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Hi everyone,

Today, I’m really pleased to be able to talk to you about SingStar Viewer, a great new SingStar app coming soon to PlayStation Store.

With SingStar Viewer, you can browse and purchase from SingStore, and watch, rate and review uploaded video clips, photos and profiles in the MySingStarOnline community – all without needing to have a SingStar disc in your PS3.

Anyone with a PSN account will be able to download SingStar Viewer for FREE from PlayStation Store and see what’s going on in the SingStar community and SingStore. Once downloaded, SingStar Viewer will sit on your XMB under the Games category, so you can instantly jump into the online community whenever you want.

If you’re a SingStar pro and are already a member of MySingStarOnline, then you can purchase from SingStore, rate and review video clips etc. as usual.

If you’re new to SingStar on PS3, then you can browse the SingStore and view community videos etc. (just not rate / review them). So if you’ve never tried SingStar before on PS3, you can take a look and see what all the fuss is about!

Take a look at the video to see SingStar Viewer in action, and check the PlayStation Store over the coming weeks. SingStar Viewer is coming very soon!

[viddler id=7905e542&w=545&h=327&playertype=simple]

Let me know your thoughts on SingStar Viewer below. : )

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8 Author Replies

  • fricking sweet app but please add the option to to rate as i for one think trying to get some of the profile/video view trophys are some of the hardest trophys in a game to get but i would pesture people to go out and buy the game.

  • Anything that stops me from having to get up off the sofa is a good idea. :)

    I like looking through the community videos.

  • Sounds nice. Never played Singstar before so I might check this out to see what it’s all about. I can’t sing though but does that matter?

  • Hi. Um, to be honest I would rather get an option to export my recordings as video files. Singstar is future proof. In 20 years when I want to view my goofiness, what’s the chance I will still have my PS3 hooked up and in working order? Yeah.

    Or maybe this feature is already available and I am just being silly?

  • Hey guys, ive purchased a song pack with my old 60GB PS3. Ive sold that one and bought a new 120GB PS3. I wanted to redownload the songpack but it says i can only donwload it to 1 activated ps3??
    I deactivated and restored my old 60GB ps3.

    Anything i can do to use MY PAYED songs on the new PS3 120GB???

    • Hi Bierbeer,

      You can get your song pack again by contacting the Helpline (call the number on the back page of any PS3 / PS2 game manual). They can restore the song pack to your new PS3. : )

  • video says you can rate vids but blog post says the opposite. I wonder who’s right… :P

    • Hi Bloody_Marcel, they’re both partly right : )

      If you’re already a member of the SingStar community from using the PS3 games, you can rate vids as normal.

      If you’re completely new to SingStar, you can watch videos and browse the SingStore (but not rate).

  • Nevermind, I misread.

  • Pretty good idea. Will hopefully get more people into the best way to embarrass yourself!!

  • Wouldn’t it be better if you put Singstore in Playstation Store? Why have seperate stores anyways?

  • Loving the looks of this app. Thanks heaps!

  • Yey I just bought singstar volume 3 as a family xmas present today :D

    Great news!

  • this news is brilliant as i’ve always wanted a way to access sing store with out needing to put a disc in,this is fantastic thank you very much. merry christmas & have a happy new year to you & the team.

  • post #6 Bierbeer

    If you phone your sony customer helpline for your contry they will re-set your songs which will allow you to download them to your new PS3 0 It takes about 7 days to do so phone them now so you can have them for xmas.

    with regards to the viewer it is a good function to have now but you could of added som new features to it like view songs as to when they were added, make it easier to see what songs are already disc form and what disc they are on and finally add a wishlist to your profile so you can add the songs you want to buy so when you have the funds you can just knock then off the list instead of browsing through the 1000+ songs each time.

  • Bierbeer, you need to contact Sony (phone or email) and ask them to deactivate the songs so you can redownload bought song/s to another PS3. You better say the PSN ID and/or email address which is linked to account when sending email.

  • Kruegerman was faster :)

    But email works fine, I contacted via email when I had the problem.

  • post #6 Bierbeer

    just ring sony 07805998877 i have done it a few times now with various problems with my ps3s just tell them its an upgrade they will reset the songs u downloaded takes no more than 7 working days

  • apologies 07805998877

  • 08705998877 derbrain me or what

  • How about just putting up the Singstar app on the PS Store? Maybe include 5 songs or so and then let people buy all the music from the Singstore? Would that be hard to do? Whatever version fo Singstar you got is the same version after it’s patched, right? Microphones can’t be that hard to come by these days.

  • Very clever and very useful- a genuinely great innovation. Rob, why not emphasise the home-made singing videos in SingStar advertising.

    Also Simon Cowell’s record label is under Sony, why not see if Sony PlayStation can sponsor the next series of X-Factor. The Carphone Warehouse is rumoured to have paid £4 million for all those adverts around TV’s most watch show. Think about how beneficial it would be to advertise PlayStation 3, SingStar, Blu-ray etc. 2010 could see a massive sales spike…

    • Hi VenomUK, we used a few home-made singing videos in some TV ads last year – agree it’s a really good idea and something we’d definitely like to do more!

  • Great app… I’m really looking forward to see it… I think Singstar will be the ultimate karaoke game in a few years… The only record label left is Warner Music to make it perfect ;)

  • One comment:


    Congratulations team!

  • @17, 18 & 19 ;-)
    That’s the UK number he needs the dutch number which is on the last page of the Singstar booklet.

    & great update, now its less hassle to watch the video’s without starting Singstar first

  • I feel like being “used” to lure in customers with my uploaded vids. I don’t care being watched by the community but now it’s going global(?)
    Can I tag uploaded stuf not be vieuweble for non singstar customers?
    I also don’t like it that my game “row” is getting larger and larger because there is no way to put anything in maps to clean it up (like downloaded games, demo’s, etc).


    Will it be in North America As well?

  • Really? A viewer? I’d have thought a four player option would have been the most requested feature. And speaking for myself, an option to just automaticaly save stuff live camera feeds would be great.

  • Thanks SingsStar team, it sounds like a great addition. Couple of questions, one on topic, one slightly off topic:

    Firstly, will we be able to background download purchased songs through the SingStar Viewer? Current downloading can be frustrating as the PS3 can be tied up for a while.

    Secondly, I noticed that the recent update allows you too see all online SingStar content (not yet purchased) integrated into the carousel. It has been requested before, but can we have the ability to install songs from our existing discs and be prompted for the corresponding disc when first attempting to sing a song from it? If you can integrate the carousel with the online store, what’s the difficulty with this? Licensing?

    Cheers, and keep up the great work.

  • Great! There is no need again to play SingStar only for view clips.

  • Will this come to USA also? And it looks great!

  • This is AWESOME. I don’t own any Singstar games currently but I’ll be definately getting this!

    I have just two questions:
    1) Will this have trophies?
    2) Will I be able to use my Rock Band USB microphone?

  • That sounds really good, i will head over to viddler to see the video. ;)

    @OttoT :
    Do you mean you want to create folders for your games/demos on the XMB? That’s easy.
    It will take some time but this is what you do..
    Press triangle on any demo and click ‘Information’. Scroll down to ‘Album’, click, and you can type in DEMO here and exit again.
    Repeat this for all your demos.
    When you are finished you can press triangle and go to ‘Group by’…album.
    Then you will see a DEMO folder with all your demos. Everything else wll be in a folder called ‘Unknown’ but you can do the same thing for Full Games, PSP etc.

  • Will these changes be available to US users, wish the SCEA was as good as keeping the community informed. Will the items that are in that store still be region specific and will US be getting better downloadable songs and will they be putting ps2 disc based songs on the store for us to download.

  • Remote play on psp? Tell me it is! Great way to buy songs.

  • You can already remote play SingStar, I’m sure this viewer thing will also.

  • This is AWESOME.

  • AWESOME! I LOVE that you guys are always improving the game and features, I love it.

    I’d like to make a suggestion though, how about a ‘music videos’ mode which you can simply watch the songs/videos you’ve paid for without SingStar overlays? Sometimes I just wanna listen for a bit and enjoy the video that I don’t really get to watch when I’m playing :)

    Regardless, great work!

  • A very nice update Rob.

    I’d like to second the request for the feature that allows you to install your bought disc onto the HD.

    We had a Singstar party last week, which was great fun, but the worst aspect is having to stop what’s going on to change over discs. On top of that, when you’re playing a party game you don’t have all the songs available (because one of the discs isn’t in the machine).

    Thanks again for your updates.

  • This is a brilliant idea. I’m not really one to let myself go on singstar, but I’m interested in seeing the community stuff that’s on offer for those who are.

    I think this has a lot of potential to show people how great the community features are in the game, and get a lot of people buying the game.

  • @ mac_55

    Agreed. Having the whole game on the HDD would be even better. Make it downloadable please!

  • SingStore should be under PlayStation Network category in XMB. Not Game.

  • the only thing that doesnt sit well with me is that now there will be alot more people logged into the singstar community . the last time i played singstar was on a saturday night and i was unable to log in to buy songs or look at the community features as the singstar servers could not handle the current load of users. you would have to try and connect 5-6 times and maybe get lucky enough to log in for a few minutes before it became to slow and made it unusable . if this problem hasnt been fixed then this new viewer will only make it worse for the people that are using it via the game :(

  • Great not having to load up a Singstar disc to buy songs ;)

    How about sometime in 2010 letting us install songs from PS2 and PS3 discs to the HDD so we don’t have to keep swapping discs…I’m a lazy git lol

  • Now make it so that I only have to update one title instead of EVERY SINGLE Sing Star title I have when I update!!!

  • A Few comments…

    1) Having a website to do the same would be excellent – like Buzz does.

    2) Introducing Online Leaderboards and integrating them into the Viewer would be excellent.

    3) Do views via the Viewer count towards the Profile Views and Media Views Trophies?… See More

    4) Allowing users Viewing media via the Viewer to share content via Facebook would be excellent – if this could somehow be linked?

    5) Please add a function to list SingStore content by date issued – so its easy to catch up on released should we not check it every 2 weeks.

    6) Could you add a subscribe option to the SingStore so that updates are sent out to subscribed PSN users via a message?

  • Did anyone notice the boxart of the Michael Jackson’s Number Ones CD?
    It is at 22 seconds into the video.

    Does this mean we’ll getting MJ soon ??

  • What an awesome idea.

    It’s getting better and better. ;-)

    Merry Xmas

  • 1) You would enable copying songs from a disk to the HDD that would be nice (I know it’s hard to tie the disc to a single account or machine). An alternative would be to allow the owner of a disk to download those songs using a unique CD Key.

    2) Create a stand alone SingStar app for the PSN. Charge it 25 Euros. It will be the game without songs. The user will then have the option to download 20-25 songs for free in order to start his/her collections with songs he/she likes 100%. I hate bying a SingStar DVD only to like 2/3 of the disk.

    3) I would like to be able to browse past months top downloads charts.

    4) Please stop fading out some songs way too early. Also the quality of some videos is very poor for no reason. Depeche Mode – Enjoy the Silence is awful for instance, although the video exists in better quality (In their DVD Videos Collection). Why the poor quality in SingStar?

    5) Please please please create a deticated forum/web site for singstar so we can elaborate on our ideas, comments.

    Merry Xmas.

  • I totally agree with Sutorcen!

    SingStar has to do like RockBand! You can transfer almost all the songs from RB1 to RB2 to play with the last one.

    I’ve almos every PS2 SingStar, and I would love to have all the songs on my HD at the same time to play with a giant playlist.

    It would be great if there were the possibility to select the songs you want to use in the battles with your friends, so you don’t have to waste “jokers” to avoid all the songs you don’t like :)

    Happy Holidays!

  • Great to see!

    Will trophies work with this application, the ones based on My SingStar online? Or will you still have to use the disc for those?

    Cheers ;)

  • Brilliant app guys. I was looking to do a ‘Singstar night’ at the pub I work at, now I can see if it would be worth doing.

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