one I didn’t use, for anyone who wants it:

  • *** spoiler alert ***
    ok, so the first one seems to be an anagram, which I believe I have figured out to be “perfect folds” – origami. just need to figure out what to do with it now.

  • Alex, just English then, are you sure? Any subtitles?
    As you should know games have low prices in the UK and USA, and it’s not my fault, ask Sony and sellers about that…
    I’m not rich, and i don’t wanna pay more for the same game just because i live in Spain. I will be so pleased of buying games in my own country if they have the same price of UK or USA, but this is not the case.
    And please, don’t talk about disc space and QA, we are talking here about just one thing IMPORT, since games like Infamous, Uncharted 2 or Ratchet ACIT it seems Sony don’t like import, but as i said, i’m not rich and this is not my fault.
    The same thing happens with USA PSN games and EU PSN games, but thanks to free market i can import games and i will keeping doing it even if i have to play the game in english.

  • @locus2k1 / post 21
    I thought there was another character in that anagram? “@”?

  • I will give this a bash tonight (I’m not on Facebook so it will be a solo effort for me)! This ‘online event’ is a nice way to promote the game, however does that mean that SCEE have decided not to promote Heavy Rain with TV advertising?
    It’s a shame Sony don’t have the same bottomless marketing budget as their competitors, because there are so many great (and unique) exclusives on the PS3 that don’t get anywhere near the exposure they deserve. By comparison we will probably be bombarded with TV ads for games like Splinter Cell: Conviction and Alan Wake…
    Given that Heavy Rain is supposed to be also aimed at a non-traditional gaming audience you would think Sony would have a TV campaign, I bet you could get really cinematic ‘trailers’ that would not only promote the game but promote the graphics potential of the PS3. Maybe they should do one of those show sponsorships for an ITV drama or something?
    I can understand why SCEA would choose MAG as the TV campaign for the American audience (and a funny ad it is too), but I would have thought a Heavy Rain TV campaign would go down better in Europe?

  • @23 i think its a twitter account

  • @25
    ***spoiler alert***
    Yeah, I used a website you change the anagram, I came to the same conclusion of “perfect folds”.
    I google searched @perfect folds with nothing significant showing.
    I then twitter searched and got nothing either so I guess we’ve came as far as we can go today.

  • @25: Indeed. All the names you see in the water are twitter adresses as well, but Mr. 21 — “perfect folds” is not a twitter account :( Although you’re right — it is the answer and that’s logical since the game is about an origami killer…

  • @26 & 27
    ***spoiler alert***
    @perfectfolds is a twitter account, I just became a follower to it. I reckon it will have the next step there tomorrow :D

  • I wanted to participate in the ”Four Days Challenge” but the registration form doesn’t include Greece which is really getting annoying because in most cases and games, the Greek PS3 owners are left out of contests and other challenges like this…. So Quantic Dream, we will be very glad if you, Sony and other partners and game developers would start including the rest of Europe Countries and don’t left them out. No offense directly to your studio, it’s probably mostly Sony’s fault and not yours, but you must understand our position too. Thank you in advance
    PS Hope Heavy Rain lives up to all the hype and praise I have been hearing all this time…..

  • I am from Malta and wanted to participate in this competition, but Malta is not available, even though we speak English. I am very disappointed and frustrated about the way Sony threats us. As a result I have cancelled my Heavy Rain pre-order and will not buy it at all.
    Thank you.

  • @30
    Stop whining, the countries you can select from have nothing to do with the countries that can participate in the Four Days challenge.
    You are just selecting the language, therefore if you speak English select United Kingdom…

  • @28
    I know, I just found it out too :D I was like trying @perfect-folds, @perfect folds, @perfect_folds but it lead nowhere, and at first I didn’t even think it could just be @perfectfolds because there was a space in the anagram as well :)

  • @31 And how do I get the exclusive t-shirt if I enter a wrong address genius?

  • @31 Keeping in mind that HOME isnt even available for Malta anyway! That’s how we are threated.

  • Hmmm…
    So there are no other European languages in the UK version of the game. The problem is that many European gamers pre-ordered their Special Edition of Heavy Rain from (which is a store based in the UK that has an exclusive right to sell those).
    I am afraid we will have to cancel our pre-orders then… :(

  • How do I start? I see no where to sign in

  • It was said that the Special edition would be exclusive to Europe and now it sells only in the UK….

  • Yes, but the problem is that it doesn’t contain other EU languages, such as Dutch, Spanish, French… Whyyy?

  • Is it the case that the UK version of the game comes merely with English voice and subtitles meaning that the Dutch version (or Spanish, French etc) has only Dutch localisation?
    It isn’t a very clever idea of developers considering the fact that most Dutch gamers would love to be able to play the game in English (but also in Dutch from time to time).
    Can anyone confirm this idea of region-specific versions of the game that contain solely one EU language?!
    Thanks in advance.

  • I don’t know about anyone else but I’m having trouble getting anything to appear from the linked page within the email on Google Chrome.
    Fine with firefox though :s

  • hay Alex one question please is the game DLC available on the Saudi or UAE store?
    please answer im big fan of Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain
    thank you

  • @ 35 maxapbl4
    The Special Edition is Also Coming to the Dutch stores.
    The store ur talking about has only the rights to sell it in the UK. so no other store is getting it in the uk only
    bij gamestore eplaza verkopen ze ook de Special edition in nederland!

  • Wow, UK version maybe can’t use dutch DLC and doesn’t have Dutch language option.
    I just canceld my preorder in the UK and wait till the TGOY edition arrives in 2011. At the pricerange of € 84,99 for the special edition in the Netherlands I’m not going to buy the game.

  • The UK version not having mainland European languages is definitely bad news. I’ll save for Final Fantasy XIII instead.

  • I am going to cancel my pre-order at as well. What seemed to me a very good deal, turned out to be a big disappointment.
    I am not going to pay 90€ for a Special Edition in the Netherlands, no way.
    Again, a big disappointed, I will save the money to buy BF: Bad Company 2… Sorry, Quantic Dreams, I loved your Fahrenheit more than any other adventure/quest game on my old pc, but I will have to skip Heavy Rain this time.. (or buy it in 2 years for a lower price)

  • *Again, a big disappointment… sorry…

  • Hello again.
    Bit of a favour really,any chance you can find out if download vouchers bought in one country (UK) will work on another EU Psn store (SWE)
    Some lad was asking the other day,and I thought i’d ask on his behalf incase he misses you when you’ve finished work.

  • Hey Alex, i’ve just gone to the facebook page in my ps3 browser but when i click on discussions it says ‘This page can not displayed’. Am i going to need a facebook account or a pc to take part in this? :O

  • @maxapbl4 waar haal jij die prijzen vandaan ?
    deze special edition gaat gewoon voor 64.95 over de toonbankin nederland.

  • I don’t think that only the Brits are getting the Special Edition… Actually, I already pre-order the special edition here, in Spain.
    I can’t understand anyway why everybody is cancelling the Special Editions and saying “I’m not going to buy this game ever!” Buy the normal edition! What are you losing? A dynamic theme? A 1 hour length DLC?
    You love to make a drama…

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