CES: 3D Games And Movies Coming To PS3 In 2010

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Did you catch the Sony CES Press Conference? It was on pretty late, so chances are you were busy snoozing. Those of you who braved the wee hours of the morning, however, may have seen a familiar face take to the stage. Among all the technology announcements you would come to expect from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (such as new 3D Bravia TVs coming this Summer), Kaz Hirai announced that the PS3 will be fully 3D compatible this year. There will be two firmware updates at some point in 2010 — the first will add 3D Stereoscopic Gaming functionality to the PS3 and the second will add 3D Stereoscopic Movie functionality. We’ll be announcing more details regarding 3D Gaming as we get further into 2010 and, as usual, you’ll see a lot of this here on the PlayStation.Blog.
Kaz also revealed that 2009 housed the most successful holiday season in the history of the PlayStation 3, with over 3.8 million units selling worldwide over the last 5 weeks of the year. European movie fans will also be glad to hear that the Video Download Service will be expanded to more territories throughout the year, too.

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Finally, the PlayStation Network has been adopted as the central online service for many Sony products, which means you will eventually be using the same login on your PlayStation 3 as your Bravia TV, VAIO laptop or other Blu-ray player. What does this mean? We’ll have more details in the future, but one cool benefit we can highlight is using the same virtual wallet across all of our services, on all of our platforms.
This is just the start of what should be another great year for PlayStation — we’ve got lots more stuff to announce throughout 2010, so keep checking the PlayStation.Blog regularly.

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  • I HAVE to buy a new tv this year! I want this..

  • Kewl, 3D gaming sounds great, saw The Avatar and fell in love with 3D so thats a great direction for Sony. One thing PLEASE bring the PSN Store to Cyprus :'( or this is me being greedy make one Central EU PSN Store, we all use Euros now for crying out loud :). It sucks that i have to buy stuff from an alt UK account. I wouldnt mind trying Home on my main Cyprus account but hey its not there :((((.

  • I’ m with vicheous,
    I have The Sony Home Cinema, TV, PS3.. I want to be able to take advantage of the connectivity in the next generation of DLNA tv’s and this would be the greatest way to do so that i’ve seen produced by anyone to date.
    Good news folks, Now how about some exclusive discounts on connectivity products from Sony ;)

  • …. For PSNID holders I mean…

  • I don’t usually care about all this 3D stuff, but it will be interesting to see what Sony has up their sleeves!

  • 3D motion Wand Action Games or 3DWAG in short, ooooooh consolidation is a marvelous thing

  • It was worth staying up until 1.30 am :D

  • Excellent news all round, I didn’t even know the CES press conference was last night so thanks for the update! All sounds very promising, 2010 is going to be a good year for PlayStation/Home Entertainment by the sounds of it…
    Question is how long do I hold off before buying a new 3DHD TV?!

  • Bring back ‘PS2’ Playback to PS3 PLEASE ;) That is all i want now.

  • Having a larger and more broad service available can only be a good thing right? ;)
    The 3D stuff doesn’t really interest me. More to the fact I don’t have 3-4 thousand dollars or whatever they’re charging for 3D TVs, but oh well..

  • Quick question on PS3 3D gaming. Will it work with any HD TV that has a refresh rate of 120Hz up. Or will there be some proprietary atrac style nonsense to force us to buy a new Bravia TV?
    Also, I know that answers to this are probably a long way off but…Will Sony be sending people free 3D glasses or am I going to have to buy a peripheral?

  • i cant wait!!!!!!!!

  • @WareW0lf_n Not true! We don’t use Euro’s where i live!
    BTW: On the TV front i think i go for one of thoose talked about yesterday on CES with built in 3D Transmitter and comes with 2 pair of glasses. Currently i have a Samsung but i wanna change so i have Sony all over..
    Sony is the brand for adults who know what they want!! True or not?
    (and maybe a fat wallet)…

  • 3D games will be wonderful.Please inform us in anything that has to do about these new TVs

  • BTW People who already own a PS3 should get a automatic disscount on all new Sony 3D ready products!!

  • 3D sounds great, and it makes for great floor demos at shows where you only spend a few minutes with the glasses.
    This technology gives me really bad migraine headaches for anything more than ten minutes at a time. Software correction to limit these effects does little to help.
    Caveat emptor.

  • I wouldn’t mind Uncharted 2 in 3D.

  • It’s a very interesting concept.
    3D TV will be good but the mass market of people have only just turned to HD TV so I fear it might be a little too soon for it to launch.
    Dont get me wrong I love the idea of playing games and watching TV from my home in 3D and hooking up to the PSN from the TV would be swell.
    I reckon Mirror’s Edge would be an amazing experience in 3D while playing it.

  • Menus and status bars would be the coolest thing for 3D. Dead Space 2 in 3D would be EPIC!
    As for this post… THIS is what you call news.
    Riiiiidge racer.

  • I’ve done some work on 3D for PCs and I had to patch our code to make sure that certain things worked with 3D properly.
    Specifically I had to make things like the crosshair render with a depth value and I also had to make sure that other hud items would have a depth.
    If I didn’t do that people playing would be getting a headache as the eyes tried to focus on the crosshair that was rendered at a depth of 0 which basically meant that it sat just in front of your eyes while the 3d environment looked like it had a proper depth.
    Because I had to do this I believe every game that is to support stereoscopic 3D on the PS3 will have to be patched to support it.
    I also think every game supporting this will take a pretty severe performance hit of something ranging from 25-50% less FPS.

    I want my 3D gaming badly.
    Now about the Update/s, will it cater ALL Playstation 3 games?
    eg: Like how a normal Dvd can be Upscaled to 1080p. Even thou it’s not a true 1080p picture..
    But in this case a program or whatnot, to upscale 2d games to 3d?
    And also,
    TV requirements?
    Anything above 12ohz will allow steroscopic gaming?
    Or do we need a, specific 3D 1080p HdTv.
    Do we need any Pol Glasses?
    Or do we need “Stutter” glasses.
    Please answer what you can.
    I want to support this,
    “eyes” wide open, so i know what i need and what i need to expect aswell.
    Btw, You guys are doing an AWESOME job on everything and it makes me a proud supporter.

  • Looks like i’ll be holding off buying a new bravia tv then! I wish we had more idea of price ranges etc…. Im a student and need to start saving!!

  • “European movie fans will also be glad to hear that the Video Download Service will be expanded to more territories throughout the year, too.”
    Which territories? Hopefully Denmark?!

  • I don’t want 3D, I hate those stupid glasses. HD is good enough for me.

  • i bought a kld32-w5810 yesterday does that mean i will have to buy a new TV for 3D? or just the glasses?:S

  • if it doesn’t have a “3D Ready” sticker on it, then you’ll need a new TV :( there are only a handful out at the moment, average cost is a 42″ 3D Ready TV is just under £1000

  • pff 3d’s gunna fail then

  • I don’t think 3D will catch on for a long while, since people are only just switching over to HDTVs. I can’t help but feel like it’s a bad move, and should of been kept for the next PlayStation. Oh well.


  • First, try making the PSN and PS Store available for MOAR COUNTRIES !

  • meh – just a scam to get people to buy new tvs, only just got a 1080p set and don’t plan buying another one for a good few years. i had 3d working on a standard crt monitor a few years back.. stop trying to gyp the consumer sony, this tech can work on a standard 60hz 720p screen if you wanted it too.

  • Allright, even if FIFA cancels the World Cup, definitely no summer holiday 4 me this year…need 2 buy that telly, ain’t got a choice, I’m a WipEout HD fan.
    Online Eliminator exploding in my livingroom, I’ll fork over the cash smiling=)

  • Great news. Want a 3D TV. But I was hoping for some more motion.

  • I stayed up for this. Got three hours of sleep and *just* came home from a twelve hour shift.
    I’m a huge 3D supporter and own Nvidia 3D for the PC (you can’t beat the graphical enhancement an ADDITIONAL DIMENSION provides). This is up there with motion gaming in my opinion as the big next step. Having both on the same system will be great.

  • “Bring back ‘PS2′ Playback to PS3 PLEASE ;) That is all i want now.”
    i doubt it’s going to happen, they’d need to start remanufacturing PS3s with the extra PS2 components, greatly increasing the cost of console, not exactly the way forward in order to be competitive and reduce costs. look around the web, there are many attempts at PS2 emulation via software, and none are able to get close to how a game runs on a PS2, so it won’t be easy for sony to try that route either.
    you can pick up pre-owned/refurbed 60gb models in game these days, cheaper than a new console.

  • “Question is how long do I hold off before buying a new 3DHD TV?!”
    well, there’s always the bragging rights for early adoption, no? :D i’m looking at a pay freeze for a second year in a row, so it won’t be this year for me… mind you, i only bought an HD-tv 2 years ago, and having it was part of the reason i got the PS3. :D

  • As much as I would like to see 3D make it big this time around, I have just upgraded to a 92″ home cinema setup, so can’t see me going back to a TV.
    It would be nice if they provided the ability to use red/blue glasses for those that have just upgraded. Would kill the 3D TV sales though.

  • I played WipeOut 3D in TGS and it was kind of….bad.

  • ofcourse 3d is going to rule big
    EPSN,NG and sony are gonna produce a full tv-channels in the US
    ESPN is gonna broadcast the Worldchampionships in 3D
    now we got the following problems from this post.
    sony,which countries & more important when do the rest of the EU get the videostore..
    second wake up(and fire) SCEBNLX since they,themself decided not to release PS3-PlayTV in these countries,just because they didn’t feel like it.

  • Will this happen on Sony Ericsson phones?

  • Could someone from Sony tell me if 3D games will have the standard “2D” mode? I’m guessing so. Same question about the 3D movies, again I’m guessing so although this will be studio dependant right? I can’t watch 3D, my eyes are not all that great and it gives me a stonking headache.

  • 3D TV will be good for the ps3

  • I HAVE to buy a new tv this yearor wat!

  • This is one “advancement” that will fail HARD. In the middle of a credit crunch,at around a thousand quid per telly puts it straight out of line of 90% of gamers.The technology as a means of mass media is a gimmick,meant for nothing more than a few minutes of “Ooo. Ahh” and adopting this as a full-scale marketing scheme..the novelty will die in a few months
    Sony,you mind-baffling fools,focus on the mass market and not a rich,gimmicky niche!
    Oh, and the firmware for this? Bet it’s gonna brick our PS3s!!

  • I’m fully “against” 3D gaming. Do you honestly expect people to buy new TV’s… again?! Do you honestly think that people with visual handicaps, which I’m one of, will be jumping out of joy? I’ve got a lazy eye and am sensitive for any annoying or fast moving images which results into migraines. I bought a bigger, 100hz TV only 4 months ago as the regular TV was giving me headaches. That damn thing cost me nearly a 1000 Euro. I hope the updates are only optional and not required to update plus I also hope regular games will stay available on the PS3 next to the 3D versions.
    3D is not natural and our brains can’t handle 3D images for hours in a row. If Sony called motion controls to be a gimmick, I find this to be a gimmick.
    Just bring PS2 BC back to the PS3 for fok sake. Thanks to the stupid modern technology all of my PS2 games look like crap on my LCD TV.

  • So i guess europe wnt see 3D games til at least 2012 but thats good cause there is no way in hell im goin to buy a new tv just to play in 3d not with the way things are going now. oh and dnt bring the video store to ireland its cheaper to buy 4 DvDs than buy 1 DvD on the store. idiots why is it dearer than to buy the freakin disc haha stupid but i guess there are sum right idiots out there who will buy from the store so u will keep the prices the same

  • Try wearing a pair of 3D glasses when you already wear glasses to correct your eyesight, not everyone can wear contact lenses comfortably. It’s nice to know Sony is attempting to future-proof the PS3 but at the moment the 3D technology is too expensive and assumes everyone on the planet has 20/20 vision.

  • 3D game and movie are great…… But what suck is you got to buy 3D tv… Thinking of buying the new sony bravia. Can’t wait what it would look like.

  • There are 3 different kind of 3Ds out there one with the red and green glasses(old school and does not look good on HD tv) one with polerized glasses(same as in avatar, and looks good to me) and one with shutter glasses(i think this is the next step in 3D). I have a 3D tv But have not used the 3D(only on dvd at this time) due to needing to have a computer with an hdmi output, software, and hardware also you need a ir transmiter, and shutter glasses. If anyone has tried it let me know before i spend more money. All in all 3D is the future and i can,t wait for it.

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