We’ve Extended Our PSPgo Free Game Offer

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Hello everyone.
I would like to announce that the PSPgo Promotion which allows you to download a free game when you buy a PSPgo has been extended until 31st January. So there is still time to take advantage of this offer. Details on the promotion and how to redeem are below.

PSPgo Promotion

I am very happy to announce a new promotion for PSPgo! If you buy a PSPgo you can get either the ultra-realistic driving simulator Gran Turismo, brutal off-road racer MotorStorm Arctic Edge or awesome action-adventure Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines to download completely free! In Germany the 3 games that are on offer are Gran Turismo, MotorStorm Arctic Edge and LittleBigPlanet.

PSPgo Promotion MS Arctic Edge ThumbnailPSPgo Promotion Gran Turismo ThumbnailPSPgo Promotion Assassins Creed Bloodlines Thumbnail

All you have to do is set up or sign into your PlayStationNetwork account, then visit PlayStationStore to download a special PSPgo Promotion Theme.
This will trigger an email from PlayStationStore containing an e-voucher. Enter the code onto the PlayStationStore via your PSPgo and select which game you would like to download. The voucher will be with you within a week, but you should get it much quicker than that.

PSPgo Promotion Wallpaper

In addition to those of you looking to pick up a PSPgo, this offer is also available to all existing PSPgo owners. So if you have bought your PSPgo before today you will be able to go onto the store right now, download the PSPgo Promotion Theme and we will send you a voucher to download one of the great games on offer!
For the full details and a step by step guide please click here or visit eu.playstation.com/pspgopromotion.
Happy Holidays!

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  • Cool, but how about a new offer ;)?

  • Dear Adam,
    Thank you for the services and entertainment provided by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. However, it has come to my attention that the PAL PlayStation Store is vastly inferior to the US one. I sure many of these matters can be fixed very easily, whereas others would be more difficult.
    -Please could you put the download size of each game into the title. For example: Metal Gear Solid PSone Classic (roughly 800mb) This is just a small point but would vastly improve the service.
    -Please change the layout of the store to the North American one, as their categories are much more sensible. As a result the store is easier to navigate, and therefore easier to purchase things from, meaning a revenue increase for you.
    -The EU PSone classics collection is poor. The selection is better than it was with the additions of classics such as Final Fantasy VII, and Vagrant Story but it is still lacking many of the games that can be found on the North American store. I appreciate that there may be more ‘red tape’ to cut through in Europe but you must realise that if this is done, then thousands of people will flock to buy the classics we are lacking.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Best Regards,

  • LOL!
    I just bought Motorstorm yesterday, I have AC: Bloodlines..
    And I’ve been thinking about buying a PSPgo a long time, and I intend to do it before the end of the month.. So then I have all three games :P

  • Now that I remember it for some unknown reason I have not received my cose from this offer yet.

  • You do not know the efforts to which I have gone in order to get a PSPgo. And I’ve failed. I don’t have a job, though I tried to get one, nothing going where I am. Wasn’t allowed one for Christmas because I “get too much gaming stuff”, and when trying to sell my current PSP online, didn’t get paid. It’s ridiculous. There’s no way I’ll get one in time to make the most of this offer. Good games to get as well.

  • What makes me sad about this offer is that even though I bought two PSP Gos, I only get one free game unless I create a new PSN ID for the 2nd console….

  • The desperation has taken sony LOOOOL that’s what you get for trying to sell such lame portable almost at the same price as the PS3.

  • Because it was outsold by PS2. That’s 3 – 1 = PS2.

  • I downloaded the PSPgo theme on 28th December 2009 but still have no code. Help please as I’d really like Gran Turismo.

  • I did get my PSPgo from the US but logged in using my UK account. Hope that doesn’t mean I won’t get a code.

  • Just checked and I have to both buy and log into an account in one of the participating countries. So I missed out. That’s annoying. Oh well, still enjoy my PSPgo.

  • For new PSP owners this is probably a good deal, but for people with lots of UMDs it’s really still not very appealing.
    They really need to drastically rethink the PSP go because it’s just tarnishing the PSP brand from where I’m standing.
    It badly needs a UMD solution and a considerable price cut to be viable for existing owners. Plus if you add to that the fact that every week the new content for PSP on the store is very poor when you consider what they could be releasing, and for fairer prices too.

  • I want Little Big Planet, how come Germany get offered Little Big Planet and everywhere else get two racing games and another game I’m not interested in. My daughter has a PSPgo, but is now complaining there isn’t many games for girls and desperately wants Little Big Planet for her PSPgo.

  • that’s funny my offer to take the PSPGo and go stick it has been extended to the same date, isn’t it ironic how these things come together on the same date?

  • I have to admit to already having made use of this offer, and while I appreciate the gesture many of the points relating to the available content on PSN remain. Mozz-eyes detailed many of the points quite eloquently. I’m also growing increasingly concerned about the absence of the majority of the existing PSP UMD catalogue. I came to accept that there won’t be any way to turn my UMDs into digital titles, but at present I don’t even have the option to buy my games for a second time in order to play them on my Go. While I can’t complain about a free game, I would have thought that Sony would be even happier if I were to pay them money for things instead of not having to. To me this is a bewildering concept.

  • Registered my PSP go the beginning of the December and still no code? Had the 3 download codes for upgrading though????

  • Thanks Adam. A Pity only Germany could get LBP with this deal. Played the demo and it look really good. Have to agree with Mozz-eyes. Most of the games I want have been released in the US but not for us PAL customers. Just means I can’t give Sony my money yet :-(

  • @ 9 and 10.
    Do you own a PSPgo?
    I love the new format. I bought one and then sold my PSP2000. In total I got 4 free games. All things considered I didn’t lose anything. I hear the arguments against the PSPgo however people should remember the following.
    1. Pick up discounted games at the Playstation Store
    2. No need to carry your UMD’s with you.
    3. 14gb of usable storage/Media Go means no expensive memory stick for me.
    4. Pausing games and returning later!!
    5. PSPgo = Playstation Pocket.
    6. Bluetooth!
    Without the free games then sure the argument could be made about the PSPgo being overpriced. The 4 free games however even things up for me.
    PSPgo = Win for Me

  • I downloaded this theme on 1st December 2009 – pretty much the day the promotion was announced…
    Sony, please sort this out – why do PSP Go owners like myself who successfully registered for the previous offers have to jump through hoops to get these new offers. Why not just automatically enter people like us into this offer?

  • I had 300 euros ready to buy the PSP Go back in november and all I was waiting on was a few good PS1 classics to play on it. Its now January 2010 and we still ain’t getting any good PS1 classics.
    The normal psp games are dearer to buy off the PS store than in shops and you CAN’T TRADE THEM IN and the store lacks a big selection of games. I’m glad I wasn’t stupid enough to give into the hype and I learned a valuable lesson from the PSP Go launch

  • I downloaded the PSPgo theme on 1th December 2009. and now it is january 15 and still NO CODE RECIEVED. also sended 4 contact forms from this site. NO REPLY. Why????????

  • Ok, I just called Sony support. Turns out I downloaded it via Media Go instead of directly via my PSP Go. That violates the terms and invalidates my chance of accessing this offer. Clearly that’s ridiculous. That is like saying that if I purchase music via iTunes, then for some reason I can’t play it on my iPhone.
    Ok, I’ve had enough with the PSN – first there’s the games that are 2-3x the price of the UMDs, and now Sony can’t provide a logical and consistent download mechanism. There are people who still can’t play their rewards games because they downloaded via their PS3, and now there’s this illogical nonsense.
    Way to encourage people to use Media Go.
    If anyone wants to buy a used PSP Go, just ask. My PSN id is listed above.

  • psp without umd is food without salt

  • downloaded the theme on dec 3 2009, and I still havent received my code. lol you should receive the code much quicker than a week, yeah right. I have called sony support 3 times about this, once after a month and the lady said she will escalate it. i rang a few days later after i still hadnt received an email and she said it has been escalated so i will have to wait. after a day i finally received a code, but it was exactly the same code I used for the psp go rewards program, which I had used already.
    rang a 3rd time and the guy didnt even know which games you could choose from for this offer, what a joke!
    over 6 weeks and still no code.

  • I too downloaded the theme through media go before I even realised what it was all about and now sony customer ‘support’ told me the following-
    Dear Fred,
    Thank you for your recent email.
    We would like to advise you that as per our Terms and Conditions stated below for the PSPgo game offer (selected titles only) you needed to download the theme directly via your PSP Go only. As such we will be unable to provide you with a voucher code as you have actually downloaded the theme on your PC using the Media Go software.
    For further information regarding the Terms and Conditions: http://eu.playstation.com/legal/detail/item248076
    PlayStation Support Centre

    That is a disgusting way to treat a customer who is supporting an ailing console by buying not only the console but several overpriced downloaded games as well. I really can’t believe they even used that as an excuse. Is there anything you can do for users like myself Adam?
    PS. I only managed to get 2 out of 3 of the original rewards games to work as well.

  • nice about an hour after i posted my rant i just got my promotion code, lol. dling gt now

  • The lack of feedback from “Adam” and the outcries in the commentaries is disturbing and I guess it shows the support Sony gives to the PSPGo and the people who owns one.
    You’re all screwed…

  • i downloaded the reward theme via psp3000 first instead of go, now i cant get the email, is there anything i can do?

  • It shouldn’t be available on media go ? I downloaded it on media go first and now no free game voucher. I understand it is a free offer and not my god given right to get a game. but please sony sort this out. i need some Motorstorm Arctic edge love.

  • I’m really naffed off about this. I too had downloaded the theme to my PSP 3000, actually sometime in Dec. At the time had no intention of buying a go, and wasn’t really looking what I was doing.
    Then really started wanting a Go, so bought it on the 10th jan (morning) and followed instructions for the rewards offer (still waiting on that one) And the Dec Promo.
    Had no emails or confirmation, have emailed PSN support but no reply (24hrs+).
    If I can’t get my free game because I was allowed to download it on a system which was not eligible is not really my problme but an issue with Sonys Ts&Cs.
    This is just penalising their loyal fans (like me, always had a playstation usually on launch day, have had Jap PSP since launch and bought 2 UK PSPS and now a GO alongside my PS1,2 and 3!)
    Sony – Don’t let me down please – I always defend your products as when they work they are Great! I was under the impression that good service still existed somewhere…
    – On another note is there anyone reading these posts from Sony who’d care to comment?

  • I’ll be honest I felt sorry for the PSP after reading this …We all know why this offer was extended and it wasn’t because Sony was in a generous mood lol ;)
    I still don’t own a PSP, I don’t get the philosophy behind it and PSP Go! makes even less sense to me but yeah, good luck.

  • @ 20
    I did buy a PSPGo when it launched, but since I didn’t have any previous PSP when I bought it the only game offer available to me was Gran Turismo, which I wasn’t interested in.

  • Just wish my codes would come through.
    So much for the customer service depts reply within 24hrs. Is there a better way to contact SCEE about this, really if it is not working the best point of call will be trading standards/watchdog

  • @dazcox. Wish you the best of luck, but if your experience is anything like mine, you’ll receive a reply which says to call PlayStation support on 08702 422 299. Then when you call they’ll tell you that you violated the terms of the promotion by not downloading directly on a PSP Go in the first instance.
    However, the exact term in question is:

    6(i). Download from PlayStation®Store the PSPTMgo Promotion Theme specified within the promotion guide. The Theme must be downloaded using a PSPTMgo and not through the Media Go application.

    Now this is where Sony are violating their own terms: I DID download via WIFI on my PSP Go. I just happened to *in the first instance* download it to my PSP Go via the Media Go app. However I subsequently deleted the theme off my PSP Go and did indeed re-download on the PSP Go via WIFI without using Media Go. The terms say nothing of having to follow that procedure in the first instance, likewise for anyone who downloaded the theme *in the first instance* on a previous PSP model.
    Don’t be too hard on the support people though, as they aren’t the ones making up these stupid conditions.

  • @WasabinatorUK – Yep just go that exact reply. did you manage to get them to give you the free game? I’m going to see what they say, but will be following up to Watchdog / Trading standards on monday. It’s a completely stupid situation – They could just not allow the damn theme to be downloaded on anything but a Go, but this gives them reason to not honour the offer. Sadly, if this is the case I feel my trust in Sony will be gone; and I’ll think twice before buying into their products again.
    Come on Sony / Adam – Do everyone a favour – no ones trying to rip you off, we just thought you might treat those who shelled out for what is undeniably a good console a bit better.
    Let’s face it, this offer is only extended as sales of the go are virtually non existent, so 1 free game isn’t gonna kill you :)

  • Just noticed that in the post “Adam” does state the code will be with us in a week – Oh dear, times up Adam lol.

  • @dazcox, not a chance. I even asked the guy if he could remove/deactivate the downloaded theme from my downloads history so I could restart the process and he said no he can’t. He admitted that there were a number of people calling in with that concern and I actually heard a woman in the background explaining exactly the same terms to another caller, so I’d imagine there are plenty of people calling in to complain. He also admitted the condition makes no sense to him either.
    Why on earth this theme appears for download on the PSN for pre-PSP Go models as well as on Media Go is beyond me. I’s a flawed process.
    I also asked for a complaints number or email address and he gave me some help address which wasn’t what I really was after.
    I think most people who bought the Go have done so with slight trepidation entering a download-only era. Clearly, this is a concerning sign of flaws and limitations evidently present in Sony’s chosen method of Digital Rights Management and this instils no confidence in me whatsoever.

  • Aw, this is just crazy. Come on Sony, make us happy and sort this out for all PSP Go owners. Just make the call and reset out download history for those who used media go or old PSP!
    I’m waiting for my 3 games code and this one. At the moment really annoyed, even 1 free game would take away the sting of buying the PSP Go when I had a perfectly good PSP 3000 (glad I still have my PSP 1000 as well and some UMDs)

  • Adam Grant and SONY in general,
    Hope you read this, I’m in my mid 30’s, long time gamer and have own all SONY platforms among others.
    I think the PSPGo is a great and brave step towards digital distribution but SONY is missing one thing, show people the REAL advantage, something that current gamers can feel immediately.
    It’s not that you can store the game in a hard disk as you can do that on old models, there are 8 MB mem-duo cards
    The real advantage is no manufacturing nor distribution costs, no warehousing = CHEAPER!
    …but still the games on PSN cost as much and in some cases even more than the retail copies!!!
    Current prices for new Games should be average 8-9 EURO cheaper minimum…some old games maybe 4-5 EURO cheaper.
    I’m getting a PSP (again) when MGS:Peace Walker is out, based on the prices I see in the PSN Store when that day comes I will decide if I’ll get a PSP 3000 or a Go.
    Please, price games fair!

  • If anyone else reading is having this problem please take a moment to sign up/in and comment, maybe if we get enough spotlight on this then Sony will realise the error of there ways. I’ll never these games on offer for the principal.

  • I made the same ‘mistake’ of downloading the theme via MediaGo and now i can’t get the free game for my PSPGO because apparently i violated terms and conditions.
    I purchased my PSP GO just before christmas and have been waiting for a code ever since. At least now i know why.
    I am incredibly frustrated by Sony’s response to their customers here which suggests that WE are at fault for using a service that was provided as a means to download things for your PSP in the first place. I was actually advised to use MediaGo by the instruction manual that came with my PSPGO.
    Sony is an absolute joke when it comes to PSN and supporting their customers. On my first week with the device i couldn’t even purchase games as it wouldn’t let me add funds to my wallet. Not one person responded to my email.
    Now i am someone who spends quite a large chunk of my disposable income on games and i love digital distribution, but of all the companies in the market PSN offers by far the worst experience:
    No pictures or videos or reviews of games on the store
    No consistent indication of file size
    No resume or pause download function on either Media Go or the PSP

  • @dirtyCAT79 – your frustrations are shared by many. I too spend what disposable income I have on games usually, don’t smoke or drink much so once bills, mortgage, childrens needs are done whats left is for ‘me time’ :)
    I have all the current consoles and the user experience with PSN is by far the poorest, followed by Wii Shop! Sadly we have a long way to go till we get to Xbox live standards, however bear in mind PSN is still free of charge… perhaps that will change but if it does Sony need to drastically improve the support they provide.
    I’m sure they don’t have a leg to stand on here seeing as they neither state nor prevent us using media go / earlier psps to get the theme – surely by purchasing a new Go we should be eligible.
    This stinks, and I will be contacting trading standards tomorrow to clarify where we stand on this.

  • Nice, I’ve already been enjoying MotorStorm Arctic Edge thanks to that offer, adding to three other free titles thanks to the upgrade offer (I missed the Gran Turismo PSP Go offer by a month). ;)
    Here’s a reminder for those who are still slightly hesitant about acquiring a PSP Go.
    – The PSP Go can use a mobile phone as a Bluetooth Internet access point.
    – The PSP Go supports the use of a DualShock 3 connected via Bluetooth, both in the XMB and in all its games.
    – Remote play supports the right analog and the L2/R2 buttons through a DualShock 3.
    -PS1 games support the right analog stick, the L2/R2 triggers and vibrations through a DualShock 3.
    – Two players can play the same PS1 game together on a PSP Go, one player using the PSP Go as a controller and the other player using a DualShock 3.

  • Still havent got my codes yet….Come on SCEE!

  • not sure if i want a psp go yet :P

  • still no code!!!!!!!!!!!!! :@

  • Don’t get me wrong the PSP Go is fantastic, just the service regarding this offer is lacking. Moral of the story – dont buy the Go for something that isn’t in the box

  • its been 3 days since this was posted and still “adam” or anyone from sony seems to be looking at this thread. Not a single reply to any of your customers sony. this is extremely disappointing and makes it feel like you are ignoring your customers.
    for those who are just emailing in to find out whats going on, dont bother, its better to call up and get a straight answer. i really hope sony will do something for you guys that dled the code onto media go.
    i’ve always been a loyal sony customer, but by ignoring your customers like this I am really losing faith in sony.

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