Amazing Snowthings!

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Give a gamer a snow day and you would normally assume they’d be spending it furiously ranking up on the MAG Public Beta… but nay! Our forumers have been hard at work in an effort to populate the land with PlayStation snow things!
It all started with a challenge. Forum regular “TheMethod” rose to it fantastically and, having had to close up his workshop due to snow, he set out to create this masterpiece:

Snowy Sack Boy

And so a trend was born! We issued the challenge to the rest of the Official PlayStation Community who rose to their feet, donned woolly hats, thick gloves, big boots and headed to the great outdoors with every intention of creating masterpieces of their own! We’ve picked out the best and dropped them into this blog post for your perusal. Enjoy!





If you’ve made an awesome snowy creation – show it off in our forum thread right here! We would love to see it. Whatever you’re doing this week – be sure to wrap up warm and enjoy the snow whilst you can!
Much Love –

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