Just Cause 2 Video Capture Feature Is Exclusive To PlayStation3

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Hi – my name is Gareth Ramsay, Communications Manager at Square Enix London Studios, the publishing studio behind Just Cause 2. This week we’ve some fantastic Just Cause 2 news for PlayStation players and not just that it’s now only two months until release! Nope, this week we can reveal that – exclusive to the PS3 – players will be able to capture their favourite moments of mayhem and destruction in Just Cause 2 using a unique, in-built video capture function. Capture, view and share via YouTube your craziest stunts, your most over-the-top grapple kills or your moments of sheer jaw-dropping awesomeness that leave you and your audience lost for words!

Just Cause 2

If ever there was a game screaming out for video capture, it was Just Cause 2. The freedom given by the game to mess around in the over 1000Km² of game world gives you the power to pull-off some of the most incredible Hollywood-style stunts ever seen in a videogame. Whether surfing commercial airliners, freefalling from exploding jet fighters into fortified enemy bases or ‘grapple jumping’ from helicopter to helicopter (you’ve got to try this!), Just Cause 2 has moments you’ll want to watch again and again.

Just Cause 2

Capturing your chaos couldn’t be simpler. Once activated, the game will continuously capture the last 30 seconds of gameplay, whatever you’re doing. If you’ve caused great pain to someone on the island by grappling them to the back of a passing passenger plane and watched as they’ve been yanked off their feet and whisked through the sky screaming to their impending aerial doom, then we’ve got it covered. Simply hit the pause menu and you can save it to your hard drive or upload it to your YouTube Channel for the world to see.
But if you fancy getting a little more creative and 30 seconds is simply not enough, we’ve got that covered too! We’ve added a 10 minute capture option which, once activated, will start recording an extended clip for those moments you know are going to end in chaos. So, if you’ve just found yourself a military helicopter with undercarriage-mounted missiles and mini-guns and a government oil refinery, packed with fuel silos, gas storage stations and pipelines just ready to go ‘boom’… well, you know just what to do!

Just Cause 2

We’ve no doubt PlayStation players are going to love the video capture and upload feature, and sharing the videos via YouTube means you can share some of your greatest moments with the whole world. We’ve also plans to launch a dedicated section on the official Just Cause 2 website, showing off some of the best clips and allowing fans to vote on their favourites – we’ll even give away some prizes to the best of the best.

Just Cause 2

Just Cause 2 launches in Europe on March 26th. Check out the website in the meantime – at www.JustCause.com – where you can find a whole collection of videos, interviews, screenshots and links to some of the fantastic coverage the game has been getting in the press.

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  • This is an amazing feature, glad to see it’s being used in another full retail game.

  • This game is gonna be boss. Glad I got my pre order in. :D

  • That is great. Thanks
    I dont know much about this game some videos on the PSN would be nice i think

  • Yeah i’ve been watching the videos that are on the PSN. I like the fact that the developers are more concerned about fun than making it look real.

  • kools sounds like fun.
    any chance of seeing any Playstation Home content?

  • Awesome. :D
    Stuff like this really shows dedication to the fans.

  • Great to see more developers making use of that Youtube feature on PS3, and Just Cause 2 is definitely a game that will let you capture some very cool video footage!
    Just watching the “Walkthrough 2” video on the official website and I think I might be sold on the game now :)

  • good feature but at what resolution will your videos be in? In Mushrooms Wars theres also a feature like this but the resolution of the video is dreadfull (seems SD).

  • Awesome :) A feature that many more games should utilise. Props to you Squeenix.

  • Finally multi-platform devs start using this!
    Thank you!

  • looks really good, I know this is proper random, but can you update us on Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening? Thanks

  • This is awesome!
    I wish the PS3 had a gameplay recording feature, but I’m guessing that would be heavy on the system’s resources. Still, that doesn’t stop the release an official PS3 HD Recorder. :P

  • Just as said in comment 5, is there going to be Home content. If there is, I am sold! :)

  • Looks to be an awesome game, I’m sure you guys will show R* that Fun>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Realism

  • Hi
    Thanks for the great comments guys. To answer the question about resolution, the game will capture in SD and compress on the fly. The quality is excellent and you can simply upload to YouTube or save to disk – no need for any editing or compression software.
    Why no HD? Simply put, it’s too intensive and would be a detriment to the game… and you wouldn’t want that, would you? :)
    You’re going to love this feature. Set it up to auto-capture and every time you do something awesome – like when the physics lines up just perfectly and your falling helicopter crashes into the roof of a chasing jeep, sending the two occupants catapulting in opposite directions into the trees, as you manage to land on a passing low-flying plane, chuck the pilot out and fly off – you can stick it on YouTube for everyone to see!

  • Great!
    Now I can make some real cool youtube vids! :D

  • This is an awesome feature!
    More games need this :)

  • Sounds wonderful. Definitely a selling point for me. :-)

  • Nice! I wish more games would use this cool feature because it can be really fun to watch some crazy stuff other people have done.
    What be even more cool if Sony made it possible to watch all videos made by the players (from all games that support this feature of course) directly from the xmb (or maybe via a program similar to the vidZone application). That would be awesome! Now I know that you can watch the videos on youtube but it´s much more user friendly to just watch them directly from your xmb. Make it happen Sony! Please?

  • Gareth, give your team a BIG thank-you for this excellent feature. When it comes to multi-platform development many developers take the easy route and go for the lowest common denominator. It’s really good to know that the extra effort has been put in take advantage of PlayStation 3 hardware. Sounds great, and I can’t wait to try it when I get Just Cause 2 on launch day!

  • It’s great to see full non-exclusive games also get this feature.

  • Still need to hear a little more on this game and then I’m sold. Looks like a fun game though :).

  • This is absolutely incredible news!!!
    Just Cause 2 is my most anticipated game this year and the first game is still my favourite XBOX360 game. I’ve easily clocked in over 200 hours of gameplay in Just Cause and I expect to play the same amount, if not more, in Just Cause 2. :D
    Watching the brilliant videos on the PSN I can say I’ve never seen a game look so hectic yet fun-filled. :O
    Bring on March 26th!!!

  • Cool. I was thinking about getting this.

  • I’m totally sold out. Great work guys.

  • This is a terrible game. One of many.

  • It’s great to see the team getting on board with the features the PS3 affords.
    In open world games there’s always things where you wish you had video evidence of your awesomeness, now you can! ;)
    One thing I would like to see as well as a website link to the best videos, is some hosted in a Just Cause 2 Home Space so we can broadcast our endeavours to the playstation community in Home.
    Great work guys and I look forward to testing it out thoroughly when it is released :)

  • Just great!
    I’m really looking forward to this game, the more I hear/see from this game the faster I want to play it!
    any word on Avatars/dyn theme?

  • OMG! Was this from SE? I didn’t know that! So am I right to assume that it will have the great quality we are used to with FF games?

  • Really looking forward to this and if any game needs a video capture function this is it. I’m already planning my Hollywood-esque stunts. Tether one car to another as they drive opposite sides of a hefty tree?
    The 30 second thing though, is that the 30 seconds that happened before the pause button was pressed? If so that’s great :D

  • I love (wait, no, I mean hate!) to correct people, but it’s km² and not Km² damnit.

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