A Shiny New Look!

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No, no, I haven’t got a new pumpkin (but I have got a new Christmassy avatar, you like?).

Recently we decided that our forums looked, well, a bit dated. So, we decided to give them a make over! Throwing in lavish reds, colourful banners and lovely new skins – our forum now looks lovelier than a lovely… lovely… thing.

Official PlayStation Forums Redesign

Whilst my use of adjectives may be completely useless, our new forum look is designed to make everything easier to use. We’ve made sure you know where you are for a start (there’s no mistaking that THIS is the LittleBigPlanet forum now, is there!) by applying game-related skins to most of our boards. We’ve even made tweaks to the user-interface, bringing our forums more in line with the look of both PlayStation.com and the lovely (Ok, I’m sorry, I’ll stop now…) PlayStation.blog. And, to top it all off, we’ve made it even easier to make a post with Quick Reply – a feature that allows you to contribute to a discussion without having to load a new page. Brilliant.

We haven’t finished tweaking though – we’re still optimizing the site for use with the PlayStation 3 Internet Browser and adding some finishing touches to the search function. Once we’re done, we’ll let you know over in our Announcements & Events area.

All that’s left is for you to go and check it out. Visit us and chat with your fellow PlayStation’ers about everything from the latest news updates to the greatest movies, games and music available on the PlayStation Network. Just make sure you read our lovel important rules before posting, lest the gods of LittleBigPlanet swoop down and smite you (funnily enough, they’re also the gods of our forum!).

Here’s a few brilliant ongoing discussions from the English speaking forum to get you started…

  • Trophy Hoarders – A place for trophy addicts to meet, greet and hunt down those elusive platinums.
  • Modern Lolfare 2 – Ridiculously silly with a side of daft to boot, this thread is all about how popular Modern Warfare 2 is. Think lolcats mixed with first-person shooter…
  • The PSN Online ID Pool – Got a PSN ID you’ve always wanted to use, but never had the chance? Donate it to a gamer in need in our Online ID Pool!
  • The Epic Twit thread – Use twitter? Tell us your ID! Here you can find the twitter accounts of many community members, along with some ‘higher ups’ from the gaming industry too.
  • MB’s 12 Days of Christmas – You’re not too late to get involved with my Christmas mass-giveaway, all you need is a twitter account and super-fast fingers!

See you on the boards ;)

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