VidZone Update: A Big Ball Of Festive Video Love

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Apparently you are a festive bunch, demanding videos for the holiday season way before we thought you would. That means by now you must all be walking around going about your daily routine dressed up as Santa or a snowman or… a mince pie? That’s how I see it in my head anyway… I would ask you kindly not to spoil that image.

This is the last blog before the New Year so I have three weeks updates to talk about. It’s been a great year for VidZone and we couldn’t have done it without you guys watching loads and loads of videos so thank you and for the last time in 09… Here comes the update!!

Homepage Feeds

VidZone presents Groove Armada
Catch the full, exclusive Groove Armada gig here if you missed it in Home as well as an exclusive interview and their back catalogue.

VidZone Groove Armada

Christmas Hits
All the usual suspects… You know… Mariah, Band Aid etc PLUS George Michael’s new video “December Song” for all of you that prefer something a little fresher.


Artist of the Week – Mika (UK, FR)
Mika has a new single… It’s called ‘Rain’… We like it… We like him… You like him… Everyone likes him… Hence… He’s the artist of the week.

VidZone Artist of the Week

Artist Of The Week – Eminem (IE, AU, NZ, FI, IT, CH, NL)
According to, Eminem is the artist of the decade… And we can’t argue with that… To coincide with the re-release of his latest album “Relapse,” here is all Em’s videos for your viewing pleasure.

VidZone Artist of the Week

Recommended Playlists

Teen Pop
Aaron Carter, Jonas Brothers and Westlife take you on a journey into teen pop heaven… If that’s the kind of thing you like… I think we all know that it is.

Feeling Festive
Santa’s sack… That’s what we have here… and it full to the brim with more Christmas videos than you can shake your candy cane at. From Wham – Last Christmas to The Tractors – Santa Claus Boogie

Latest Additions
A full list of videos we’re uploading this week, because we know you have watched every other video on the service and you need some more!

Next Week
(NOTE: This update will be Tuesday instead of Thursday this time)

Christmas Hits
A new refreshed list of Christmas videos different to the last… Just so you don’t get bored.

VidZone’s Favourites 2009
We know you respect our opinion… So we thought we might let you know our favourite videos of 2009, Shakira, Mark Knight, Tesla Boy and Lady Gaga feature.

Biggest Artists Of The Decade
Everyone has their opinion who has been the biggest artists of the last decade, So do we… Featuring Britney, Eminem, Destiny’s Child and 50 Cent

X-Factor (UK, IE)
Featuring the video from this year’s X Factor winner… Joe McElderry!! Plus a back catalogue of previous winner’s videos…

Week After That

New Year’s Eve Party
Let VidZone be the soundtrack to your New Year’s celebration… Pleeeeeeeassssee! We would really like it if you did… Even better… Send us pictures to prove it!

Other Stuff

Your Favourite Videos
We would like to know what your favourite video was of the year… If we get enough videos that means we can make a Homepage Feature compiling them all together… Good heh?

VidZone Features
With all the new country rollouts over, we thought we would link all you people new to the service to our blog which details just a few of the newer functions that are available that you may have missed.

Xmas Skin
We couldn’t leave you without a little festive skin action. VidZone will be fully sleigh belled up from the 21st.

That’s about it, So… have an amazing Christmas and an even better New Year’s celebrations… See you on the other side music lovers.


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7 Author Replies

  • Ben – What happened to Drake – Forever? It’s disappeared!

    Gr8 Update BTW. merry xmas/happy nw year!!!

  • Xmas Hits and Eminem. Mr Vidzone, with these updates you are spoiling us.

    Happy Christmas and awesome New Year to you guys.

  • Wait!!!! No Eminem for the UK. You make me sad! :(

  • Will you be added Killing in the Name since they should be number one come Sunday? lol

  • And where’s Groove Armada & Mutya Buena – Song 4 Mutya?

  • Are you gonna put Killing In the Name Of on there? Or is it already there or anything?

    RATM for number1!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Universal Muisic – get Utada’s Easy Breezy and Come Back To Me on there.

    Also get some videos by Superbus on there.

  • Awesome update, so little time to check all these videos and games!!!!


  • Whoo! Finally some Christmas Hits! This would have come in handy last weekend when I did most of my wrapping! Instead we had Winter Songs(?!)… thank gods for Noddy Holden’s Top 50 on some godsforsaken music channel!

  • Good update but the eminem songs are clean versions cant u not get the explicit version? cos the song is bad when it goes quiet then u hear him again

  • Hey Ben,

    Any chance we could have a European Heavy Metal playlist in the new year? I’m looking through Vidzone for more of that genre, but it would be nice if we could have a list (maybe linked to externally from this blog) to the songs added on the service every week. That way, if people saw a particular song or artist added, they might jump on the service more often.

    Cheers by the way. This service has been improving steadily. Say thanks to the team from all of us!


    • Hey Galvanise

      There is a list of all latest uploaded content in “Latest Additions” playlist in reccomended playlists.


  • One thing I find annoying with a broadband usage download limit is not being able to download the videos I really like to PS3 to save & view later without a net connection. If that could be done it would be really nice.

    • Hi TedStokes168

      VidZone does “Cache” (store) the last videos you have played on the hard drive so if you revisit videos you have played recently it shouldnt need to redownload them. Thanks for your suggestion, we are always thinking of ways to improve the service.

  • Is Killing In The Name Of seriously not on there? Needs to be available by the time the X Factor playlist arrives. :)

  • Looks like a good’un, Have a happy Christmas. That goes to everyone not just PSN/Vidzone.

  • Hope Poland will get VidZone soon….

  • gg 792683 moze ktois mi pomuc w apgrejcie video

  • I have to say that I’n really impressed!
    Vidzone is a great and smooth service!

    great job Vidzone team!

  • Hi Ben,

    First of all : VidZone is really AMAZING !!!! :)
    Thanks for making it available in Belgium !!

    Now just one little question : why do some artists appear in the search result but when I select them I can’t see any songs ?

    Like Moloko or Roisin Murphy ?


  • Merry Christmas vidzone, oh and send me the vidzone survey cos i wanna pay for subscriptions :-)

  • My favourite music video is Scooter – J’adore Hardcore but last time I checked it wasn’t on VidZone.

    Also, no Darude :(

    Other than that, great job. Keep it up! :)

    Merry Christmas!

  • VidZone needs more metal, seriously.

  • BEN, please tell me why so many of my favourite artists return ZERO results when you select them from the artist search??

    For example: Savage Garden, Kylie Minogue, Robbie Williams, and lots more… what’s going on??

  • Hey!

    For some weird reason Avril Lavigne has been updated with “Make 5 wishes episode 2” in French!! FRENCH!!! It has been available in english since the start and so now we got two copies, one in English and one in French… It was supposed to be “My Happy Ending” video not a FRENCH part….

    Hope you fix this soon as I’d really like to complete my Avril Lavgine playlist with “My Happy Ending”

    Please please please!!!

  • Where is Nephew?(Danish act) They show up when i search, but there is no videos!?

  • Haha. He answers a guy who says “happy christmas”, but totally ignores and avoids to answer you guys who have questions about the vidzone service. How about that……..

  • Awesome! BEN LISTEN UP!
    I really want ‘Hotel Room Service’ by ‘Pitbull’ ahhh and featuring the pussycat dolls!!!!! Yes I do already know ‘Hotel Room Service’ is on vidzone.


  • Hi, again I ask:
    Is it not possible to have any content in HD? I think the player could have it as an option… I wouldn’t mind waiting for a bit longer to have better viewing experience.

    • Hi rroc

      We are looking into lots of different improvements on the service. We would love to provide HD format if we can. Keep posted here for news.

  • Disturbed please.

    That is all.

  • I’d love to see more Our Lady Peace, especially the videos from the Spiritual Machines album (“In
    Repair”, for example). I know this band hasn’t had much success in Belgium, but I come from Montreal and I’ve brought my tastes with me :). I’m still happy there’s a few videos of them up on VidZone!

  • Vidzone is a great concept and above all is free. But both heavy metal and especially industrial and ebm music are few and far between . I would like to see artists like Front 242, Frontline Assembly, Die Krupps, Velvet Acid Christ, Anthrax etc.

    Great work guys keep it up and Merry Xmas


  • Today, when i opened up VidZone, my playlist had lost some songs?? I’m missing Dragonforce, some System Of A Down and Metallica songs?? Can’t even seem to find them, when searching :S

    What’s up with that???

  • Can we get some music videos from N-Dubz and Chipmunk? That we be greate. And yeah when is it goin to possible to buy some music vids? Give us some updates on that!
    Anyway you’ve made our xmas much beter with these updates.

  • happy crimbo everyone. On a side note and just to mention I was having huge problems with vidzone not loading vids, friezing, crashing, playing a vid then stopping. All of these problems have diserpeared since I chucked out my router and bought a new Netgear router, it now works flawlessly and loads vids in a split second with no drop outs.
    cheers all and have a great holiday.

  • Merry christmas, everybody.

    First of all, I love the Vidzoneservice. There are a lot of old numbers from my youth present. A question for the people of Vidzone. I noticed that Rammstein is listed as artist but there are no clips listed. When will the first Rammstein clips be available?

  • I will certainly send you photos of VidZone in action on New Year’s Eve… I will send you photos of the application hanging after playing ONE video. Seriously, this happens to me and EVERYBDOY I know with a PS3 (7 other people) ALL the time, CONSTANTLY. Load VidZone, play one video (can be any video) and then it hangs loading the next. This has been occurring for a month now. You do not respond or reply to complains regarding this on twitter. The supposed fix to “not use openDNS” is nonsense, I’m not using openDNS (not that that should matter) and we’re all on a variety of different UK ISPs. To put it simply, the application has not worked properly for almost a month now and you seem completely uninterested in investigating or even acknowledging the problem, so it’s over to xbox 360 and for us.

  • Will you be getting VidZone for Malta? Malta is a european country also

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