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Hi everyone, you might have noticed that the SingStar servers have been down for maintenance. This is because we’re getting ready to launch a shiny new SingStar Holiday update to version 4.30.

Firstly, and most importantly, this update fixes the missing songs / videos and other issues a number of you found with the previous version update. We’re really sorry that we caused these errors in the last SingStar update, and want to thank all of you for being so patient while these problems were being fixed and tested thoroughly. Your feedback to us on these problems has been invaluable, so thank-you! Hopefully, once you’ve updated you’ll find everything back to normal : )

What's SingStar Holiday Patch

Well, not quite normal actually. There are a number of cool new features also added in this Holiday update for you to try out too!

Here’s a quick rundown:


  • What’s Hot? – Now you can see Top 10s on the SingStore of our hottest content from current Top 10 downloads to top festive tunes.
  • Quick Buy – Watching a media clip of someone singing a song you really like and fancy adding it to your collection? Now you can go and view it directly in the SingStore at the press of a button!
  • SingStore On Demand – You can preview SingStore songs available directly from the Song Selection screen in the game. Just press the Square button and you can view the whole SingStore catalogue while playing.
  • Previously Purchased Content – If you’re in SingStore you can instantly see which songs you’ve bought before.
  • Download all purchased songs option – In the SingStore, you can now download all the tracks you’ve purchased before quickly and easily. Just go to ‘Purchase History’ and select from there.


  • My Favourite Media – This feature allows you to bookmark your favourite media clips in the community in your profile, so you can quickly watch them again and again.
  • Clubs – You can transfer leadership of a club to another person.


  • Cartoon Interface – This gives child-friendly in-game feedback and end of song rankings.
  • XMB User Player Profiles – When adding player names into your new game, you can now select from names stored on XMB (i.e. login profiles).

Phew, that’s it!

SingStar Holiday Patch

Last, but not least, all of us here in the SingStar team want to take this opportunity to say a big THANK-YOU to all of you who’ve played, bought and sung your hearts out with SingStar over the past 5 years. We’ve just reached a fantastic 20 MILLION copies sold, and it’s all down to you!

Let me know your comments below on the update and more – I’ll answer what I can : )

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14 Author Replies

  • Update is up :) finally i can re-grab my songs that disappeared :) now i need to find somebody who can sing my hard songs :(

  • Fantastic update and big congratulations on the 20 million milestone guys

  • Looks like a mighty fine update to me!!

  • You could ‘thank’ us by giving us some free stuff lol

  • says on the forums that its locking folk out of the DLC at the moment with it. Hopefully just a server issue and still work in progress.

  • Some free songs as a thank you would be nice. Rock Band and Guitar hero already do that now and then.
    I wait to play until I don’t hear any negatives from this update.

  • Great to see the good support! :)
    And congrats with the 20 million copies sold!
    Keep the franchise going! Maby you need to add online battle (singing against someone else in the world)

    Kind Regards,

  • Actually jus updated and had no problems with my content. The online side has never flown along so quickly or smoothly that it is right now (maybe nobody else was on LOL)

    The Show/hide songs on store option on the carousel is neat too.

    • Hi gillyallan, we’ve also upgraded all the servers running the SingStore / online community yesterday too, so I’m happy to hear you’re seeing a difference.

  • What is the point of the ‘NEW’ re-download feature. My 60GB just got YLOD, so I’m copying everything to my 80GB. Sony wont transfer the Singstore DLC as it has to go on to the replacement. Singstore wont let me re-download it with v4.3 as it is ‘associated with another system’.

    Useless :(

    • Hi, V00D00CHARL1E, sorry to hear of your problem. Tntnnbltn’s advice below is spot on, you can get all your content back through the helpline.

  • V00D00CHARL1E: All you have to do is ring Sony’s helpline and explain your issue. They’ll clear your license so you can download the tracks on your new console. The UK number is 08705 998877.

  • If this means the end of the crappy errors after being on Singstar Online for about 5 minutes then I will say this to you:

    “Excellent job!”

    The new layout seems funky too. *goes off to download*

  • A new mode I would love to be added is some kind of jukebox mode. It could work something like this:
    At a party people could just queue up songs, as you do on one of those jukeboxes you can rent.
    At any time somebody can go and sing along to the currently playing song. Only if a score high enough for ranking is achived, are you prompted for name.
    The game automatically starts the next queued song, when the previous has ended.
    In this way SingStar can be used as the primary music player for parties, and I know I would be more willing to buy songs, which I do not think at first i can actually sing…
    Keep up the good work!

  • This looks like an AWESOME update. I’m so in love with those SingStore changes even before trying them out. Especially the “SingStore On Demand” sounds freakin’ awesome.


  • Good evening,

    So I have just downloaded the 4.30 update and everthing looked great. I went to start singing m heart out and I now have a message on about 80% of my downloaded songs which says the following:

    USAGE RIGHTS:This song cannot be played because its owner has been deleted. To Play, delet the song via Delete songs in Options and then download it from the sing store.

    Now I have had no problems with my account apart from the video editor which I could live with. Now you are asking me to download about 150 songs again when they were fine before the update. I thought this update was supposed to fix this error.

  • Awesome update, lovig the new features.

    Unfortunately some of my DLC has locked but it doesn’t seem like it wll be a big problem, Ill jus have to redownload them. Excellent job singstar!

  • Same bug here! Everything was perfect until this update. Now almost all my downloaded songs have this error :

    USAGE RIGHTS:This song cannot be played because its owner has been deleted. To Play, delet the song via Delete songs in Options and then download it from the sing store.

    But the owner was NOT deleted.

  • Now that all those bugs have been sorted, hopefully this paves the way for the team to spend time on a ‘register disc with carousel’ function so SingStar can tell you to put the right disc in, rather than me have to create paper song-lists to print out for my mates when we party!?!

  • Awesome update. I’m really intrigued to see what the Cartoon Interface looks like.

    Also, when’s the expected launch time of the update?

  • Awesome update, thanks again !!!

  • Hi there

    I am now getting the following error on most of my downloaded songs…

    USAGE RIGHTS:This song cannot be played because its owner has been deleted.

    The owner has not been deleted and the songs played fine before the update. What the heck is going on, and how can I fix this without downloading everything again (as I shouldn’t need to as it was working fine until this update).

  • Hi everybody!!

    Same problem for me. Before installing this update, everything worked fine. “Thanks to” this v4.30 patch, most of my downloaded songs are unplayable! It is written: “this song cannot be played because its owner has been removed..” (moreover there are faults in the french message).
    But I didn’t change anything and I didn’t remove any user or account from my PS3…
    And you just said that this update took longer for better Quality!!
    I spoiled my evening to erase and re-download all my DLC…That is not very serious… :-(
    You should put more french songs if you want me to forgive you!! :-)

  • Where are the incentives for this delay? You could thank us by giving us something little like what rockband/guitar hero do. Now seeing constant problems and still continuing this is obviously unappealing to new users like me + I don’t like your usage rights to ONLY one console and how the songs cannot be backed up. Bad Sony.

  • Also I hope you add more Christmas songs…. there are some there that aren’t really great. We like more the of the relaxing and slow type of Christmas songs for the day with our family/relatives. Not much of a variety. Also I would like to add; its a bit confusing to find those festive songs too on the singstore!

  • I truly love that the creators are still committed to making the game great. However, my biggest concern is music selection. I’ve downloaded a lot of songs, but there are TONNES I can’t download simply because they aren’t available!

  • I miss the ability to lower the volume automatic after the song, when the points are counting.

    Also i would like the possibility to make songlists, to prepare the evening.

    It would also be nice to be able to buy ALL song solo, and not bundled with other songs.

    The discuont for buying a songpack is poor, too little pricedrop from buying them one by one. Give at least one song free in a songpack.

    Is it now possible to make a back-up from the save-data with player profile and results and awards?

    My game doesn’t boot with the update. It’s stuck on the grey shaded circle. It happened with Singstar Vol. 3. Tried twice. No succes. Then booted with Pop Edition without downloading the update and I could boot.

    Also: I would like the ability to change the volume of the songs seperate from the audio in the menu’s/interface/scorecounting.

  • Question:

    If I use the voice control function I can sort songs by language by saying “Show English”

    Can I only have english songs shown in my carousel without using voice control?

    It would be great if we had more options to sort our carousel.

  • Yea as numerous others have posted, the whole usuage rights thing is extremely annoying, I left my PS3 on overnight Re-downloading 103 Songs.

    There was no mention of this so I assume its another bug…and considering you spent 3 whole months on this patch and “Apparently” which sadly I use that term VERY loosely, a rigorous QA Process to test this patch how did something this MAJOR get through and no mention of it to us?

    Secondly the new very annoying feature of if you afk with the song wheel up you get prompted to “Why not visit the SingStore” is annoying, the point of this is what exactly?!

    Also something I’d love an answer for is why have you Region locked peoples uploaded media, ok maybe I can understand the full Audios, but the 30 second Video clips…What the hell!? lol

    I’m a huge supporter of Singstar, and <3 this game, but some of these small niggles are really beginning to become tiresome, especially considering its taken you 3 whole months to fix some real HUGE Game breaking bugs its hard to keep faith you know :(

  • I posted a few negatives, so gonna post here some positives:

    The New SingStore stuff is awesome, DL All option is great! SingStore on Demand is Great addition too!

    And I love seeing the SingStore Charts! :D

  • Rob, 2 questions for you….

    As you know I now get the following error for a lot of my DLC (content that worked fine until the update)… “USAGE RIGHTS:This song cannot be played because its owner has been deleted.”

    Checking the US blog comments is seems a lot users are experiencing this error. Q.Is this something you expected to happen? Q. Will you be fixing this error (either by patch or serverside) so I don’t have to download everything again. Putting the onus on me to do sort the problem by spending my time and precious bandwidth identifying problem songs and downloaded them again is simply not acceptable!

    • Hi everyone, I’ve just received this message from Dave Ranyard, SingStar Game Director, about the issues some of you are finding with the new update:

      ‘Firstly, please let me reassure you that the v4.30 update for SingStar is an extremely stable update and fixes all the issues in v4.20 as well as adding new features.

      However, I am aware that some users are being locked out of their downloaded content. Anyone experiencing problems with songs that they have already downloaded can resolve this by deleting this content from the options menu and re-downloading the content affected. I do recognise that this is far from ideal for those of you who have been extremely loyal to SingStar over the years and own a substantial amount of downloadable content.

      The SingStar team are looking into resolving the issue now and it is our goal to fix this as soon as possible so that you do not have to re-download your songs. We have asked a lot from you all and are grateful for all the loyalty and support. We are as disappointed as you are.

      I will keep you updated as soon as we have new information.

      Dave Ranyard’

    • Hi everyone, I’ve just had another update from Dave and the team about this issue:

      ‘Thanks to your feedback there is now a fix for people experiencing “Usage Rights” restrictions on their songs. A new patch will be released very soon and you will not be required to delete and re-download your content.

      Please note that you can still play all your downloaded content with the current SingStar v4.30 update as long as you delete and re-download any songs that display the “Usage Rights” restrictions. We appreciate the frustration this may cause some of you and we sincerely apologise for this.’

    • Hi everyone, I just wanted to update you on the patch to fix the current ‘User Rights’ bug affecting some of you. The final patch is coming in tomorrow and will go into QA immediately. This then has to go through the QA process for a few days before we can release it. We’re therefore looking at getting the patch released at the beginning of next week.

      I’ll keep you updated as the patch goes through QA over the next few days. Many thanks to you all for your patience with us, we really value your support and we’re truly sorry for the ongoing issues with the update.

  • @inmykingdom
    I had the same problem, I think the game files didn’t get transferred properly when I swapped out the hard drive. I deleted the game files and the save file and it worked fine after that, though I needed to re-download the update.

  • Just got the new update, also getting the “owner deleted” issue for a few songs. Singstore seems more responsive but I am using it during a weekday for a change.

    Got another suggestion though – My g/f and I have separate accounts on the PS3 and have downloaded songs separately on our individual PSN accounts. When we’re browsing songs it only shows up downloads for the logged in user, but it does tell you the song already exists if you try and add it to your cart. Could the ‘already purchased’ indicator be shown against all songs on the PS3 rather than just those downloaded by the current user? Even if it’s a different icon or something to show the difference. It’d be a bit less confusing that way.

  • I had the same problem as V00D00CHARL1E — when my PS3 died I got the same “associated with another system” message when trying to download my songs again.

    The helpline process is unwieldy (and the experience at odds with downloading the rest of my PSN content, which was seamless). But the bigger problem was that neither the game, the Playstation website nor the Singstar website gave me any indication that I _could_ download things again.

    So I’d echo V00D00CHARL1E — if you’d like to make the re-download feature more useful it would really help to improve the error messages and put some support info on the websites.

  • ‘XMB User Player Profiles – When adding player names into your new game, you can now select from names stored on XMB (i.e. login profiles).’



  • Hang on, now that you can choose your username to play as, does this mean that both players during a battle/duet/etc will earn credit towards trophies? Not just the player logged in?

  • Why doesn’t anyone listen to me?
    I alredy told in a comment that I’ll wait until 2010 to see if the update was good. Well, it isn’t, so I wait.
    That’s how much trust I have in SingStar.

    I guess getting 20 million downloads makes you arrogant and lazy!

  • Oh, and if it’s any help the songs that had the ‘owner deleted’ problem all seem to have been downloaded on 1/3/2009 or earlier. The songs that still worked were 23/4/2009 or later.

  • Ok I am being honest here, after all this dilemma and we are going to fix a particular issue turns out pretty bad still. I honestly feel very sorry for those people who have purchased all this content from the singstore and needing to re-download/wait even longer. I feel this is totally unacceptable. Ok I haven’t purchased anything from the singstore yet but now it seems I will be strolling away from singstar completely onto something more reliable unless Sony pulls up their jocks.

  • No need to be harsh, Ivan_Krazy. They are aware of it, they are fixing it. They are very responsive, we have to be thankful for that. So, I am!

    I’ve got the same problem, but I’m not in a hurry to sing these “locked” songs.

  • Hehe, chalovak I was being harsh in a respectful way. Yes that last bit was a bit harsh.. I agree with you on that.

  • Hey Rob, theres one thing that you haven’t addressed anywhere and I’d really appreciate an answer on:

    Is the Region restrction on watching peoples uploaded Video clips intended or a Bug?
    At the minute, I can’t watch my NA Friends stuff if we don’t have the song here and Vice versa. It’s also an issue with some EU songs too that are not in English (Me being English) says that I’m not able to view it due to my Region.

  • Please! VidZone for Poland! When??

  • Thanks for getting back to me and answering that question, not impressed but thats out of your control til you get UMG in the states I guess :(

    But yea just wanted to say thanks for finding that out :D

  • I was hoping I’d get to post a heartfelt “thank you” for all the work you guys have put into releasing this patch, but one undocumented change in the patch managed to ruin this. :(

    While I like all the *documented* changes and think they’re for the better, the region locks introduced in 4.30 simply keep me from viewing ANY and ALL media uploaded by anyone from any region, when using a hungarian PSN account. Heck, I can’t even view media for the songs on the two SingStar discs I own and paid a hefty sum for! Now not only do hungarians (and a couple more EU member countries) not have access to any SingStore, nor have the ability to upload their own SingStar media, we can’t even view what other, more fortunate EU member countries’ players have uploaded. What’s left of the online component of SingStar after you take away all this? The monthly vote on which of two songs you like more. That’s it.

    Please tell me that losing virtually ALL the online functionality of SingStar is not the intended behaviour for EU countries without SingStore… not having one is bad enough all by itself. :(

    • Hi sny83, thanks for letting me know about this.

      It shouldn’t be the case that you can’t see any community videos, this is an error. We’re working to fix this ASAP and it should be corrected hopefully next week, or at the latest with the new patch coming very soon.

  • Rob, there’s a mega serious fault with one of the SingStar tracks.

    Video Killed the Radio Star was released in 1979 not 1980

    This serious error has caused my friends and family great distress ;) :D

    • Haha, I wouldn’t want to upset The Buggles with that bad mistake (nor your friends and family!) : )
      Cheers for flagging X201, you’re absolutely right – I’ll send it over to the team to check out.

  • Rob!

    Can you tell me why the Europe Sing store has more songs (different songs) than the US store? My friends and I have been debating what the reasons could be. Also the UK store has maybe my favorite song of all time Jackson 5 – ” I want you back” Please let me know how I can get this in the US!!!!!

  • To Rob Rutter & Dave Ranyard

    Thank you both for responding so promptly to my comment. With the initial acknowlegement and follow up response, it is very clear you guys really do have our best interests at heart.

    I look forward to the problem being resolved. In the meantime… keep up the good work (and other than the DLC issue), the latest patch is very welcome and I really do appreciate SingStar Online being responsive and reliable once more :-)

  • Wel I’ve installed the new patch and while the new additions are indeed awesome, I’m unfortunately (heavily) hit by this new bug. About 2/3rd of all my songs are unavailable – way too much to manually delete and re-download. So that essentially means I have no access to SingStar for the family reunion this weekend :(

    Any idea of the timetable for the mentioned patch? It’s hopefully not going to be a month or more…

  • @Crash_Happy
    tnx, took your advise and was able to boot with the update

    now where is elton john & kiki dee ?

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