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I still have to pinch myself to test that I’m not dreaming, but it only results in my arms being covered in bruises. Which means just one thing: Final Fantasy XIII really is releasing in less than two months time. Okay, two things: Final Fantasy XIII really is releasing in less than two months and I need to cut my nails.

Final Fantasy XIII

Luckily the wait will be slightly less painful for me because later today I’ll be seeing the English version of Final Fantasy XIII in action and asking some questions to the game’s producer, Yoshinori Kitase, and director, Motomu Toriyama. I can’t bring you guys along and let you play the game with me (even though I’d love to!), but I can get your questions answered.

Final Fantasy XIII Final Fantasy XIII

So make sure you fill up the comments section with your most burning questions and I’ll pick the best ones tonight to ask to the guys behind the game. Unfortunately it looks like I’m not going to get this one video’d, but at least this means you’ll get your hands on the answers sooner.

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  • With so much content being cut from the game, is it possible we will see post launch DLC?
    Are their any plans for a FF Home Space?

  • Are there any Collectors Editions planned?

  • Is there any plans for a beta ti be released to ps3 in europe ? you all know we would love one :)

  • is there Playstation Home content planned for the EU?
    this game looks Epic btw

  • Will there be a option to have the japanese theme tune in the western version? I LOVE the japanese theme tune & would definately prefer it to Leon Lewis’s theme.

  • What was the most difficult thing to do in this episode of Final Fantasy ?
    Will Final Fantasy Versus 13 have any links with this Final Fantasy 13 ?
    Thanks you :)

  • How is the marketing going to work in the West? Will TV ads etc feature only the PS3 like say for example, Modern Warfare only featured the 360, or will all advertisements be multiplatform from the start?

  • Hi guys!
    Can you ask Kitase-san and Toriyama-san if we can choose Japanese voiceover? Even if the English looks (sounds) great.

  • Is there any possibilty of a demo?

  • What kind of trophies are in the game

  • Why is it so difficult to add Japanese voices? I have the Japanese voices and these are stunning! Way better than the English voices I’ve heard in the trailer. I’m not buying the Western version as I’m more than quite happy with the JP version :-)
    Please no DLC, just make a new game. If there’s one thing I can’t stand this generation it are companies milking us out with so many DLC’s. By the way, thanks for being the very first company making trophies at least something worth earning for ;-)

  • First question: Why is this a dumbed down Final Fantasy compared to Final Fantasy XII?
    Second: When can we hear more on the more interesting Final Fantasy Versus XIII
    Third: Any chance you could include a more open game world as DLC?

  • I have the Japanese “version”… it should have been :-?

  • Will there be any FFXIII Premium PSN Avatars?
    Any Dynamic FFXIII Theme?
    Is it true that there is about 36Gb of movies on the BD? And about 6-8Gb of GameData?
    How many hours of cut-scenes are there?

  • More info on the Collection’s Edition. Only 2 months left and people need to preorder. Also, is the CE only for Europe?

  • There were rumours of a special edition of FFXIII coming to Europe, could you ask them about any details? (In particular if it will possibly be god-tier like the DISSIDIA PSP Collecters Edition!)

  • First off congrats to the team on getting the game out. Will there be any free DLC? Why is the game more linear compared to games like FFX?

  • Any more infomation on Final Fantasy 13 versus?

  • Does FF13 evolve upon the current combat system’s wait for turn aspect? If so, how?
    Do FF13, FF Versus 13 and FF 13 Agito have any relation to each other at all? Are they set in the same world?
    What is the estimated length of gameplay time-wise if only the plot missions are completed?
    Was any part of the game sacrificed to allow FF13 to be on the Xbox 360?
    Have there been developments on the magic system? Are there more spells or a different way to use them?
    Will clothes be customizable?
    Is there any aspect of the game that uses the PlayStation Network?
    Will there be a collectors edition of the game?
    Would you say that FF13 pushes the limits of the PS3 and Xbox 360 systems?
    Will sidequests have any benefit other than experience? E.g Helping out a leader of a gang will the gangs members help you or act differently towards you?
    Will FF13 require a HDD install, or have an option to install it?

  • Here are my questions:
    1. The old classic: How many hours will a typical playthrough take?
    2. Any ideas of the % of main quests/side quests in the game?
    3. Will there be any links between XIII, Versus and the PSP game Agito?
    4. Will us EU PSPgo users ever get to play Dissidia?

  • Will we see any cool marketing on UK shores that can compete with the Special Edition Lightning PS3, or the @PlayFFXIII tourbus in San Francisco?

  • Why was so much content cut that was working on the ps3?

  • How long will the main quest be ? what type of audience where yu aiming for while making the game? Will there be a collectors edition here in Europe? When will the PS3 Beta of Final Famntasy 14 start?

  • My question from the Polish thread on this very topic.
    Final Fantasy XIII is like a fresh breeze in a damp environment for jRPG fans. This genre is quite possibly seeing it’s worst time ever, with few classic jRPG releases and even fewer of them being good. As a part of the biggest player on the market, what are Your insights on the future of japanese RPG’s? Is the golden age ever coming back wigh more high profile releases, or will the western game type dominate? I for one (as well as millions of other fans) wouldn’t stand the fall of a genre that practically made me buy a console.

  • Omigod I’m so jealous of you for so many reasons. Here are a few of my questions:
    – Will there be DLC for the game? (Random I know but hey there’s FFIV the after years and FFX-2 so it’s not an impossible thought)
    – Do you have any info for us about the rest of the Fabula Nova Crystallis or maybe how XII fits in with the other games? Is it the centre or the base and the others link in or what?
    – Can we have Chocobo avatar pictures?!

  • Any limited edition ?

  • What do you think of Yoichi Wada’s comments about FFXIII perhaps being the last of its kind from Square Enix?

  • 3 Questions: Will you be doing a remake of FFVII?? Are you considering re-releasing ps2 and/or ps1 final fantasy games in a collection i.e. GOW Collection? What makes final fantasy 13 so different from other JRGs on PS3?
    Keep up the good work Jem! :)

  • If there’s only ONE question you guys can ask, PLEASE make it be this one:
    “Will the English version of Final Fantasy XIII include Japanese voice-overs & lip-syncing as an option for players?”
    There’s a stack of fans patiently awaiting the answer to this question, and have done so for quite some time now. It would be awesome if the EU PS Blog could finally get an answer from Kitase-san and Toriyama-san about the much requested Japanese options.

  • How does the development of the story progress? Is the story written as whole before the work on the game is started? Does the art produced by the artists influence the story, or does the story mostly influence the artists? Does the music production influence the story? Or does the story influence the direction the music will progress?
    Are there heavy story changes during mid-development?
    Where does influence for the story come from? How long does it take to produce the story?

  • Do you need to have played other final fantasys?

  • I’ve always thought FF needed a strong, handsome, and overly awesome Western character named Mike in the series, so when can I expect a call? :D

  • Will there be a collectors edition of the game?

  • 1) Will there be a collectors edition?
    2) Will there be any ps3 bundle with the game?
    3) Will the game have a new game+ ?

  • Will FF13 require a large HDD install?
    What was the reasoning behind the decision to make the game more linear and prevent any kind of back-tracking to earlier sections? (my personal belief on this one is that a linear one-way world is easier to put onto 3 DVD’s, but hey I’m a skeptic…)
    What about FF vs XIII, is it still PS3-exclusive, when is it out, and how does it link to FF XIII? How does it differ from FF XIII?
    Given that there is ample room on a Blu-ray to fit both the English soundtrack and the original Japanese soundtrack with subtitles, will this feature be included on the PS3 version of the game? If not why not, as the content is already ready and waiting? (again if the answer is no I expect some kind of ‘platform parity’ deal was struck with Microsoft)
    Do you have any plans to support DLC for the game?
    And finally, now that FFXIII is finished, is there any chance we could see a full remake of Final Fantasy VII given how it is one of the most requested games ever since the Sony E3 PS3 Tech-Demo?

  • Why does the English version have a Leona Lewis song as the main theme to the game?

  • Basically, will the story and characters be more engaging than in FFXII, will it be a lot less linear than FFX, will it have an epic final battle like FFVII, FFVIII (not FFX!), and will it have characters we will still remember over a decade later (I’m looking at you Cloud)
    And please say that Gambits are out, they just made FFXII a Point and Click adventure, without the clicking.

  • I have no questions that haven’t been posted yet, so I’d just like you to congratulate them on the soundtrack. Quite a few excellent pieces of music in this game (especially compared to FF12).

  • Why did you not make the figthing scenes real time? I cant stand flipping through menys when fighting…

  • Will there be any playstation home content? i saw a ppicture of lighting and the blonde harried guys costume but not 100% sure

  • why is the textures dumbed down in the PS3 (i know because of Xbox360 but why) and why is different placed removed completely? i understand new places can become a DLC will that happen? where is FF Versus info?
    and my biggest question. Final Fantasy gained tremendous linearity (not good) by removing the world globe you could travel on and again why?

  • Hey Jem, how you m8? Ive got a question for Kitase-san.
    Being a massive fan of FF7 and FF8 then anyother series, why did you deside to take more of a linear approuch this time around and/or who did you model the character “Sazh Katzroy” on in FF13?

  • Now that Final Fantasy XIII is complete, when can we expect more info on the other Fabula Nova Crystalis titles?
    Will Agito XIII and Versus XIII have any connections to this XIII title?
    Can we expect to there to be any DLC for this title?
    Also, Crisis Core and Dissidia on the PSN Store for Europe please :)

  • Ask them if the European version’s inlay/inside cover has some artwork or it will only be blank.

  • Could you find out if its possible to release the game, say, now? Or tomorrow?….;_;

  • 1. Whats your favourite FF game and who’s your favourite FF Character.
    2. What was the first JRPG you played and what did you think of it.
    3. When will the FF14 beta start on PC and PS3 and how long will it last.
    4. If FF1 wasnt such a huge success what do you think the RPG genre would be like today?. Because without FF1 there wouldn’t have been any of the other great FF games. (Would there be a void in the Genre?!?!)
    5. What does it feel like playing your own game. What was you feeling whilst playing the final version of FF13.

  • Thanx for the great oportunity to ask questions about FFXIII International version.
    I add to the thousands of other requests:
    -First, bravo for the wonderful work you did on English voices and especially Lipsync, wich is probably the first time I’ve seen this in a game.
    As FF series is heavily Japanese stylized, and Japanese story driven, very close to Japanimation film, PLEASE add the option to switch to Japanese voice version of the game with the original Japanese song track. We’re in the HD era, PS3 offers plenty of space on a Blu-Ray, and being forced to have a dubbed version of a game should be a thing of the past FOREVER!
    I’m glad to see that it is the main concern fans all over the world have about the game. Leona Lewis song is also a very poor choice, as the song hasn’t been recorded with FF in mind, and doesn’t match the game universe as much as the Japanese song.
    Please releave us with a positive answer.
    Also, I hope there’s HOME content coming!
    Thanx again for all these years of hard work.

  • Are u gonna make any DLC’s for FFXIII or FFXIV? And are u gonna make 15th FF?

  • 1. Can we expect a European PSN release for Dissidia Final Fantasy, and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII? Many PSPgo owners are being left out by Square.
    2. Will the European version of Final Fantasy XIII have additional content and features, which will later be released in Japan as an “International Version”, a la the Dark Aeons in Final Fantasy X?

  • Thank you for letting us submit questions. I hope many of all those can be asked and answered.
    As for my personal questions:
    1. Can SE share anything about future PSN game releases and possible DLC for FF13?
    2. Does SE plan to keep up the short translation periods between regional releases in the future, like with FF13?
    3. Will Square consider even shorter regional delays or maybe even global game releases on the same date, if the sale numbers check out?

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