PlayStation Home Update: Tekken 6 Costumes And Ornaments

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Headlining this week’s PlayStation Home update are two new Tekken 6 costumes and a selection of character ornaments. If you’re a fan of Heihachi or Paul Phoenix, we’ve got a costume for each that’s sure to impress. Alternatively, if your personal space needs a bit of sprucing up take a look at the full range of Tekken 6 ornaments. In addition to Heihachi and Paul Phoenix, there’s Asuka Kazama, Nina Williams, Anna Williams, Kazuya Mishima, Devil Jin, King and Mokujin. The costumes can be picked up at Threads, and the ornaments from Furniture.

Tekken Costumes

Tekken Costumes Tekken Costumes

Additionally, the V-Store has been updated with a large range of new shirts. If you’re a fan of rock music, this new release of shirts features several from the Worn Free range along with assorted others. Check them out at the V-Store!
Ever wondered what’s behind the massive doors in the Presentation Podium? It’s been a question that has intrigued many. Clues in the Home forums indicate that something mysterious is occurring related to those doors. Are they about to open and reveal the secrets that lie behind? Our spies tell us the doors are not yet ready to reveal the secrets that lie behind, but their opening can’t be far away. These footprints would seem to indicate that something sinister approaches…

Bloody Footprints

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5 Author Replies

  • Ohmawgawd dere is f00t prints on teh floor!
    I kid..

  • Here is a mad guess, but I suspect those footprints have something to do with the Heavy Rain four day challenge.
    Rather disappointing Home update though, the updates at the end of 2009 where looking great for Home but the start of 2010? It’s been rather barren so far.

  • WOAH, I wonderd whats behind the massive door! :O :O

  • Is that the presentation podium?

  • It is better than nothing. The footprints do prove interesting and some people have been wanting more Tekken accessories to be added to Home. For a second I thought Alex was going to tag the post as “heavy rain” :P

  • agreed irish any update is better than nothing and the doors wont open :O Fine ill glitch behind them muahahahahah :P hehe
    anyways any updates regarding the hovercraft and shrinking cake yet :D

    • Best place to ask about anything not specifically mentioned in the blog post is the forums, however I will just say quickly that the current answer is ‘when they’re ready’.

  • So what’s the Heavy Rain costume unlock this week? Don’t tell me that’s delayed as well.

  • I’m with Mitchel. Looks like Heavy Rain…

  • Any dates for the Pixeljunk gear

  • @ comment 9 there was no heavy rain content for this week :S there was only one confirmed promo and that was the all access t shirt thats it

    Posted on 15 January, 2010 at 6:28 pm by nukester
    i got my code, thanks for the heads up. what does the t-shirt unlock
    Posted on 15 January, 2010 at 6:28 pm by Alex Pavey (European Product Manager, Heavy Rain)
    Unlock? Wait and see next week

  • just wondering if it is Heavy Rain what will the space look like can’t wait.

  • Where is a Tekken6 costume for girls?
    I just hope we get all these as soon as possible and its not like the Street Fighter 4 costumes for female!?
    This update would be far better then,but ….no :(
    Thx for this Heavy Rain event (when its true),cant wait :D

    • Future update.
      I can say here that the team are working on a female clothing pack. There’s no estimated date for it to be ready yet, however we know it’s wanted and that there’s a demand out there that we need to fill.

  • @13 yes it unlocks access to an area not another shirt or item lol

  • “Our spies tell us the doors are not yet ready to reveal the secrets that lie behind, but their opening can’t be far away.”
    Thats how i always see Home, “Lets give you info but you’ll have to wait longer for it though?!
    Then when what ever it is were waiting for does eventually come – Its never really anygood. I guess its actually all the “waiting” that makes it so.
    How i see the progress of Home:
    1. We wait
    2. Then we wait some more.
    3. Then we get.
    4. Tehn we get it taken away
    5. Then we get it back a week later
    Then by that time most of us feel it wasnt worth the wait in the first place.
    And im not just talking this particular thing whatever it is coming (or not) tomorrow but just content in home in general.

  • Oh by the way…. PixelJunk Museum & Shooter Space?
    Oh why do i even bother.

  • Where are the footprints…?

  • Wow….. way to shaft us girls AGAIN!
    Theres a rebellion on the horizon! Don’t say I didn’t want you!

  • The end result should be pretty special for you to tease it, or even tease another tease.
    And there’s still no communication about what’s being worked on to improve the Home client. We don’t need a list of brand-new features for us and developers making new spaces, just what’s being done to improve what’s already there, low quality or broken. The level of detail system for avatars is still pretty-near broken. You can be standing right next to somebody for 10, 20, 30 seconds, maybe indefinitely and not have the high level of detail model load in. In the stores, often the 3D previews stop loading up so you have to quit and re-enter.

  • Erm 1 week closer to giving up all hope, When will we stop getting just Male outfits and more T-shirts (Likely mostly male also) and start to get some content we the paying user wish to see & buy?

  • Not only do you ignore the girls AGAIN!! The costumes aren’t even of Tekken 6 but of part 5!!!!!
    Epic failure once again!!!!

    • @23 & 24 – I’ve replied above. We have an exclusively female clothing pack in development. We don’t yet know when precisely it will be ready, however we know there’s a demand there and we want to fill it.

  • Where are the ladies Tekken costumes? This is not acceptable. Seriously.

  • Todays update, 2 realy, realy, realy old Tekken 5 costumes, which SCEE decided to call Tekken 6 costumes.
    When are you gonna release some good content for girls?
    We want the music cafe clothes for starters!!

  • I know that at some point someone is going to request an update on Picture Frames. At this point I’m expecting to make a post on these to the forums later this week.

  • @26
    Oh yea, you have a point!
    I didnt realise that til now? Those tekken costumes were out on the JPN Home ages ago long before T6 was out. Now SCEE are calling them T6 outfits.
    Cheeky. Very cheeky indeed.
    what are scee paying these home devs for? seriously?

  • @28 Tekken 6 was in japan a lot earlier.

  • And there goes another useless and pointless Home update. Yay urra for SCEE!
    Last week US home had more items than EU in entire 2009 and when I was thinking “maybe next week we will be awarded with something good”, SCEE made it again, just ignored its own region.
    Like the whisky tv spot says “some thing never change”.

  • Like half of ya dont already have enough outfits across the world.
    I dont blame them for delaying clothes – They probably think “They’ve already got them and openly flaunt them as it is!”.

  • When is public voice chat coming back to HOME?
    It’s a much needed feature and it NEEDS to be returned.

  • wow when i saw the headlind about tekken 6 outfits FINLY coming to the eu store i got all excited untill i read theres only TWO outfits Heihachi and Paul Phoenix big whoop.
    wheres king gosh dang it i want king not the tho naff os going on there.
    the americans and japanese and got alot more tekken outfits inc a free one and us in the eu YET again get the drag ends that the eu home team can be bothered to put up.just like the assassins creed 2 outfites why didn we get them in the eu no doubt we will et them in months time when no one gives a hoot about assassins creed.
    come on home eu team pull your finger out get up some good stuff for a change like what the americans have got because when you look at the stuff in our home and compare it to the americans there home is like harrods and the eu home is like netto….

  • Thanks Thylaudax ^^

  • WOW!
    The US update is good.
    And look it’s that Evening Dress I have been asking for, for like 8 months or more!
    And yet another beautiful apartment, you know…. in Paris…
    Because Paris is known for being situated in America right?
    How about Monthy Python… I hear thats an American show written by real Americans and full of American Actors right?
    *gently seethes in the background*

  • Another crap update from the e.u home team enough said u guys suck at your jobs

  • There it is…I’m announcing thats after the past 3 weeks things have gone down hill and the fact the region gap is to far to recover and for that reason I’m out. (Never using Home again) Enjoy your evening all.

  • @27
    tell us now, we waited long enough

  • No one is going to listen to you seany and you can’t tell people what or not too buy, people are not forced to buy things anyway, you complain about the home update and then the playstation store update, alright it’s not the best update, at least it’s an update, if there wasn’t an update people would be moaning, people are going to buy those things anyway tomorrow, and it dosen’t matter what you say, if you don’t like it just go away

  • I think this looks really cool, there’s too much negativity in above comments.
    One letdown though, when I saw “Tekken 6 customes” I thought we’d be getting the store in the Tekken 6 space, like the other regions have with the free Kazuya costume. the Paul Phoenix & Heihachi customes are old coding, they were out quite long ago for Japan.
    but I suppose it increases the chances of us getting the other ones!

  • @godsgift
    yeah your going to glitch into NOTHING! Also congrats on telling the moderators for sony’s online severs on the clear violation of the rules your planning, I’m not going to break the T&C’s but if i was going to i wouldn’t tell sony beforehand.

  • just read through all the comments, ugh people need to lower their expectations, don’t they learn? I bet most of them are underage.

  • This update is so lame I might just move to the NA version of home.What a load of tosh come on sony sort it out.

  • In 2 weeks US home has been givem more content than EU home will ever receive in its lifetime.
    Considering that Home born in EUROPE this is so frustrating…!
    So, what’s the excuse for not bringing the paris clock tower to EU home? Localization? Is Paris in north america now?
    Please where do I submit my CV for scee? I believe I can work for them, I mean I can scratch my balls all day, play ps3, again scratch a bit more, flirt the girl of the next desk, etc..
    I’m totally able and 100% free to go NOW!

  • I agree we want to see more stuff every week, I do as well, some people’s expectations are set too high in my opinion, it’s the same for the playstation store update as well

  • Dante234, this has nothing to do with high expectations, we just want to be treated as equals, EU, US and even JP. But from the 3, EUROPE is by far the ugly duck, the [DELETED] sun, whatever you want to call it.
    You see, like it or not m$ rules north america territory and sony only survived ’till now thanks to Europe, not japan and not america so WE deserv better treatment and if someone deservs exclusive contentes and etc. those are the EUROPEANS the ones who gave sony more money for their products.

  • @43 glitching dont break the rules unless its game disruption and glitching behind the doors isnt game disruption haha

  • *EPICFACEPAL* @ #51

  • *EPICFACEPALM* @ #51

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