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With the release of MAG not far off now, I’m pleased to announce that following our successful series of Beta programs, Zipper and Sony Computer Entertainment will team up in January to bring you the final and 100% open PSN Beta!


This will be a global Beta allowing you to compete with players from all over the world, with access to the game’s 64-player ‘Sabotage’ and 256-player ‘Domination’ game modes. New Beta users will have access to the download on the PlayStation Store from January 4th onwards, with the Beta ending on January 11th at 07:59 GMT.
Now that you know when to get the MAG Beta, your path to playing it is a simple three-step process:

  1. Log on to the PlayStation Store and download the MAG Beta file like you would any other freely-available PSN video or demo (37 MB)
  2. Launch the MAG Beta program from your XMB to download a special patch that will restart MAG once the update has been received (another 38 MB)
  3. After the reboot, the beta will reconnect and download the actual game data so that you can play (1.8 GB – 2.3 GB depending on your region)

Pre-existing MAG Beta trialists will be able to download the new Beta 5 update from 13:00 GMT tomorrow, December 22nd. This should give you plenty of time to get hold of the new data set before the trial begins in earnest on the Jan 4th, but the game servers won’t be operational until then.
I would like to thank the community for all their support of the game and wish you a merry Christmas and happy New Year!

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11 Author Replies

  • Cool this game is awesome and cant wait to get another pre release pwnage sesh :-) Nice stuff Zipper and Sony you have done a smashing job with the game

  • I really hope the
    After the reboot, the beta will reconnect and download the actual game data so that you can play (1.8 GB – 2.3 GB depending on your region)
    part is going to be fixed in the actual release of the game, because this is just nonsense, downloading took forever when i played the beta, just for every damn patch it’s another 3 gigabyte with it, now what’s up with that?!
    (I’m using a wired connection and download with a speed of 4 to 6 mb per second from the playstation® store, so that’s definitely not the cause)
    Just to let Sony know, those patches were a big letdown for me and i doubt i’ll get the game if it will be like that.

    • Elliott "Shijima" Martin

      Sorry to hear that you were frustrated by the downloads Marvin, but situations like this are common to “Beta Trials” and must be expected if you wish to partake in early tests of games. However, I can reassure you by saying that the final game will ship on BluRay only and therefore won’t require any downloads for the base game.

  • Wait, this beta lasts just 6 days? Takes me one to simply download the content data :D

  • finally an open beta, tired of sony’s “exclusive betas and demos” in which most of us never gets to try out.

  • Yeeah! MAG open beta!
    Been waiting for this since I saw the first MAG trailer sometime in the beginning of 2009.
    Just a little sad there is huge patches. I already think that MGO’s patches are incredibly big.
    Anyways, THANK YOU! :D

  • Well I think I speak for the rest of the EFR (euforum) clan when i say i would download the 2 gig even if it was for 1 more night of action in the field. I spent an unhealthy lenght of time on all the phases and aint even bothered with my BFBC2 beta cos i aint gonna play any other shooter for a long time. So to sum up i don’t need no other Christmas presents.

  • Good stuff,would like to see how the command chain works first hand.

  • Sweet loved the closed beta cant wait for the new phase to start :)

  • I’d like to back up what others have been saying. I have 20mbs broadband and the M.A.G files took ages to download, well over a day. I’m understanding of the in’s and out’s of the BETA process, but i’m afraid that those download times are beyond a joke.
    Hopefully Sony realise that their servers are producing slow download speeds and upgrade/increase the number of servers. The slow speed of PSN is only fodder for the competition as their service is markedly faster.

    • Elliott "Shijima" Martin

      The MAG download service utilises torrent-like technology, so the more people there are online downloading data at the same time, the quicker the download will be for everyone. If you’re late to the party then there are still ‘seed’ servers, but obviously you can expect the download times to be slower in this case. At present this is the most effective way for us to deliver the quantity of data that the MAG Beta requires.

  • I don’t know if it was my internet connection but it took about 4/5 hours to download the 1st beta :( Good game tho ;P

  • Great, its came a long way since the first beta, I was here from stage 2 :) Launch day buy for me, will all stats from the beta be reset on launch day?

  • Of course, the best news about MAG Beta 5 is that you’ll be able to download the client in North America starting tomorrow, December 22! Additionally, PS3 owners in Asia can start downloading the file on December 25, while the European store will make it available on January 4. Check back for details on Japanese PSN store access in the near future.
    Conflicting information AGAIN shijima so whats thr truth do we get to dowload the file on 22nd or do we wait till 4th . you best ask the proper people first before posting

    • Elliott "Shijima" Martin

      I had hoped it was clear enough in my post, but I will try again. No game servers will be online until Jan 4th, so no-one globally can play until then. The client will be made available on the Store as a download on Jan 4th for all NEW users. Users who were fortunate enough to be involved in previous Beta trials can download the client patch for their existing installations from tomorrow (inc. new data download), but they won’t be able to play until Jan 4th either. So no-one is really losing out in terms of when everyone starts playing.

  • So, on a related note, why is the PSN so slow then (not just the MAG torrent-esque download servers). Its not soley a M.A.G problem.
    P.S Can you get some M.A.G Avatars available soon so people can use them for their PSN profile pics? While you are at it, get Sony to upload a few more hundred!

  • “]the best news about MAG Beta 5 is that you’ll be able to download the client in North America starting tomorrow,”
    Seriously? I dont have an american account but would be tempted if true.

  • Just a heads up for everyone, download this thing as fast as you can, because there is only a 6 day window to do so (Jan 4th – Jan 10th) and some people spent a day or more downloading the client and the patch.
    Its a good game. Don’t miss out.

  • The XMB themes avalible in the web-kits on the MAG web-site don’t work, or at least on my UK PS3. Also do you know wether or not all stats will be reset on launch day?

  • Thank you Elliot. This was somewhat unexpected, but definitely happy surprise after Eu-blog been quiet about MAG for a long time. Makes me feel like I’m getting my best X-mas present at 4th Jan.
    To Leeli … “Oh, you’re right. And when you’re right, you’re right. And you – you’re always right. ” :-P
    An for all those, who complain about the slow DL-speed.. You have to understand that this beta is essentially *most* of the real release. Huge maps, all animations, Grafix and sounds, all is there. Games like these are exactly the reason why Sony was right when they decided that every console must have Blueray and Hard drive.

  • The US Blog says that the game has gone gold and is being released on Jan. 26th in the US, Jan. 28th in Japan, and Jan. 29th in Korea. It also says that the EU version is expected to go gold in the next few weeks. Is this a joke?
    If we in Europe don’t get the game for a few weeks after the rest of the world, I will not be buying it and I’ll just wait for BFBC2.

  • ” so no-one globally can play until then”
    The fourth it is then

  • Elliot can you confirm existing EU beta users can download tommoro because that’s what the blog suggests. I thank you

  • The client should be available for new users BEFORE the 4th Jan. with such a limited time window in which to play why are Zipper ensuring that a lot of people who’re interested in playing the beta will lose 1-2 days of playtime to download it? The download was ridiculously slow even by PSN standards – don’t leave potential customers with a sour taste a few weeks before release.
    The previous client is still downloadable from the PSN store – is there really any need to hold it back until the 4th? If it does work on torrent-like technology then you should be aware the advantages of having more users downloading at once than splitting them into 2 or more groups.

  • the only reason i ask Elliot is that the zipper mag forum seems to say otherwise ..ta

  • Hi!
    The game’s going gold Elliot (in the US etc), out of interest why is this being announced as a “beta” considering it’s on it’s fifth generation?

    • Elliott "Shijima" Martin

      The development of the Beta code lags behind the full version in terms of final visual quality, etc. Therefore we don’t want to mislead people into thinking this is a demo, instead opting to continue referring to it as a ‘Beta’.

  • @ Elliot then why did Zipper announce a different day and time for EU ???? Not like them to post false information is it

  • @Redh3lix cause the word beta gets more people interested

  • cool news, can’t wait til the 4th now. Are the zipper team going to be playing again?
    Is there an EU release date yet, or do we have to wait until it goes gold?

  • is it the same program as the closed beta or do i need to download a new 1?

  • New download of 1.8 – 2.8 Gigs

  • nice :)
    i suck at fps usually but i’ll give this a try.
    who knows maybe i can lose myself in the crowd with that many players :)
    will there be somewhere to report on bags and the like in the game or is this more of a stress test type situation?

    • Elliott "Shijima" Martin

      Feel free to contribute your feedback in the official EU or U.S. MAG forums ( or

  • The timeline is still unclear: when will new beta testers be able to download the files? Both the client and the patch on January 4th? If that’s the case, it sounds like it’ll be until Jan 5th at the earliest when we can play. And pity those fools who have a capped connection…
    Can’t wait, though, this will kill my social life :D

  • New testers can download the client + game data on Jan 4th, pre-existing testers can download the new data tomorrow
    Just create an american account & download the beta. to quote the US blog: “you’ll save a whole lot of extra shooting time by downloading what you need early on; thus allowing you to jump into the action immediately on the 4th.”

  • ” pre-existing testers can download the new data tomorrow”
    I wasn’t in that but I can’t understand why it’s not available for EU peasants tomorrow,It’s obviously there and waiting.
    “Just create an american account & download the beta. to quote the US blog: “you’ll save a whole lot of extra shooting time by downloading what you need early on; thus allowing you to jump into the action immediately on the 4th.”
    I probably wont but will advise my brother as big downloads take him forever.

  • Man, if this game delivers what it claims, this might be the be-all-end-all of FPSs for me…
    Any news of a Collector’s Edition?

  • Bit unfair for us isn’t it? You make a beta with a massive download and dont give us any days in advance to DL it? Theres Sony’s blatant US favouritism for ya >:(

  • @Elliott “Shijima” Martin
    Thank you replying to me.
    I have to agree though the patches you were bringing out (yes, excluding the game’s already 3 gigabyte install) were pretty big, so it’s (i think) yet the biggest BETA PS3 has seen.
    I’ll definitely be buying this game if the updates have indeed been changed because i have really enjoyed the M.A.G Beta!
    You are doing a great job in there!

  • Hi Elliott :) I have one question and it’s not because you did anything wrong, I’m just a little confused. Jeremy on the US post says things like they’re different so you need to redownload it from the store… BUT he makes no mention of pre-existing beta users. So I’m left wondering, through no fault of your own, if we (as European users and primarily readers of THIS blog) will be able to just update if we have a beta? :)
    I actually have a second question, but this one I suspect you will answer negatively and I wouldn’t mind (but it would save me some time/downloading of something I can’t use :) ) I actually only have a really old version of the very limited beta which if i remember correctly I got in an email before the switchover to ‘full’ version for preorders… my question is would that update correctly and work?
    p.s. If you’ve read this far, sorry for the long message, but thanks

    • Elliott "Shijima" Martin

      If you have previously redeemed a voucher code for the Beta trial and are still able to install/run it on your machine, then you can download the client patch today at 1pm GMT. Remember though, there will be no game servers until Jan 4th.

  • So the servers are online from 4th to 10th?
    6 days is a bit low isn’t it?
    Considering most people will spend the first day downloading the big data.
    Anyway, looking forward to it, hopefully there is another reminder post on 4th so we don’t forget.

    • Elliott "Shijima" Martin

      We wanted to keep this Beta short to ensure we can focus users into a smaller timeframe, to give our servers the numbers we need to test their capacity effectively.

  • Sounds good, cant wait till the 4th! I have been in on all the previous beta-phases too and MAG is great :D

  • Kool, but here in GB internet still isn’t quite up to standard, if anything my net has gotten slower as it’s gone along, now downloading anything near a gig is almost a day long affair.

  • Good to see the Zipper team are going to be around again, I’ll have to go and hunt them down. I missed them last time :(
    Don’t suppose you’ll be able to let us know if Acquisition is open or is it still going to be Sabotage?

  • Why can you’s not have Aquisition mode unlocked? in my opinion it’s the best mode in the game.

    • Elliott "Shijima" Martin

      The plan is to have Sabotage and Domination available, but the team have reserved the right to change the game modes at any time during the trial, so Acquisition could be made available at some point. Please remember though, this is not a ‘demo’ as such. The devs are conducting these tests to check the network infrastructure and so will change the server configuration as necessary.

  • I still think its unfair that we can’t download it till the day it starts, on the US blog someone asked if he could download it when he gets his PS3 at Christmas and the reply was that you were releasing the game today so you can download the updates in time for the launch just so everyone can play on the 4th.
    Then you tell us that we can’t download it until the day it launches, seems a bit unfair, that fact that you can’t background download the update makes it worse, it could take days for it to download for me.
    No sale for me, if you don’t want to look after your European customer like your US customers then I don’t want to buy your game.

  • i didn’t like the closed beta, still the same issues that the Socom series had/has, mainly the [DELETED] controlls..i had hope for this aspect since it’s a first person shooter this time around, but after playing the beta my worst fear has come true..and seeing that it’s already to be released in january, i don’t have high hopes of this improving at all..i hate games where the very basics aren’t right, and controlls are about as basic as it can get..
    anyway, ill have to get it anyhow since i already pre ordered it, just too bad, this could’ve probably been a real nice game, but if it doesn’t feel right on a technical level, the replay value goes down a of the reasons i kept and keep playing good shooters like killzone 2 and cod is because they feel and look so right technically..i still have hope for this game but i doubt the controlls will improve..socom confrontation was a total fail too imo..i really hate games with crappy controlls sigh (zooming in with d-pad?i mean c’mon :s)

  • Nice Job SONY :) this is the game ive been waiting for and cant now play the beta :) as i didnt get picked for the battlefield bad company 2 :( will there be an open beta for that to :) THANKYOU

  • So, two questions for you Elliott (or anyone who has an answer). Many sites said users in the US can download the Beta today, and then play on the 4th. 1. Is this true? and if so 2. I live in Canada, am I eligible to download as well? I looked through PS Store earlier this morning and didn’t see any beta, so was just wondering.

  • nice i will be able to try it
    thx sony

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