EyePet Patch Now Available

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Hi guys,

I hope you’re enjoying time spent with your EyePet. It’s been a few weeks since EyePets have been released in the wild and it’s been great to read all your feedback on the forum. The development team is always reading the threads so please keep posting!

We’ve got a cool surprise for you today. If your PS3 system is connected to the internet you’ll get the chance to download an update when you next play EyePet.

EyePet Online

This update is free and is all about sharing your special video moments with other EyePet owners. It’s a great opportunity to be creative and show off! You can also view and rate videos made by other players. All of these options can be found in the ‘EyePet Online’ option on the Main Menu.

We’ve also fixed some of the problems reported on the forum. This includes the problem that some users have had with a grey box appearing instead of the professor when collecting a secret prize. We’ve made it easier to remove flowers in the garden so there’s less tapping required! Finally your EyePet will be able to hear you properly regardless of your PlayStation Eye microphone settings. You may notice some other small improvements here and there too!

Thanks for playing EyePet and we hope you enjoy the new video features!

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