Introducing Sodium: The Next Evolution of PlayStation Home

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This Thursday 17th December marks the next evolutionary step of the PlayStation Home platform, as we release a massive 50 level vehicle combat game wrapped inside a highly-interactive and expansive social gaming environment known as Sodium – a truly revolutionary gaming experience, exclusive to PlayStation Home, published by Lockwood Publishing Ltd and developed by Outso Ltd. This entertainment event, set in a future of advanced technology where man and machine meet on a vast salt plain to turn deadly battle into extreme sport, resides only in the ever-growing world of PlayStation Home. And come opening day, you will want to be the first person in. That is, of course, if you want to be the last person standing.

A new benchmark for social gaming in general and a huge leap forward in terms of content for PlayStation Home, Sodium will launch with an explosive arcade game known as SodiumOne – a 50 level combat challenge where players can collect items to level up gameplay and strategically customise hovertanks with weapons, armour, and countermeasures. These level-ups can be unlocked in a variety of ways, including meeting in-game objectives, trading resources collected in the Sodium world, and purchasing items that unlock upgrades in the Sodium environment (such as the tank pilot jackets, which grant access to additional levels of the game, leaderboards, and the pilots VIP lounge). This also includes additional games like Desert Quench and Scorpion Stomp, associated rewards and collectables, and personal questing adventures, all of which are tracked by the Sodium AI Information Android known as VICKIE. These games make for a truly next-level PlayStation Home experience that centres on the concept of offering persistent objectives and long-term rewards to you all in the PlayStation Home community, so you can work together to reach score targets and unlock future content.

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Join us as we embark on a journey unlike anything you will find on any console currently on the market – the next level of social gaming experiences. And, as always, check back with the official EU PlayStation Blog for updates regarding the Sodium space and all other events and content scheduled to appear in PlayStation Home throughout what is sure to be an incredibly exciting new year.

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