LittleBigPlanet Creator’s Edition Update

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Hi Everyone,

Thanks to everyone in the PlayStation community who has contacted us regarding an issue with the Creator’s Edition of LittleBigPlanet. We wanted to let you know that we are aware of this problem, and I would first like to apologize, and also explain what has happened.

The content of the LittleBigPlanet Creator’s Edition has not yet gone live, and all of you who bought the Creator’s Edition have been unable to redeem your voucher codes. We know you’re probably itching to use Create mode with many of the assets you were familiar with in the PS3 edition of the game.

Unfortunately we’ve hit a couple of last minute technical hurdles that have forced us to refine and re-master the additional downloadable content in the Creator’s Edition. We need to ensure that these issues are resolved properly so that you have the best possible experience with the game when you download the content. The content is now going through a rigorous quality assurance (QA) process with our internal teams, and once they are satisfied, it will be sent to our Format QA teams (FQA) in Europe and America for final sign off, which takes approximately 10 working days. After FQA approval is granted, the content will be uploaded to the servers, which takes a day or two, and then it will be ready for you to download. This gives us a target release date of Monday 7th December (as always, there could be a delay of a few days if FQA find any issues, but we will keep you updated).

We realize that this is far from ideal, and to help make up for it, we’ll make sure we include a few extra items, above and beyond the content you’re expecting, as a way of saying sorry for our mistake.

Once again, please accept our sincere apologies for the delay. We can only hope that you’re enjoying LittleBigPlanet on PSP, and that the wealth of new themes, materials, stickers and other items will allow you to build your dream creations until the DLC is ready.

Yours apologetically,

Mark Green
Senior Producer

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11 Author Replies

  • Is this a special edition? I want to purchase the PSN version of LittleBigPlanet, will i get create mode still? Fab game BTW loved the demo, and the PS3 one rules!

    • Yes, the Creator’s Edition is a special edition of the game, but you do get a full Create mode with the normal edition as well, whether it’s on UMD or PSN.

  • Oh wait, this is a PS3 game, never heard of the creators edition, sorry i thought it was the new PSP game since it came out today

    • Yes, this is about the Creator’s Edition for LBP on the PSP.

      (Looks like the posting’s been filed incorrectly, I’ll see about correcting that…)

  • Hadn’t heard of creators edition either. Loving the new PSP game though. Makes those long times on the train or in doctors waiting rooms a lot mroe fun.

  • What exactly is the extra stuff you get with this version over the regular version?

    I’ve looked all over for information, but could not find any :(

    • We’re packaging up a whole host of the materials, stickers, costumes, backgrounds and some of the music from the PS3 version and we’ll be making it available in the Creator’s Edition for those who want an even greater array of items to choose from – perhaps even to try and recreate some of their favourite levels from the original LBP.

  • There was a Special Edition? I was looking for one but I couldn’t find anyone selling it. I would have bought it if I have known. :(

  • Cool, thanks for the info.

    But what about this content reaching the regions that this version is not being released in?
    Later date on the Store or exclusively to this version only?

    • We don’t have a date set for releasing this content on general sale on the PSN but I would expect it definitely to happen further down the line – it’d be a shame to only let a fraction of the community have access to all the extra materials!

  • Thanks for clearing that up for me Mark :D
    It sounds good, just a shame i sold my PSP-3000 for a Go :( Is there any way to get it on PSN?

    • There will be (see my comment above) just not yet I’m afraid! Hopefully the seven new themes in the game will keep you busy creating until then…

  • Awesome.
    Thanks Mark.

    As long as I can get my grubby mitts on that content, I’ll be more than happy :D

  • Would you know when the water pack is going to be out? It was said in November and there is little time left.

  • I don’t understand what this is… this is a special version of the PSP game? Was this even on sale in the UK?

  • hey Mark how you doing ?? listen i just wanted to ask you if you happen to have any info on the released of LBP on the US store ? we ( as i know im speaking on behalf lots of fans that are waiting on the game ) would really appreciate any kind of info , perhaps we dont have to wait till next thursday to download the full version of the game , thanks man

    • I’ve heard that the PSN version should be going live on Tuesday in the US. Sorry about the delay, I know it’s caused a lot of aggravation for people over there! We really hope you enjoy it when it arrives.

  • hang on, i didn’t even know there was going to be a creator’s edition! where was the promotion/marketing?

    i’ve already bought LBP PSP on my PSPgo. does this mean i can’t get the creator’s edition content without re-buying LBP again? will there be a ‘creator’s edition’ expansion, which is just the extra content? is it going to cost me more now to get this content because i’m a day-1 purchaser? because i would have held out for a creator’s edition, had i knew it was coming!

    that hardly seems fair – if that’s the case…

  • When we get some news again about mod nation racers?

  • When is water coming to LBP?

  • Dear Sony

    Please tell us, when will be Update 1.21 available for LBP PS3 owners?
    Is that true that it will support Polish language from this update?
    Thank you in advance for your reply.
    Best Regards.



  • when Polish language in Little Big Planet?????????????

  • Ah I’ve been trying all night..Good to know I’m not the only one and thanks for keeping us updated on this..I sure hope I get the Killzone and Uncharted 2 outfits and an Assassins creed outfit would be sweet too :p Great game, like other recent great psp games (assassins creed bloodlines to name one..) it keeps all the elements of what defines this gameseries in the portable versions, which is a great accomplishment by itself.. Ok it’s got less physics and the controlls are a little less smooth but considering it’s portable that’s all good..Too bad the psp design hurts my hands after playing too long (since it’s so thin and stuff..) and that it couldn’t get it’s own trophy support..But yeah I’ve been waiting for a decent psp2 to come out for years now.. And pspGo isn’t exactly what I had in mind :p

  • So does the creator’s edition mean you’re going to start sucking up space on people’s memory sticks with mandatory updates to the game every couple of months so that everybody has a local cache of the DLC that people are making levels with? That’s my biggest issue with content packs on home consoles and I don’t want to lose the online support for this game just because I don’t want you guys chewing up 2GB of space on my memory stick.

    • So that we can make sure that everyone can play every level we’ll need to make sure that anyone who goes online has all materials available on their PSP. However, we are acutely aware that most people don’t have monster sized Memory Sticks sitting there waiting to be filled up and we’ll do everything we can to minimize the size of the downloads we do put out.

  • Mark,

    i was wondering, about this whole certification process, i mean, are you sure that there isn’t a faster way to do this? I mean that maybe the method you’re using is unefficient…

    For example, you always say that the SCEA cert is different, and faster, well then can’t you use their method? I’v downloaded many demos from the US Store and none of them has ever crashed my PS3.

    Also on these demos i find that there is almost always other laguages already implemented, so localization is already done.

    So basically if localization is done and it doesn’t crash a US PS3, can’t it just be released on the EU Store straight away? Why would it crash an EU PS3? Aren’t they technically the same?

    Also another question, i heard a long time ago that a unified world certification process was in the works for Sony, has this project been canceled?

    Thanks a lot if you answer! :-)

  • Dear Mr Green

    You said: LBP on the PSP has Polish as one of the standard languages available. I hope you enjoy the game!

    My question is: when it will be available on PS3 version of LBP? 1.21 update will support it?



  • Thanks for the feedback, Mark. If the development team are cogniscent of the space issue it’s a good start.

  • What is this new Little big planet game about then ?

    Someone explain please, im confused :S !

  • I just bought the UMD version of littlebigplanet today for my new 3000. Will i be able to pay for a patch to upgrade my current version to the creator’s edition?

    • This is something we are considering right now. We’d like to make the content available to the whole LittleBigPLanet community at some point in the future.
      Right now, we’re concentrating on getting it working for everyone who’s bought the Creator’s Edition

  • I’m having a problem with LBP PSP and i cant find any information on it anywhere. Everytime i try connecting to the community levels the game crashes and my PSP turns itself off. I did a bit of searching on the internet and found i’m not the only one having this problem but there does not appear to be a solution for it. Any idea whats going on? Is the game at fault or is it my PSP? I’m very dissapointed.

    • Have you had chance to grab the update for the game? (Highlight LBP on the XMB Menu – Press the Triangle Button – select Update and press the X Button – you’ll need to have wifi access) We did fix a similar issue and this might do the trick for you.

  • Great game guys. Well done remake from ps3. Can I include a few points?
    I miss some things like flip/mirror an object you have made.
    Some sort of toggle on an object if you want it to be static or moving.

    Down the line it would be great to make a version without all the tutorials videos. Save some space on memory stick.

    Thumbs up!

  • Oh, yes. Forgot one thing. You cant name captured objects.
    Congrats on making the file 1337 mb.

  • Im surprised this kind of large scale content didn’t make other countries, but it’s nice to see that the PS3 content can be used on the PSP version. If I import a creator edition copy and use the code when it’s fixed, will it work on my UK account?

  • What countries was this edition of the game even released in? And how come I (and loads of others from the looks of things) have never even heard of this “Creator’s Edition” before this post on the blog?!

    Something seems very wrong about this, but I’m not sure where to start…

  • Hi Mark,

    I don’t suppose you could mention some places that were selling this edition? I checked many retail websites and none of them had listed a “Creator’s Edition” of the game, so this is new to me. Not a complete list obviously, just one or two places would be greatly appreciated :)

  • the only thing I know is the creator’s edition is for sale here (holland) and I found on the german amazon as wel as some other german sites. It’s still got all the languages, at least mine and my roommate’s do ;)

    good to hear I wasn’t the only one having problems with this was already a bit freaked out when I saw the code wasn’t working. Too bad we’ll have to wait until 7th of dec. but cool we’re getting more than expected… thnx for working on this.

  • I don’t know why only some people get these items, I know I’m just a normal person but why do the people who have all the LittleBigPlanet popularity get to have all this? I think the only fair way to do this is to give everyone a chance as maybe the ones who don’t have such a skill can get more out of this. This is just a thought I had as I have a few friends that have been into BETA before and they all are the ones who almost everyone who owns LittleBigPlanet knows. Anyway thanks to anyone who read this :)

  • Hahaha LBP on PS3 sucks. Hey guys lets pay 3 dollars here and there… next week another 3 dollars blah blah blah on beautiful costumes. Nice way to rip off consumers eh? Now lets see how they are going to do it with the PSP!

  • When I look for a good level on the community page the ‘amount played’ on each user-created level is partly cut off so I don’t know if a level has been played by 100 people or 10000 people! It isn’t a huge issue but if you are planning on releasing a patch please could you fix this?

  • @33

    It’s called DLC you idiot. And it’s completely up to the user if they want to buy it or not.

    So no, it’s not ripping people off.

  • Hello mark umm this doesnt have anything to do with LBP PSP but i want to ask you… are you guys going to put Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s Tag Force 4 in the PSN Store?
    Cause lots of people want for the GO you know :)
    please answer me fast :D

  • creator’s edition?! How did i not know about this? Normally i always find out about the awesome sharkey complete edition’s of the game and that name’s always open for a video games like Uncharted 3: Awesome Sharkey Complete Edition.

    How much more do i need to pay and what extras do i get?

  • “This is something we are considering right now. We’d like to make the content available to the whole LittleBigPLanet community at some point in the future.
    Right now, we’re concentrating on getting it working for everyone who’s bought the Creator’s Edition”

    I’m curious… so you’re screwing over all the others who bought the first LBP PSP?

    Fix the problems we’re having before you dare look at another game/edition/whatever or that’s a giant middle finger to those who shelled out $40 US for the game.. Not only that but it’s a giant middle finger to have to pay for DLC to get up to speed to those who bought the creator’s edition

    I for one am infuriated as this game seems like a hack attempt at getting a cheep buck on a franchise.. The create mode is broken, no LOCAL wireless game play (trust me, it’s definitely possible) so why screw us Sony? Are you TRYING to lose money?
    I’ve lost faith in the company and LBP PSP had me sold on a PS3 with LBP yet now I’d hate to think that the same level of commitment would carry over to me at the PS3…
    Strong answers would be great, thanks.

  • Will the creator thing be a dlc add on?

  • Is it already on the servers cus I tried already and it still doesn’t work!

  • I am very dissapointed, today is the 7th of december, and the DLC it isn´t able to be downloaded.

    I don´t know in other countries, but in Spain today is festive day; so i hope to play with the new DLC because today i don´t go to work.

    Another Little Big Fail from Sony.

  • “This gives us a target relaese date of Monday 7th December (as always, there could be a delay of a few days if FQA find any issues, but we will keep you updated.”

    Is it THAT difficult to just keep you on your word and keep us updated? Even on the 7th you’re not saying anything.

    Just as “Bibliatecario” I am VERY dissapointed…

  • Today is 8th (12:45 GMT+1)
    The LBP Code don’t work…

  • XxArnexX it´s true. The reponsable should tell us something like: “Sorry we are late, … maybe the friday” or “Sorry, we have more problems than we suspect”.

    In other way, anyone have a good tutorial to make own scenaries, i triying to make some special things (Like volcanos and things like this)?

    @ XxArnexX
    Bibliotecario is Librarian in spanish.

  • same problem to me :(
    try it just a second ago

  • And even today it doesn’t work, just respond Mark! I’m begging you TELL US SOMETHING!!

    @Bibliotecario. I’m dutch (lol :P) and Bibliothecaris is Librarian in our language, little bit the same huh xD.

  • XxArnexX, jij staat toch bij z’n minigame in de highscore?

  • Waiting, … waiting, … ooops another day with the hands empty.

    Tomorrow and the monday i have my final university exams, so i will be back the thursday i hope see the downloads.

    If apears early, enjoy with it everyone, i hope play with your levels.

    • Hi to all those who are still waiting for the Creator’s Edition content to go live. I’m very sorry for the delay, but I’m also afraid I don’t have any good news for you at the moment.

      As mentioned before, we had hoped that the additional content in the Creator’s Edition would be available on Monday or at least within a few days of that. Unfortunately that has not been possible and we’re still working to try and fix things so that the content can be released.

      At the moment we are hoping that everything will be cleared and made available on Tuesday 22nd December, when we should also be releasing an update for the game. The update, amongst other things will allow the additional content to be accessed.

      For the moment, I can only offer you our sincerest apologies for the continued delay and ask for your understanding as we work towards these dates.

  • Hé Mark, i have a really weird problem: when i try to go online (to download new levels) my psp crashes and turns off, what can I do?

    • Have you had chance to grab the update for the game? (Highlight LBP on the XMB Menu – Press the Triangle Button – select Update and press the X Button – you’ll need to have wifi access) We did fix a similar issue and this might do the trick for you.

  • @wouties Kan zijn, mag ik vragen welke? :)

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