VidZone Update: Greater than…A Massive Cheese Grater?

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It’s a bad metaphor…granted. It doesn’t even make sense but it doesn’t mean this update is any less great because of it. In fact, the distinct woefulness of my title can only enhance the greatness of its content.

Things to Shout About
With our upcoming event on Dec 3 that I am personally branding “VidZone + Groove Armada + Home = WOW” otherwise known as “VidZone exclusively presents Groove Armada to Home,” the launch of the first wave of new countries resulting in a lot of smiling Dutch, Austrian and Portuguese people, and with some equally as happy Scandinavian fellows to follow imminently, everyone at VidZone Towers is in fine spirits, seeing the more flamboyant employees breaking out in sporadic dance routines and the more retiring types settling for a simple high five with a trusted colleague. Go HERE for details of Groove Armada and HERE for country rollout details.

Free Wallpaper
Groove Armada have kindly offered every single VidZone user a free WALLPAPER which you can download from the PlayStation Store TODAY. Available for a limited time only!

Homepage Playlists

Artist(s) Of The Week
All Countries (except UK & Ireland) – Pitbull
Miami based reggaeton monster Pitbull loves to party and so do you – I know this because you told me. Watch his brand new video “Shut It Down” plus the classics!

VidZone Artist Of The Week: Pitbull

UK & Ireland – Metro Station
Their new single is about ex-Frasier actor Kelsey Grammer…OK, it’s not but it is called Kelsey and it is very good. That and all other vids on VidZone.

VidZone Artist Of The Week: Metro StationVi

Cascada Greatest Hits
Evacuate The Dancefloor Godzilla is coming! Oh no its not, it’s the dance music titans Cascada J. Don’t think they have been around long enough to feature a greatest hits? Well have a look at VidZone and let me know what you think…

VidZone Cascada Greatest Hits

Weirdest Videos Ever
Over the years, video directors have done their best to weird you out of your sexy little minds. Here are some of the best attempts of mind mangling sounds and imagery you will probably ever see including Aphex Twin and Nirvana.

VidZone Weirdest Music Videos

Celebrity Playlist – All Time Low
Baltimore pop punksters “All Time Low” have been telling us what their favourite videos are and we have been listening. Check it out on VidZone.

VidZone All Time Celebrity Playlists

Recommended Playlists

Biggest Boybands
Take That, McFly, N-Sync, Backtreet Boys, JLS. All boys…all in a band and all brilliant if you like boybands, or just boys but not just bands…

Funky Tunes
“Play that funky music white boy, play that funky music right, play that funky music white boy, lay down that boogie and play that funky music till you die…(hey,hey) till you die…yeah, yeah” Enough said? Videos from Rui de Silva to Sam Sparro.

RnB Slow Down
Time to slow it down a little and get those slow jams going so you can wind down with your loved one, on your own, with friends. or with your Mum- OK, maybe not your Mum).

Other Things

Country Launches
Just to remind you that we still have new countries to launch as follows:

  • TODAY: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland
  • Thursday 10th December: Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, New Zealand

I know it still seems like a little while away but it’s December now so I can officially mention the festive season. We have loads of festive fun lined up so you can sit in front of the fire at home singing along to VidZone and the whole family. Sounds like bliss, doesn’t it?

Signoff time… Enjoy the new updates and enjoy VidZone for the first time if it has just come to your country. Let me know of any feedback either here or on
Until then, ciao.


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