FINAL FANTASY XIII – Limited Collector’s Edition

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Hi everyone!
We’ve had to cross the perilous lands of Pulse and wade through hordes of Chocobos in order to bring this to you, but we’re finally there: FINAL FANTASY XIII will be available in a LIMITED COLLECTOR’S EDITION, from 9th March 2010.

FF13 Collector's Edition (EU)

Along with the game, this special edition will include some exclusive pieces of content especially thought for the FINAL FANTASY fan that lies in all of us:

  • FINAL FANTASY XIII Original Sound Selection: a soundtrack CD including a selection of tunes from the game, especially chosen for this Limited Collector’s Edition by composer Masashi Hamauzu. The CD is presented inside a slipcase featuring artwork from FINAL FANTASY XIII, with liner notes written by the composer himself.
  • The World of FINAL FANTASY XIII: an exclusive hardback book featuring characters artwork, CG rendered images and environments from across the game production.
  • Exclusive Art Prints: 3 highly collectable art prints showing artwork of the Eidolons, powerful summoned allies of the lead playable characters of FINAL FANTASY XIII.
  • Unique ‘Brand of the l’Cie’ decal: Collectible decal featuring this most iconic symbol from the game storyline.

And if this is not enough, here is the game’s latest trailer, featuring some cool action as well as an amazing soundtrack.

[viddler id=ba5afec8&w=545&h=327&playertype=simple]

Let us know what you think about all this here on the blog, and on FINAL FANTASY XIII’s official Facebook page!

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  • I’m all on this. Awesome Kupo!

  • where can we get it?

  • DANG, I want this! Hopefully i can pre-order it at my regular store!

  • Where’s the trailer? (Sorry to moan – actually really pleased with the post!)

  • very nice looking collector’s edition i’ll keep a look out for this thanks the game looks n sounds EPIC btw can’t wait.

  • retailers please! Must-have!
    And where is that “latest trailer”?

  • have it (The CE) for Pre-Order at £59.99, for those of you asking price and where can pre-order :D

  • Pre-ordered
    Don’t suppose you know if this io online only? the collectors edition i mean

  • 60 quid for that? I would say it was a joke but it’s clearly not April 1st.
    Let’s break it down point by point:
    – The soundtrack CD is a selection presented in a slip case, AKA, a cardboard sleeve with printing on it. There was a “sample” soundtrack included with Bayonetta in Australia (or if you ordered it from a particular retailer in the UK) which had 6 tracks on it. 6. Out of 150. Oh, and a note from the Composer’s PR people. Wonderful.
    – There are no details on how substantial the art book is. It could be 20 pages for all we know.
    – “Art prints” is code for “printed postcards.” Worthless.
    – A sticker you will put on something and instantly regret. Pointless.
    This probably costs 5 quid to make but attracts a 20 quid premium.

  • and were is our white PS3? ahum? lol
    also can you PLEASE tell me, is there going to be a special God of War PS3? like a red/white one you did for the PSP?
    my PS3 is a 60GB launch and is dying…i want to get a PS3 slim but have been holding out for this special PS3 for a long time….please can you tell me something?
    i sore that one in europe were its just the game a a black 250gv PS3…but thats not a special edition lol

  • I don’t care what it cost is! If i want it i buy it! Simple ;-)

  • Will FFXIII collectors edition have the ff13 logo, like the classics had? Or will it also be that stupid picture of lightning?

  • Not worth the $40 extra you are asking for it, normal game $109 /NZ special edition $160 nz (according to all NZ retailers)

  • From what i have heard about your game lately im not even sure to buy the regular version anymore. Final fantasy games used to be very good then you release XII and now XIII dosnt seem to please everyone. If it happens that people hear about you cutting things for the other version you will lose a lot of respect that is already low with your president. I will look forward to Versus tho. As for XIII i will see if i get it when it releases

  • Nice, though the package itself isn’t eye boggling nor mind blowing…

  • Any price?
    And…that trailer? :D

  • nice trailer. too imba

  • I thought this was supposed to be worth the wait :P Nothing exciting, but I guess I’ll buy this version. Too late to preorder the regular version anyhow.
    @Berae: There isn’t a single Final Fantasy everyone has liked. It’s up to your personal opinion if you like it or not.

  • Will any dutch store get it too? I want to order it real bad :P

  • Will all European territories get the same version, for example will the German version also contain English text?

  • Game is doing it on the net, so im guess you can pre-order it at the retail store. The price is £60. Just placed my pre-order with them.
    Other places like, are also doing it.

  • Still 50/50 about this game even thought I’ve pre-ordered it. One plus is the voice acting though, I never thought I’d be hearing proper male voices and not some 16 year old screams on snow and sazch… although they still look a bit cutesy!

  • £60? …Yeaaaahhhh…
    Final Fantasy stopped being any sort of amazing when it stepped Online

  • Will there be a Japanese sound track for those PS3 users who want the choice?

  • Seriously? That’s it? I would’ve bought the CE if you’d included the full soundtrack or even just a metal case (the reason why I got the RE5, DMC4 and Uncharted 2 CE’s) but you didn’t even bother including good boxart in there.
    I’ll stick with the standard version and then try to find a good boxart online (one that actually fits my other 16 FF game cases) and print it out.

  • No steelbook packaging? Guess I’ll go for the regular edition then…

  • Whats the boxart? On that picture you’ve got the standard boxart, and a picture of the boxart that Game and Gamestation have on their website, which is a little confusing.
    Is the boxart for the LE different than the Standard? Or is it just a cardboard sleeve to put over the original box? Or do Game and Gamestation just have it wrong?

  • I’m guessing its like the Dissidia collectors edition, which had a big cardboard box, and inside, the game, soundtrack, art books etc.
    Its a pretty neat box

  • What will the price be?
    €100.- ?

  • I want it, but if the soundtrack CD has Leona Lewis on it, it’s never coming out of its slipcase. Actually when I think about it, I don’t wanna take that risk. I just don’t want it anymore.

  • I’ve decided 13 is a miss,i’ll wait on Vs and 14.

  • @ Smoggyphil
    probably you haven’t even played final fantasy xi..i don’t understand this hate for the online final fantasy!
    I’m glad SE don’t care about what some ppl thinks and is developing final fantasy XIV ONLINE!now if only they could give beta keys for the XIV with ffxiii i would buy it day one!!anyway i really want the japanese soundtrack in the game…please release it as a patch or on the store!

  • @19 zadorvp
    I know but they used to have a ‘reputation’ of being good games even if you didnt like some aspects of it. This reputation is beginning to fade away

  • As much as I like Leona Lewis, it just doesn’t work in this game for me with her singing a main Theme Tune. I much prefer the Japanese renditions they utilise for these games and they sound awesome.
    Sorry, but this Leona Lewis track for this game, just sounds all Pop without the Fizz.
    As for the collectors edition, not overly fussed by it due to the price, but will wait and see if any are available after launch week at a cheaper price.

  • @vonhammer, don’t miss it, this game is something else, i’ve done it in japanese understanding everything, it has tons of things no other game ever had, the same thing could apply to anyone who doubt about this game’s quality, but still, if you aren’t sure, rent it, you have to play it to know how good it is, hearing trolls who didn’t even play complain about this game it pointless.
    AS for FFXIV, it will be great, it shouldn’t be turned down because it is online, it will have many cool things like FFXIII, but for myself offline FFs are more compeling as an experience.
    P.D Only 10 € or pounds more for this CE sounds great to me, it even has game’s novels in paper <3

  • Awesome emotion trigger! It always brings out the best of me. Nice video.

  • Tbh, I had expected a much much higher price. Must be because I’m used to paying 60 pounds for every game I buy :/ I’m getting the CE no doubt.

  • That song really damaged the trailer! The video and that song did not go well together. I hope I don´t have to put up with that kind of music in the game if I choose to buy it.

  • Final fantasy 13 cancled it just now
    and ordered the special edition, great stuff, eum where are the results from the intervieuw??

  • Some dutch sites have it on their list in the 78 – 75 range

  • @vonhammer, don’t miss it, this game is something else, i’ve done it in japanese understanding everything, it has tons of things no other game ever had, the same thing could apply to anyone who doubt about this game’s quality, but still, if you aren’t sure, rent it, you have to play it to know how good it is, hearing trolls who didn’t even play complain about this game it pointless.
    I don’t know dude,I got a feeling that I won’t like it.I’m normally right when I feel this way though :/
    Things like “we could of made another game with the deleted content” put me off,how could all that content of sucked,or hearing that towns and adventuring are supposedly limited bug me.

  • “probably you haven’t even played final fantasy xi..i don’t understand this hate for the online final fantasy!”
    Because Square-Enix wanted to try out the mmorpg-market, and the easiest thing was to just call it “Final Fantasy” however, that time and development made sure a “real” FF wasn’t made for years afterwards FFX.
    FFXIV looks fine. I might pick it up, but if I want a real good mmorpg I could’ve stayed with WoW, or jump into the new KOTOR-MMOPRG…but nvm, I will atleast try FFXIV but S-E should stop milking their name FF, how many games arnt called FF today? like 100000’s.

  • This CE is INCREDIBLY overpriced in stores. Sorry, but I’m just not playing that much for it. Consider this sale lost, I’ll just get the normal version.

  • I pre-ordered mine at GAME the moment I heard with 12.50 off in reward points

  • I’m definitely getting this!

  • Nice edition =) kudos to that, Square Enix. However, as an owner of the Japanese version of this game I can say nothing more than: “damn, the new soundtrack and voice-acting is horrible!” The official theme song is so beautiful and touching :-) why would you want to fix something that ain’t broken?
    As some point I hate SE for giving us our ‘so called’ western version; a version we never asked for. They should have kept the game the way it was: with the Japanese (original) voice-acting and the official theme song. *sigh*

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