Media Go 1.3 update

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Lets get straight to the point – Media Go, the free software that lets you manage your PSP game, music, video and photos on your PC has been updated with some handy new features in version 1.3…

… and here they are …

Download status is now displayed, letting you know how long until you can start playing that new game.

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You can also now pause your downloads allowing you to control which items in the list download first, so if you have just brought a great new game for your PSP you can pause everything else, get the game and start to get through the levels while the rest of your content downloads.

System update notice – when you plug your PSP into your PC it will automatically suggest you update to the latest PSP system software if you haven’t already. Handy, if you’re like me and constantly forget to update.

Bonus Digital Copy – Media Go 1.3 now detects if there is extra bonus copy for your PSP on a DVD or Blu-ray disc. This feature will start to be used by the studios in the future to give you extra features from films and games specifically for your PSP.

As well as music playlists (added in the last update) you can now transfer video and photo playlists from your PC to your PSP in Media Go 1.3

Media Go now supports Windows 7 and you get some nifty little features like transfer progress on the Windows task bar.

Image 2

And you get a thumbnail of media go in the task bar that includes handy playback controls

Image 3

We have added a photo reel so that you can view your photo albums easier in the film strip style you can see below.

Image 4

When playing your media in Media Go we have added a quick link on the play back controls for you to go straight to that track/video in your library.

Image 5

You now have the ability to choose the thumbnail that represents your videos from any part of the actual video footage. Simply go to the video properties and then the Artwork tab and choose the frame you want to act as the thumbnail.

Image 6

You can now adjust the text size within Media Go to the setting that suits you best. Simply go to ‘preferences’ and select the text size you want.

You will notice the new ‘Comics’ tab under library now. This is to allow you organize all your digital comics when they launch on the Store in December 2009 (UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and please see for details of when comics will be hitting other countries).

The final part of this update is that we have added the ability to rotate videos whilst in full screen mode. This is especially handy if, like me, you often film videos on your phone/camera in portrait and then only relalise when you go to view it on your PC!

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