Introducing Sodium: The Next Evolution of PlayStation Home

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This Thursday 17th December marks the next evolutionary step of the PlayStation Home platform, as we release a massive 50 level vehicle combat game wrapped inside a highly-interactive and expansive social gaming environment known as Sodium – a truly revolutionary gaming experience, exclusive to PlayStation Home, published by Lockwood Publishing Ltd and developed by Outso Ltd. This entertainment event, set in a future of advanced technology where man and machine meet on a vast salt plain to turn deadly battle into extreme sport, resides only in the ever-growing world of PlayStation Home. And come opening day, you will want to be the first person in. That is, of course, if you want to be the last person standing.

A new benchmark for social gaming in general and a huge leap forward in terms of content for PlayStation Home, Sodium will launch with an explosive arcade game known as SodiumOne – a 50 level combat challenge where players can collect items to level up gameplay and strategically customise hovertanks with weapons, armour, and countermeasures. These level-ups can be unlocked in a variety of ways, including meeting in-game objectives, trading resources collected in the Sodium world, and purchasing items that unlock upgrades in the Sodium environment (such as the tank pilot jackets, which grant access to additional levels of the game, leaderboards, and the pilots VIP lounge). This also includes additional games like Desert Quench and Scorpion Stomp, associated rewards and collectables, and personal questing adventures, all of which are tracked by the Sodium AI Information Android known as VICKIE. These games make for a truly next-level PlayStation Home experience that centres on the concept of offering persistent objectives and long-term rewards to you all in the PlayStation Home community, so you can work together to reach score targets and unlock future content.

[viddler id=238b359c&w=545&h=327&playertype=simple]

Join us as we embark on a journey unlike anything you will find on any console currently on the market – the next level of social gaming experiences. And, as always, check back with the official EU PlayStation Blog for updates regarding the Sodium space and all other events and content scheduled to appear in PlayStation Home throughout what is sure to be an incredibly exciting new year.

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2 Author Replies

  • O_O WOW! first the epic update post from yesterday, now this! This looks amazing, and although i’m a tad confused, i’m sure i’ll love it when i actually try it out :D Thanks!!!!

  • So how much will this thing dent my wallet?

  • Sweet, so much to download from the store, and visit on home tonight. Just glad the wife has to work ;)

  • Home seems to be coming into its own. Well done and thanks!

  • now THIS is cool. can’t wait to try it out! you know what would be awesome? a home arena fighter. melee weapons!

  • more things like things like this would be great, make home into a mmo hub of sorts.

  • wow, it looks a big update!
    wierd that they didn’t showed anything about it earlier.
    can you battle against other players or is it just “pve” ?

  • Bloody hell that looks pretty damn cool. Glad to see HOME growing into something more robust and fun. Keep up the great work!

  • Didn’t see this coming, looks good. Might have to give it a go…

  • Sodium? Androids called Vickie. What on Earth!? Guess I just need to try it out for myself! :)

  • Will there be Free Full Unlock codes being given away like the US is doing?

    • Hi Aikeneyes,
      There won’t be full unlock codes but there is a demo version of the game for you to play – it’s accessible in the space right now.

  • THIS IS GREAT!! Will we be getting more stuff like this on PlayStation Home?

  • I know there was some talk about Home supporting mini-mmo’s in the future, but I wasn’t expecting anything like this so soon! Looks very impressive from the video. Massive week for PSN, really fantastic work by all involved.

    Will the EU be getting and free full unlock codes? Or what price will we be talking about?

  • O_o

    Awesome? Yes, this looks awesome, this was kept under wraps then haha, good work Outso!

  • This looks like an incredible leap for PS Home. It will see a Home very busy for a long time.

  • THANK YOU SONY, HOME Creators and Lockwood! This is the future for HOME! This will blow ppl away! Thanx! Will be more in HOME now!

  • I’ve jumped in and had a little go on this. I must say. . .I’m impressed. If this is the type of content third parties and Sony want to keep on adding to Home, I can see a hell of a lot more people spending more time in there.

    It brought me back to the times when I was playing Mechwarrior and games in that genre. I love how fast paced it is too.

  • @Elliott
    “HI Mattieboi123
    Jump in now, Home’s open and so is Sodium :)”

    Who’s Mattieboi? :P

    i’ll check it out soon. :D

  • Whoah – that actually looks really cool.

  • It’s about time you started integrating more games and premium spaces into Home, I’ve always said there would be much more appeal to Home if more games used it as a platform, things like Wheel of Fortune and those type of game-show games on PSN should use Home too or at least the Home avatars.

    All you need to do now is sort out the UI and the Personal Spaces, namely:

    The UI needs a complete overhaul, the World Map needs to be completely redone as the domino interface is hideous and clunky, there also needs to be more integration between areas so it feels more like a connected world than a collection of islands – multiple entry exit points in each area (walk around the Red Bull island to see what I mean) and also a more interactive way to travel between them – a travel agents, bus stop, or subway station or something.


  • …part 2

    Also the amount/length of load screens should be drastically reduced so you don’t spend all your time loading locations (if ND can make Uncharted 2 with no load screens, why can’t you even walk around the Theatre without load screens? – You could argue that all locations off the main Home Square shouldn’t need load screens!) and texture/avatar loading could be improved too. Also on startup there should be less screens and less checking of content – it should be one click on your XMB and straight to your personal space with the other things done in the background.

    As for the Personal Spaces – these will only become of any use whatsoever if the ability is added for EU users to share their content with their friends, be it photos or music or videos. There is no copying and it is only streaming so I don’t see what the problem is – how is it different to inviting someone to your house, or using any social media websites or YouTube etc?

    You are there with the public spaces but there are a load more things that need improving to make it a ‘killer app’…

  • I’ve tried it, and i like it a lot. It looks like a full retail game, but free inside Home. kudos.

  • wow looks amazing

  • Just played it and its awesome, with a feel of Wipeout HD, don’t forget to buy the £3.99 Sodium jacket from the commerce points, it unlocks the rest of the levels ;). £3.99 for an awesome game… All I can say is what credit crunch! :D

  • i’m trying to register on the site but it keeps giving me a code error message, i’m putting in the exact code i’m getting in home.

  • Still having problems with HOME. Keeps going to the Auditorium every time I log in, the screen goes white and everything stops, can’t even press any buttons other than the PS key to get out of HOME completely :(

    Even tried to delete the save file AND even the complete HOME file but doesn’t work after re-installing.

  • Oh My God! I didn’t thought something like that is even possible in Home

  • Going to give it a try, looks fun. Absolutly love blowing up stuff with a futuristic hover tank ^^

  • Can´t wait to try this.

  • Wow.
    Its stuff like this that makes me want to use Home more.

    Hope to see some nice updates! :D

  • um definitely gonna try this out

  • this is awesome! :D

  • Doesn’t seem to work for me. I click on the Sodium icon in locations and it supposedly downloaded it but when it tries to go there it just stays on the blurred image of my character in the previous location and doesn’t continue. No icons in the top right corner telling me whether or not it’s doing anything. PS3 ain’t frozen since I can access the XMB fine. Tried this 3 times now.

  • Those are awesome news!!
    I’m very, very excited with this.

    First impression is fantastic, good enough to make me go online and stay there for hours trough out the night!

    A brilliant improvement for Home.

  • I must admit, I haven’t logged into home for months, but I might give this a look, it seems pretty good :)

  • Wow!! That looks really good. I’m so glad to see PlayStation Home is getting expanded and better!

  • Awesome! I’m thrilled with all the great news coming lately.

    Great job!

  • O M G!! you sneaky so and so’s… :D Awesome!

  • Absolutely fantastic game :)

    We NEED more like this SONY :)

  • Having put some time into it now I have to say I’m really pretty impressed, the Sodium Hub space itself is well done and the little mini-game in there are well done. The major highlight though is the Salt Shooter game, might not blow you away with its graphics though they are decent enough, but its really quite fun! Reminds me some what of playing Armoured Core :)

    Very nice job!

  • congarts to Sony Computer Entertainment on keep their clients happy. this xmas is full of surprises. well done.

  • I have used Home a few times often when a new area launches or when I hit it by accident when I want the store. Yet I rarely come back time after time.

    This sounds like the best reason ever to use Home though. This give Home a purpose and a meaning. Can’t wait to give this a go. Oh and the Audi zone.

  • Ive now got a reason to load up PlayStation Home again. Cheers Elliott looks immense!

  • Damn you fooled me into re-installing Home for this. To bad it just made me remember how utterly crappy I think Home is. Please someone tell me what the appeal of Home is. And don’t tell me it’s a social thing where you meet new friends, cause I have a full friends list and I didn’t meet any of them in Home. In fact none of my friends ever play Home at all.

  • Awesome! Now please fix the issue with the banned spaces for germany and home will be perfect!

  • @kuff1

    And just because your friends don’t use HOME means that you can’t met OTHER people inside HOME and have fun ?

    Or that you don’t talk to ANYONE that isn’t your friend ? ( even on the internet ? )

    Use home look around , unlock things ( there are plenty of things to do )met people , talk ..i don’t know…

    You don’t even try , of course you can’t understand..
    HOME is optionnal ..if you don’t like it , delete it ..but bear in mind that people enjoy home … people come into home often .. , people found many things to do IN home .

    Try it ( for real ) before saying that you don’t understand …
    You think home is crappy YET , many people were hooked on XI this year .. on how many other events . Home might not be for you … but it’s far from being crappy ..otherwise why would he be packed with people ??

  • I think Home just missed the mark. If they integrated it with games a lot more then it would be better. I would spend hours in Home if it would reward me, like a LittleBigPlanet scavenger hunt where I follow clues and find a new in-game material or something. Not hard to do but gives purpose to Home.

  • Jump started Home first the first time in a long time last night to see the updates and this Sodium space is exceptional. Superb game and great environment!

    On a separate note, Home’s beginning to shape up nicely! Tons of stuff added since the last time I saw it o_O Maybe Sony should advertise a little more for those people who logged on when only the Home Square, market, cinema, bowling were available only.

  • Trying to register at but I keep being told the registration code (from VICKIE) is invalid, it isn’t because I’ve checked it several times.

    Is this a known problem?

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