SOCOM Confrontation ‘Cold Front’ DLC

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Hi all,

I know a lot of you have been asking for an update on when the SOCOM: Confrontation ‘Cold Front’ Expansion Pack will be launching in SCEE. So I just wanted to let you know that this will be available in all our stores from the 7th of January 2010 with pricing to be confirmed shortly.

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The ‘Cold Front’ expansion pack is loaded with a number of new features and content. Check out what’s included in the new download pack below:

  • New Russian / Eastern European Area of Operation
  • Snow setting complete with snow effects
  • New snow gear and camo for both the Special Forces and Mercenaries
  • Thermal vision
  • New ARMS RUN gameplay mode
  • 5 New Maps: Uprising, Entrapment, Blizzard, Night Stalker, Vigilance
  • All new mercenaries characters with new looks and new VO.
  • New Special Forces squad, the Russian Spetsnaz
  • Gun turrets emplacements
  • New music
  • All new character specialisation/progression system allows players to pick a primary and secondary specialization and unlock new equipment exclusive to those specializations
  • New weapons, including: 3 new weapons, 6 enhanced versions of weapons available as part of the new weapons specialisation system, 2 new weapon attachments (including the thermal scope), 5 enhanced versions of weapon attachments also available as part of the new weapons specialization system.
  • 2 new grenade launcher ammo types (flash and smoke)
  • New Trophies


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2 Author Replies

  • *Sigh* there goes the theme of being able to play in the snow at christmas, what a let down

  • Thanks for the update but I think we all know its coming on the 7th but could I suggest that you could keep the SOCOM community in the loop a little more

  • And the reason for the delay is?

  • Why would you only release in the USA and not worldwide? My American mates are playing Cold front now but I will have to wait till the end of the holiday period to download it from my UK PS store. What Fun…

  • Yeah thanks a lot for letting us know AFTER the proposed release date, when 100 threads have been made about the subject.

    And also whats the reason for the delay in the first place?

    3 weeks of gettig owned by new weapons is going to be so much un for us 2nd grade EU members. thanks again.

  • Thank you Chris for the blog post.

  • So as well as a price are you going to give us a legitimate reason as to why we didnt receive it on the 17 dec like the North Americans.(no doubt it’ll be more than $9.99 and we’ll be ripped off yet again)

    I mean you couldnt even be bothered to give out a statement, we had to find out from a comment in a blog post.

    This game has had no end of problems, but alot of UK/EU/rest of the world players have still supported the game. So you repay them like this.

    Slant Six, Sony(specifically SCEE) continue to go down in everyones estimations. The complete lack of support and communication is beyond a joke you treat your customers like lepers hidden in a cupboard.

    So thanks finally for an update hope it was not to much trouble for you maybe you should be proactive rather than reactive in the future.(oh and you have probably lost alot of sales of the new DLC way to go!).

    And relax(breath) rant off.

  • The delay is due to “localisation” I suspect.

    Of course people who live in the UK have entirely different cultural sensitivities and speak an entirely different language to our United States cousins…

  • What a Joke,

    “I know a lot of you have been asking for an update on when the SOCOM: Confrontation ‘Cold Front’ Expansion Pack will be launching in SCEE. So I just wanted to let you know that this will be available in all our stores from the 7th of January 2010 with pricing to be confirmed shortly.”

    No we not been askin when we have been askin WHY the hell have you let us down again!!!!!
    I have 2 clan matches that I have to miss as I can’t get the DLC.
    And seen as this has been a complete balls up from the start I really can’t be arsed to buy it at all now.
    I’m starting to see why the sales of the PS3 in EU have slowed down so much its due to the AMAZING amount of support SCEE gives us!

  • This is just a let down, I and many other loyal Socom fans would really appreciate an explanation.

    • Hi El_Pinko, in this instance the delay has been down to the fact that we physically couldn’t get this pack loaded on to all of our 29 storefronts before the 7th of Jan.

  • This is an absolute Disgrace by SCEE and /6. 1st were made to wait over a year for any DLC and now cause of SCEE,s incompetance were made to wait even longer meaning that everyone who has the COLD FRONT
    DLC will have a clear advantage over the rest of the world who have to wait till after the new year.

    not trying to Flamebait here but how come this isnt an issue when MS
    put DLC/Games onto there Market place they 99.9% have a worldwide release for any DLC

  • The real issue here is the next 3 weeks, where Americans can join EU rooms and use the weapons / unlocks in our rooms. Especially with all the extra time off that we have over those weeks.

    There’s still another update before Christmas, why is Cold Front not in there?

  • As mentioned above… we want an official response to why it has been delayed in the EU?

    Its not good enough SCEE. You lot are so slow to get content out in the EU if its produced in the US.

    M$ dont have these problems… Should be ashamed making this ‘post’. Doesnt come within a mile of what we want.

  • So we have to wait a further 3 weeks for it, bit of a joke don’t you think?

    So why exactly did the EU Socom community not get the DLC on the 17th?

    It seems to have been ready for quite a while so I’m pretty darn sure a global release was possible. At the minute I don’t know if it’s worth buying it when its released, as its beyond a joke now that we have had to wait so long, then found out that the 17th was the release date, to then find out from a comment on the blog that we have to wait even LONGER.

  • This is an outrage. Discrimination againsgt the rest of the world.
    We deserve these dlcs at a further reduced price because of these delays.
    We want awnsers!

  • So the reason;

    Posted on 18 December, 2009 at 2:03 pm by Chris Weatherhead

    Hi El_Pinko, in this instance the delay has been down to the fact that we physically couldn’t get this pack loaded on to all of our 29 storefronts before the 7th of Jan.

    That means you couldn’t have told us earlier, why?

    • Hi, we posted this update as soon as we had a confirmed release date as I didn’t want to promise anything we couldn’t deliver.

  • What a complete joke!!
    Why dont us 2nd rate Europeans get the game now? the yanks will know all the maps and weapon’s, oh and will have unlocked all the special weapons that will make us euro players sitting ducks for the first week or so.
    Why does the price need to be comfirmed? why not just work out the price ($9.99) in pounds and euros? because we gonna get the game last and be charged more than the Americans.
    I cant even play Socom because most of the people i play with are from America and they all playing cold front.

    I will not be buying cold front or any slant 6 rubbish again and i ask all Euro socom players not to buy it either, infact i beg you not to waste your money after being treat like this by both sony and slant 6. And sony are just has much to blame also.

    I understand now why so many people in the UK are selling the PS3 to get the x-box. right now i am thinking of doing the same.

  • Hi Chris, I appreciate the response, but could you please confirm there are no other store updates between now and Jan 7th? I respect that the download is large in size and work needs to be done, but the content of the pack is huge and would be great to play over the Christmas break before we all return to work.

    Also, this creates a genuine problem when trying to play the game now, as we are unable to join and play rooms that require DLC, even though they exist on our servers…

  • Nice work SCEE – you guys disappoint time and time again, but at least you’re consistent.

  • Absolute disgrace, why does U.S get before us eh ? Pathetic decision from Sony.

  • I think I’ll buy this game after Christmas, could anyone tell me whether the PS3 Official Headset is worth getting? I already have a USB headset but if the official one has better quality then I’d like it :)

  • I suppose we should be used to this by now.

    Basically tell us the truth that SCEA do not care about the EU and are more concerned with keeping the US happy.

    How long does it take to put on 29 stores then? 3 weeks?

    @Raider197. Yes, the official headset is very good and worth buying. I got an unfinished version of Socom with mine… :D

  • This has just about finished me off with the game, why was we not allowed the DLC, we payed are money the same as any other nation did.

    But yet we have too sit and suffer, if it wassnt ready for worldwide release you shuddnt have given it too any1 completly unfair no other company would treat customers like this, i own a clothes shop and some1 came in that wassnt from my area i wouldnt say sorry wrong post code come back in 3 weeks thats bad business

    hope you guys at sony enjoy ur xmas, my plans have gone to pot!! dont chokeon your turkey!!

  • I have to agree with some of the above comments. When a game shares a global set of servers, with no region locking in place, to sell to some players and not to others is discrimination and shy of that just plain embarrassing.

  • I found myself looking forward to Cold Front – but not now. Not now that I can’t play it during my Christmas holiday.

    Well done SCEE.

    Epic fail on your part guys – now you can wonder why the game is going to continue to be a failure in Europe and watch the uptake be greater in the US.

    This DLC could’ve been a reboot for SOCOM: Confrontation but not now – not unless you made the DLC free could this occur.

  • So;

    Posted on 18 December, 2009 at 2:45 pm by Chris Weatherhead

    Hi, we posted this update as soon as we had a confirmed release date as I didn’t want to promise anything we couldn’t deliver.

    What your saying is you got a confirmed release date the day after it was released in North America?

    How comes you posted a comment on the update blog yesterday, that said it wouldn’t be out till January – thus meaning you new before today.

    Also if you didn’t have a confirmed release date why not tell us that rather than keep silent.

  • Well at least the final word came out, but will we get a reduced price like they did in NA for the first 48hours or whatever it was? or will we have to put up with it being full price as soon as its released?

    Also its a bit harsh to release it after the Christmas holidays in the EU. All people playing in NA will get their time they have off school/work to play the new DLC, but we only get it near then end of most peoples holidays. Most people will be back at school/college/uni/work when its released to have time to play it, why couldnt the EU have it for the Christmas holidays aswell?

    Some answers on this would be helpful.

  • Thanks noobkiller, guess I’ll get one after the holidays, I didn’t have a great experience when I tried using the headset bundled with Warhawk but I’ll give the official one a go :)

  • because they couldnt careless about the EU!!

    its all about growth andsales of the content and they knew theyd get it in the US.

    shocking and appuling really by a big company!!

    customer service doesnt exsist for the EU gamers as long as they keeping the yanks happy!!

    forget this dont even buy the content!!

    cos us got $9.99 = £6.13 just for you sony guys that cuddnt work that out!!

    so buythe time itcomes to us well beexpectedto pay the $14.99 price which is £9.19 which will proberly be rounded up!! too £9.99.

    Sony SCEA wat a faliure, i bet they all own xbox’s

  • I think the remaining questions now lay with pricing of the DLC.

    Overall though I hope Sony are noting the [DELETED]-up they have made, they’ve handed gamers an unfair advantage. This DLC should’ve been held until a global release was possible – all other consoles seem to manage it.

    Are there absolutly no more store updates before Jan 7th, I finish work in 2 days and was really looking forward to this, to know I cant have it but others can really twists the knife.

  • OK, so why can’t this go in next Tuesday’s Store update?

  • chris can i ask??

    why didnt you hold the content back, till it was going to be available to all??

    seems like a reasonable question.

  • I’ts simple ……

    We are not americans and our money isnt good enough (obviously)
    We dont measure up to U.S standards as thats who the game is really for i mean look at the production team aint they all yanks ??? or 95%

  • Yes Chris, is there any possible way the UK store could get cold front by next weeks update?

  • 3 weeks its too much time….

    Thx chris

  • Tuesday is the last store update i read it on blog yesterday.

    they off too enjoy there xmas holiday then till the new year!! bet they have the content for game thou, enjoy ur xmas SCEE youve ruined most of the socom EU gamers.

  • Yeah good point i read that the updates on the 22nd aren’t going to be big updates theres your answer why cant you load it on there for then

    COME ON GUYS we bought the game just like the americans did whats the difference between us ?

  • I really hope the 7th of Jan decision isn’t final yet, 3 weeks is just too long.

  • It is final unfortunatly =[ they cant get it on in time and the big updates went on there yesterday the last updates are on the 22nd and they r little ones then they are all off enjoying theirselves with our money until the 7th january !

  • Are there still server issues with Confrontation or have they been fixed?

  • I don’t see how they can’t get this done thought, its disappointing to see such a big company fail on something like this. I think its more the decision to give it to some and not to others that’s shocking me.

  • Its bad enough the uk server is empty most of the time, the majority of players you do find in there are american, now they got the dlc its gonna be even more emptier than before, personaly i thinnk you should have just waited and released all on the same day, but i guess greeed gets the better of you, blah, my socoms now on ebay, if it wasnt for gran turismo next year my ps3 would be on there also as honestly it sucks

  • I think you’ll find the number of Americans on the UK servers over the next 3 weeks quite impressive, what with their new guns and thermal scopes. Gonna be a fun time.

  • Cant wait to get on Socom tonight to get shot by weapons i cannot use or to get spotted by people using attachments i cannot use.

    You would think that after all the trouble there has been with this game that they would have thought twice about doing something like this. Apparently not. An absolute disgrace.

    3 weeks to wait? I wouldn’t have minded if it was 3 weeks to wait for EVERYBODY but now the game will be unplayable imo for the next 3 weeks. Disgusting

  • Seems we’re being ignored in here now. Its a quiet corner for us all to sulk in. It’s clear whoever made this decision didn’t realise the mistake they were making by giving DLC to some gamers and not others when all gamers share the same servers.

  • Wouldn’t be surprised if we get stung by the price when that gets confirmed either

    £9.99 is my guess

  • Regrettably i can’t see them doing the decent thing and releasing it asap, if SCEE et al wanted to regain some credibility they would at least try.

    But lets get real if they couldn’t release it in the time frame they had they ain’t going to do now.

    TBH i think that their reasons don’t add up personally, they say they didn’t announce an update because they didn’t have a confirmed release date till today, yet they told us yesterday in a blog comment it would be 2010. So they knew full well they weren’t releasing it before then.
    So if they (lie) about this then how do we know their being honest when they say they couldn’t up it to 29 stores(its been ready for a while)(and how long does this process take).

    If that is the case then why don’t the Japanese have it or Hong Kong or all the rest of the world territories, they don’t have to put it on 29 stores.

  • Is it totally impossible to get this in the next update on the 22nd? At least thats less of a kick in the nads than waiting till the 7th.

    Would certainly go someway to ammending the mess that has been left by this DLC release.

  • Well, its the 18th today – 19th and 20th are a dead loss right now, meaning that the 21st is the earliest they’ll work on it, and since I doubt Socom holds little priority with them I guess we can assume its not coming.

    Its just a shame as we know if this was Modern Warfare 2 they’d have people in overnight to make sure this DLC shipped on time or at least before Jan 7th.

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