Patchwork Heroes

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Hello Folks,
Happy New Year!
I’m the European Producer for Patchwork Heroes and I’d love to take this opportunity to give you the first few glimpses of it in its glory.
Something exciting and new is coming round the corner, so brace yourselves!

Patchwork Heroes

Picture this: Your city is being invaded by a massive unmanned warship! Nothing on the ground has any effect at all… You only have minutes to save everything! What do you do? Your job is to get on board this monstrous warship and destroy it before it’s overwhelming firepower strikes the city!

Patchwork Heroes

Rescue trapped comrades by releasing them from the cells.
Exclusive to PSP, Patchwork Heroes is arriving soon and the city needs your help.

Patchwork Heroes

Destroy the warship by cutting through it!

Patchwork Heroes

Defeat enemies on the ship before they repair the damage you’ve made.

Patchwork Heroes

You succeed in destroying the warship once it reaches a certain size and thus saving the city being destroyed.
Watch this space for more details!
Take care,

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