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Greetings PlayStation fans and pinball lovers of all ages!
My name is Josh Hart and I am an Assistant Producer and Designer for the soon-to-be-released game Pinball Heroes. Our game will be available in Europe from the end of February exclusively from PlayStation Store for your PSP.
Pinball Heroes is a total of 4 pinball tables based on some great Sony Computer Entertainment games. We’ve got tables featuring Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Everybody’s Golf, High Velocity Bowling and Pain!
The tables will be available both separately (at the price of €2.99 each) and as a bundle: the Pinball Heroes collection pack featuring all 4 tables together for €9.99.
Each table is unique and fun in its own way. Be sure to check out our trailer along with some individual table descriptions below…

[viddler id=b7017f58&w=545&h=327&playertype=simple]

This pinball table is based on the first Uncharted game, where players were initially introduced to Nathan Drake. It has a traditional pinball feel, featuring numerous modes corresponding to chapters in the Uncharted video game. Shoot for the “Coffin Entrance” to begin an adventure mode and then follow the directions to complete each part of Nathan’s quest. Some of the features of this table include multiball, treasure collection, idol sightings, cursed objects, bandit shoot, exploding grenades, and a final battle mode when all 7 adventures have been completed!

Pinball Heroes

Everybody’s Golf
This unique table simulates 9 holes of Everybody’s Golf. First off, you’ll have to shoot straight at the yardage markers until you have accumulated enough yards to reach the putting green. If the wind is in your favor, you can get bonus yards! But watch out, since it could just as easily send your ball into a sand trap increasing your strokes and reducing your chance to make par… Once on the green, you can activate a Homing Shot or just go for the cup. Additional features include building up your loyalty hearts, equipment and power shots, all of which increase your yardage with every shot!

Pinball Heroes

High Velocity Bowling
The High Velocity Bowling table showcases a traditional ten-pin layout and keeps track of your strikes and spares over 10 frames. You start bowling by knocking down the sweeper, which is in front of the pins. Hook shots make it easier to hit the headpin and are activated by entering the hook tunnel. The High Velocity Bowling table also includes ball savers, spin shots, Jumpin’ Joes super jets and the cherry bonus. Good luck getting that perfect game!
Our fourth table is inspired by the Downtown setting from Pain. It references Pain’s humor with numerous voices such as Jarvis, the Monkey, the Mime and the Construction Worker. Game features like Fun With Explosives, the Ooch and PAINdemonium make appearances as well. Hitting the Manhole can activate multiball and you can maximize the 3 ramp shots to get a truly high score!

Pinball Heroes

All Tables Feature

  • Horizontal or Vertical play
  • Numerous In-game Awards
  • Online Leaderboards!

If you’ve stuck with me this far, then I thank you. Personally, I think that pinball is great for a handheld, portable game. I’d like to take this opportunity to explain some of our goals while creating Pinball Heroes. We wanted it to be fast and appeal to hardcore players as well as casual players. To that end, the gameplay can be frantic, but we were generous with the “tilt” functionality, giving the player more control over the game then what is typical in physical, real world pinball. Each table had to accurately represent its source material and do justice to the original games. For that, we got access to the assets from the hit games and tried to think of how to emulate some of the fun from them in pinball form. I think that we accomplished our goals and I am very proud of our team here. Hopefully, you will all try it out and feel the same way!
Thanks for reading!
Josh Hart and the rest of the Pinball Heroes Team
P.S. We’ve got more tables planned, so stay tuned…

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