CES: 3D Games And Movies Coming To PS3 In 2010

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Did you catch the Sony CES Press Conference? It was on pretty late, so chances are you were busy snoozing. Those of you who braved the wee hours of the morning, however, may have seen a familiar face take to the stage. Among all the technology announcements you would come to expect from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (such as new 3D Bravia TVs coming this Summer), Kaz Hirai announced that the PS3 will be fully 3D compatible this year. There will be two firmware updates at some point in 2010 — the first will add 3D Stereoscopic Gaming functionality to the PS3 and the second will add 3D Stereoscopic Movie functionality. We’ll be announcing more details regarding 3D Gaming as we get further into 2010 and, as usual, you’ll see a lot of this here on the PlayStation.Blog.
Kaz also revealed that 2009 housed the most successful holiday season in the history of the PlayStation 3, with over 3.8 million units selling worldwide over the last 5 weeks of the year. European movie fans will also be glad to hear that the Video Download Service will be expanded to more territories throughout the year, too.

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Finally, the PlayStation Network has been adopted as the central online service for many Sony products, which means you will eventually be using the same login on your PlayStation 3 as your Bravia TV, VAIO laptop or other Blu-ray player. What does this mean? We’ll have more details in the future, but one cool benefit we can highlight is using the same virtual wallet across all of our services, on all of our platforms.
This is just the start of what should be another great year for PlayStation — we’ve got lots more stuff to announce throughout 2010, so keep checking the PlayStation.Blog regularly.

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