Your minis Are Now PS3 Compatible

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Hello all. Today is the day that minis arrive on PS3! Since 1st October the minis range has been ever expanding and includes everything from addictive puzzle games, super sports games, retro arcade titles and many more. These bite-size games are the ideal companion for your PSP and now, PS3 owners can enjoy these bite-sized downloadable games in the comfort of their living room. One purchase will allow you to the download to both your PSP and PS3, giving you the option to play whenever and wherever you like. If you only have a PSP or PS3 you can still download these games and play them of the system of your choice!

PS3 minis banner

Please note that for minis to work on PS3 you must have Firmware 3.15 installed on your PS3. 3.15 is not a compulsory update so please make sure you update your PS3 to ensure that minis will work on PS3. For more information on how to update click here.

New titles are added to the minis category every Store publish but the current list of minis titles available to play as of today on your PSP and now PS3 is:

    Alien Havoc
    Beam’Em Up
    Blast Off
    Bubble Trubble
    Circles, Circles, Circles
    D-Cube Planet
    Dracula – Undead Awakening
    Funky Punch
    Heracles Chariot Racing
    Hero of Sparta
    Let’s Golf
    Mahjongg Artifacts: Chapter 2
    Pinball Dreams
    Pinball Fantasies
    Puzzlescape mini
    Red Bull X-Fighters
    Route 66
    Spot the Differences!
    Stand O’Food
    Telegraph Crosswords
    Yummy Yummy Cooking Jam
    Zombie Tycoon

Those who have already bought a minis title for PSP and want to get it on PS3 can simply go to the download list in the PlayStation Store on PS3 and download it again for free. The game will then work on your PS3 as well. Please note that Tetris is not compatible to play on PS3. This titles will remain PSP only.

There have been some great new minis titles that have launched recently and I wanted to take this opportunity to share them with you, as well as some classics from the minis category:

Route 66 – Releasing today
Single player hidden object game where you play a female biker and her father travelling the historic sites of the famous Route 66 in the United States of America.

Route 66 (minis)

Pachisi – Releasing today
Pachisi is a turn based game played on a board shaped like a symmetrical cross. A player’s pieces move around the board based upon a throw of ‘Passa,’ a rectangular dice.

Pachisi (minis)

Blast Off
Blast Off is an interstellar arcade game featuring gravity fields, lost astronauts and bizarre planetary systems. Use your rocket ship to rescue astronauts and carry them through the warpgate to safety. But be careful! The ever-present force of gravity can help you on your journey, but can also bring you crashing down.

Blast Off (minis)

Dracula – Undead Awakening
Are you a Vampire Hunter? Are you ready to battle legions of undead foes including zombies, ghouls, werewolves and more?

Dracula (minis)

Kick back and get ready to experience this new jewel in the classic ‘Match Three’ tradition. Make fantastic combinations organising and regrouping jewels of the same colour, setting off multiple explosions and chain reactions, and even clear the screen when you get the right jewel in the right place at the right time. You can also use magic items to get more powerful explosions.

Dynogems (minis)

Echoes is an action puzzle game in which players collect crystals within many surreal, artistic worlds. As each crystal is collected, an enemy called an Echo will spawn. Echoes are translucent versions of the player’s hat icon, and they will walk the exact same path the hat walked between collecting crystals. The goal is to successfully complete the level by collecting all the crystals.

Halfbrick Echoes
Let’s Golf
Grab a club, take a swing and pray for a birdie in Let’s Golf! Discover a fun-filled experience accessible to anyone. Choose from 4 customizable characters and challenge 63 holes in 4 beautiful locations in full 3D: Fiji Beach, American Mountains, English Countryside and Scottish Lochs. Have even more fun by playing hot seat multiplayer with friends (on the same PSP and PS3 system) to see who’s the best!

Let's Golf (minis)

Stand O’Food
Tasty time-management best-seller Stand O’Food comes minis! Making variety of appetizing burgers requires attention to detail, strategic thinking and of course some cooking talent! Game features: 2 gameplay modes: Quest and Lunch Rush More than 100 levels 80+ sandwiches to create Close to 20 upgrades to purchase

Stand O'Food (minis)

Telegraph Crosswords
Play 500 grids crossword puzzles from Telegraph on your PSP and PS3 like you’ve never played them before! The handy interface transfigures the classic pen-and-paper experience. The progressive difficulty, along with interactive feedbacks and hints, scales the challenge to your skills and mood.

Telegraph Crosswords (minis)

Beam ‘Em Up
A downloadable action/puzzle game for PSP and PS3 in which the player is cast in the role of a space scientist, piloting a spaceship with the goal of acquiring and collecting alien specimens from various planets and environments. Beam ‘Em Up is homage to the classic era of videogames, 2D physics system, fun action and collection mechanics, revisited with contemporary look and feel.

Beat 'Em Up (minis)

Kahoots! Kahoots! They’re marching in their boots, they walk along the routes you make. Drag the blocks that form the floor, get them to the exit door, help all the Kahoots escape.

Kahoots (minis)

Descend into the world of Fieldrunners, the most anticipated and visually stunning game in mobile Tower Defense history! Defend and control the field using a diverse selection of upgradeable towers in a limitless adventure, using a wide array of tactics and strategies against countless waves of unique land and air combatants! Hours of entertainment and replayable challenges!

Fieldrunners (minis)

For more information on minis click here.

Enjoy your minis!


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5 Author Replies

  • Going to redownload kahoots and Fieldrunners :D

  • Why not Tetris ? Royalties only paid for portable format or stuff like that ?

  • Good work. Now everyone go and buy Blast Off!

  • I still can’t play Bloons on my PS3. This makes me a sad panda.

  • Is Tetris blocked for licensing or compatibility reasons?

  • Now there is an excuse to sell my PSP Go… bye bye Psp GO!! You were the worst console I have ever bought!!

  • Awesome. Shame about Tetris really as it would be a great pick-up and play game for the PS3 :)

  • Ok, obvious question which I’ve not seen answered.

    If I play these minis on my PS3 are they still at the PSP resolution? Will the PS3 just enlarge the image output ala all PS1 games?

    I do not enjoy blurry gaming. ;)

  • aye sucks for Tetris, I enjoy it on the PSP and the only other Mini I have is Brainpipe.. Which I can’t wait to play on the big screen! Might invest in a few more for the ps3 at some point, but it looks like today is gonna be a tough day on my psn wallet..

  • I see Route 66 in store today but the date on the game says 24/12/2009
    Was it released to early or is it a glitch?

  • Both Pinball Dreams and Fantasies will be bought! :D Thank you!

  • I had high expectations for this update, but it was crushed the moment I read that Tetris will remain PSP only. And I thought this for once would be a great PSN week…

  • No Tetris?

    My neighbour and I was wondering why there isn’t a larger screen version of it, and I thought you were going to answer our prayers!

    Good news about the others though.

  • Never took much notice of ‘minis’ – crappy phone and flash games? Yeah great.

    But Pinball Dreams!?

    Wow, if it wasn’t so outrageously overpriced, I might get a PSP just for that. The physics, table designs especially the sound effects are just awesome. For a 17 year old game it doesn’t show it’s age very much. But $8.45 is still a bit much for a 17 year old game.

    Zen Pinball wasn’t bad but let down by a few weird things like the streaking ball, pop-up floaty scores, the scoreboard too small, the sometimes cluttered tables and the weak sound effects. And in 3d the camera angles are hard to get right.

  • No Tetris!? You’re kidding right? What a complete failure… I can only hope this means EA wants to release a dedicated PS3 version over PSN for a higher price down the road…

    @NotZed: You can turn off ZEN Pinball’s graphical glitz (scores, streaks, etc.) in the options and you can adjust the scoreboard size with the right stick.

  • is Tetris coming and its just delayed, or it isn’t coming at all? Because if it isn’t coming at all then it kind of makes a mockery of ‘all minis playable on PS3’ which was the big marketing message. Frankly its the only one I want on PS3. The others I’m unlikely to play except on PSP

  • So are ALL of the minis PS3 Compatible now?? or is it just the ones listed?

  • Shame about Tetris..that is the only Mini I have!

  • I’d like to say how proud I am to be in the company of so many people, who despite owning the most powerful console on the market, really want to play Tetris.

    To be fair, the minis Tetris is the best (least “improved” with so many rubbish features) version I’ve played since the Game Boy!

  • I hate to bring up another question regarding a release date but any news on hustle kings? I thought it was set for a winter 09 release and with a trailer for the game appearing on the store this morning im thinking you guys getting us hyped for a next week release. Am i right :-).

  • Updated already?
    No Mike Kebby today?

    Thanks for the notice, Adam ;)
    Everyone, go check the special offers too, some discounts are being made. Too bad I have all the good stuff already… =/

  • Will all Minis from this point forward be PS3 compatible or will there be a select few that wont make it?

  • Pac-man C.E? Is that out soon? :P

    + More old-school games PLEASE like –

    Original Versions of…

    Space Invaders
    Dig Dug
    Bubble Bobble
    Rally X
    Pole Position
    Rainbow Islands
    Return of the Invaders
    Missile Command
    Arkanoid …
    …Endless Old-School List really;)

  • I’d love to see Tetris on the expanded list. So many years later, and it is still one of the best games.

  • Hi Adam,

    Nice of you, or somebody pretending to be you, to spend time to re-iterate facts from your original post to answer some questions (well, one –gasp–) about Tetris.

    But you are, and doing it so very obviously, ignoring the other questions about said game.

    For instance as to “why” it is not compatible at this time. You also seem very reluctant in telling us whether it is delayed, or simply never ever going to be compatible.

    Marketing-wise it is probably a necessary evil to maintain the facade of listening and answering questions to your customers; but if you are doing it so very poorly, you could just as well not bother at all: it’s making things worse.

  • Fantastic! Any thoughts on letting devs patch in trophies for mini’s on ps3?

  • …Hi there…
    …sooner or later tetris will works on ps3?…
    …Many thanks…

  • Very nice update, both on the Store and on Home. Kudos!

    Just two things I’d appreciate some feedback on:

    1 – Braid. The version that came out on the US store had a glitch on the “Full Speed Run” trophy. No matter how well you did on it, it wouldn’t unlock. The game’s creator, Jonathan Blow, posted that Hothead were aware of the issue and had already submitted a patch to Sony so it was out of their hands. This was November 20th. There’s still only v1.00 to download on the US store and no update prompt comes up when you launch it. Can you find out if the one that’s coming out on the EU store has this fix or if/when it’ll become available? It’s hard enough doing the thing, not getting that one last trophy really sucks.. :)

    2 – For the past couple of weeks, I can’t seem to access this site with Firefox (v3.5.6). I have no issues with the US blog or any other official playstation sites, just this one — I get a “400 – Bad request” error (with nginx on the bottom) every time. It’s not the add-ons, as I have very few and tried disabling every one of them to no avail. Has this become an IE-only site?

    Thank you for your time and any info you can provide.

  • Will there be more free dynamic themes for the PS3 to download from the PS Store?

  • I’ve been waiting for buying Tetris since several days… Bad news for me. I’d like to play the game on PS3 instead of Game Boy Advance SP….

  • Meh….Tetris is what i want. I paid for it when minis first came out and thought it would work on PS3 (since we were not told otherwise). Since i have no PSP, it was wasted money. thanks Sony for ripping me off

  • i would also like Frogger Returns. US store has it 2 weeks now….


  • Meh. Figures. The game I wanted to play the most won’t run on PS3 (Tetris).

    At least Pinball Fantasies / Dreams work.

  • Not a bad update, Bomberman Ultra is a buy for me at that price.

    Of course I’ll be downloading the GT Academy 2010 Time Trial as well. Better get the dust off my wheel :) I guess it’ll be compatible anyway.

    I’m looking forward to next weeks update more though :) LBP Pirates of the carribean, can’t wait. well i can but i know what i mean.

  • Blimey I’m in heaven at this point what with the great store update and now this wow thanks everyone great work

  • OH MY GOD!

    Here we were minding our own business and then you drop this bomb on us?

    It’s like a content overload, but in a really really really good way.

    Now the question is how do I get the missus to buy me PSN cards instead of that powerdrill she thinks I need.

    Anyways, excellent update with plenty of things to do and buy over the holidays.

    Merry christmas to everyone not tuning in to the blog next week :)

  • Mini for a maxi price.
    When they come down to iphone level I start looking into them but for now the price is a ripoff

  • Dear playstation developers,

    I just re-downloaded Pinball Fantasies, but unfortunately I found out an annoying bug…

    The response time of the controller is too slow! It takes half a second for my flippers in the game to react to me pressing the L1 or R1 button. :(

    Also when I move my left analog stick to pull on the ball firing mechanism it takes a long time to react.

    Could you please fix this? Cause it’s rather annoying and I loved the game ever since I played it on the Amiga 2000 (which I still have in working condition)

    Thanks and happy holidays,

  • NO TETRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT TETRIS!

  • Add trophys to minis, then i will buy them ALL!
    add trophys to psone games, and i will buy alot of them!
    add trophys to themes and i… wait.. what?

    just add trophys and you will get my money :)

  • damn just remembered. TROPHY PATCH FOR flow and disgaea 3!!!! the us have both! thatgamecompany points the finger at you!

  • yeah flow trophy patch and youve got yourself a purchase

  • Hi,

    But is it forseen to make Tetris compatible ???
    That’s the only mini I really want on my PS3 :)

  • That is a lot of games, I’ll be looking forward to Kahoots. Super flabbergastic Strategistic Man.

  • I have redownloaded Pinball Fantasies quite a few times now and it still tells me that it’s a PSP game only… nice update.

  • Shouldn’t we start a petition for tetris, huh?

    I would really love to play it on ps3… please work on it <3

  • What Tetris are you speaking of?

    I noticed this weekend it has been yanked from the store completely… Way to go…

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