Firmware Update v6.20 for PSP

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For those living in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa –
You can try Digital Comics now! Visit to get a free voucher for Transformers: All Hail Megatron #1 (12+) and for Aleister Arcane #1 (12+) .

Hope you enjoy a completely new way of reading comics.

Hi everyone,

Today we are launching firmware update v6.2 for PSP. It is bringing some great new features to PSP, making it easier to organise all your media and also brings something great new additions to the XMB, comics and movies!

Firstly, let’s talk about Playlists. Now, as well as music playlists you can now transfer video and photo playlists from your PC to your PSP via Media Go 1.3. Check James’ blog for more info on Media Go 1.3 later today.


You can also now import photo and video playlists that you created on your PS3 to your PSP. Simply copy the playlists from the PS3 XMB.

Now for comics! The Digital Comics reader is now available to download for PSP – but please wait for the comic store launch in -December 2009, debuting in UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. We are planning to unleash it in other countries during 2010, and will update you as soon as we have more details.




Digital Comics is a unique service coming to the PlayStation family, where you can enjoy new and classic catalogues. Enjoy the amazing experience of auto flow which will take you frame-to-frame and zoom in and zoom out by clicking just one button. Read your favourite comics anywhere you want!

Plus, the PlayStation Network Video Delivery service is launching today in UK, Spain, France and Germany so you can now purchase or rent all the latest blockbuster movies! See Olga’s update for more information on the Video service.


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5 Author Replies

  • You posted this now!? At 2am!? o_O

    The new features are great! Thank you :D

  • wow. talk about late updates :-) see y’all in the morning!

  • there’s still no sign of the PS3 firmware released “yesterday” so should we expect this one tomorrow and not later today? ;)

  • Ok… again… No Media GO for Mac.. whats the point… This sucks…
    Please, We’re saying this in a very VERY nice way… all we want is a version that works for MACs..
    Is that too much to ask ??

    Thank you very much…

    P.S. If some how your taking notes on this stuff.. write down “PSP & PS3 Support for Arabic language” ;)

  • So, basically, all i get (as i live in Sweden) is the playlist-feature…

    I don’t use (and the majority) my PSP as a mp3 player, so that feature didn’t get me excited at all.

    And i suppose this update will going live on friday? Because the firmware update for my PS3 will go live today (thursday), but you guys posted the update news on a wendsday (yesterday).

  • Again and again, PORTUGAL for last…:(

  • Not the Netherlands for comics and video delivery, darn. Can I ask why?


    • Hi Logiforce

      We are currently looking into rolling out Digital Comics into other countries. We will update you as soon as we have more information.

  • @You can also now import photo and video playlists that you created on your PS3 to your PSP.

    WHAT! video playlists on ps3? im guessing this is in the new PS3 update that im DOWNLOADING NOW! So you can import photo and video playlists, but not music playlists? Hmm weird

  • Nice to see a new firmware update, I’ve been hoping to see a new ones soon.

    The recent PSP Go 6.x firmware updates prior to this, broke the sound emulation on PSP Go for some original Playstation 1 games, that are currently selling on the EU Playstation Store.

    The in-game music in my Playstation Store download “Command & Conquer Retribution” was unable to play without skipping every second, when played on my PSP Go.

    I hope this new firmware fixes that problem – thanks.

  • PSP reading comics…? This is great!^^

  • How about adding arrangement for the games folder! People with the psp go have to scroll through their whole list to find the game they want. You’ve shown it isn’t very hard to implement by doing it with photos and movies and music, now do it for games! Also a request for a MAC version of media go would be great even necessary.

  • @3 The PS3 update is available now. I just hope it´s relatively bug free.

  • Nice update, ahead of schedule :) Although I don’t recall there being video playlists on the PS3 unless that’s part of the new PS3 FW update. Really hope it is as its about time!

    Haven’t read comics for ages but Digital Comics sounds cool. Can’t wait to try it out :)

    Adam, can you pass on these requests to the dev team also for future updates…

    – Can you pls, pls pls add the option to remain connected to Wifi instead of it disconnecting each time you quit an app, browser etc.
    What’s the point in the wifi on/off switch if it keeps disconnecting making any network features worthless. It’s also annoying as having to reconnect, get IP everytime I go back into the browser etc.

    – Redesign the Internet Radio so it’s easier to use. It’s slow as and totally unintuitive with those single letter codes for status and silly old skool radio dial. An app would be much better too

    once the wifi is fixed…

    – Add messenger list to the PSP as per the PS3s
    – Add a RSS ticker

    Thanks guys!

  • export ps3 playlists to the psp?

    bloody awesome!!! good job sony!

    im suprised to see nz in the digital comics, i thought it would reach here later, and vidzone is comming here soon!

    im happy

  • When will you make the Playstation Network available fro PS3 gamers in Morocco ?

  • Sony,

    have you ever wondered why some clever people always manage to hack the PSP?

    Maybe because you’re not so good at providing the same services to everybody!

  • Possible bug: Since updating to 6.20, the network light on my PSP 1000 no longer flickers with activity. It just stays on.

  • Thanks for the update. Was surprised when I went on psn this morning to check a few things!

    I have to redo my theme now as the big plus sign looks out of sorts with my other icons.

  • “Possible bug: Since updating to 6.20, the network light on my PSP 1000 no longer flickers with activity. It just stays on.”

    This happens also on my PSP2004 and PSPGo with 6.20 firmware.

  • hope someone remembered to updated the Manual Download page aswell…

    btw: come on SONY big company as you are, make a AppleMac versions of your software (MediaGo, PSP Theme Builder, PS3 Theme Builder)… even TomTom, small company as that is, has a Mac version of TomTom Home…

  • Hi Adam!

    Thanks for a very great “tech-update”! Greetings from Poland! :) BTW, can’t wait to see Digital Comics in PL! Nice job!

  • One other thing, I guess you probably couldn’t say even if it was, but was wondering if a form of trophies are coming to PSP too?

    My signature looks a little bare at the moment!

  • Hi Adam,
    When the service will be available in Italy?
    Thank you

    • Hi Gallu01

      As I mentioned above, we are currently working on getting Digital Comics to more countries. When I have more details I will share with you.

  • Very nice update, really looking forward to the launch of the digital comics store myself, but the other parts of the update are very welcome aswell :)

  • Great news on the Comic store.

    However, when will the video store be coming to South Africa?

  • Could you give us some info on new PSN avatars and if we will be seeing them anytime soon. As imo it’s the only feature I want from PSN right now.

    Thanks for the new update!

  • Love The PS3 Update And PSP Update I’ll Like A Grid Thing In Music And Videos That Would Be Sweet.

    P.S Thanks For The Awesome Updates
    Sony Computer Entertainment :)

  • Now now Adam, tell the truth about the 2AM post :D

  • I’m intrigued about the new “Extras” category in the XMB… Are we going to start seeing new applications getting released?

    For example, how about an ebook reader application? I would be willing to pay an extra for such an application, as long as it can open PDFs from the Memory Stick.

  • Does anyone else have a PSP-N1003? I think my Go won’t be able to show videos. Since I updated, there’s no TV Shows tab on my XMB in Extrasbut I DO have Digital Comics (which I’m far more excited about to be fair). Does anyone else have the same issue?

    I downloaded/subscribed to Go!View the other night but the show selection was dire. Whatever happened to that service? Should have been a winner…

  • Media Go is useless if it’s Windows only. Even Microsoft does more for Mac than Sony. Shame on you!

  • Hej, they fixed the 80022A07 error !!!! Great ! I just downloaded the 6.10 and the realy fixed it ! ;-)

  • It was the 6.20, of cause !!!! ;-)

  • Trophies for PSP would be great! I notice a few games are implementing them in game, e.g. Motorstorm Arctic Edge and Soul Calibur Broken Destiny, but it would be great to have them in the XMB and also to have the PS3 ones there too to view….

  • Ok, so I downloaded MediaGo 1.3, connected the PSP over USB, saw that I was on OFW 6.10 so clicked the check for update button. It said that I was on the current firmware.

    Instead, I disconnected the USB cable, went to system update in the XMB and it did indeed find the update to 6.20.

    How come I get different behaviour from MediaGo as I do from the XMB?

  • Adam … can you say something about Trophies for PSP ? I (and I’m not alone) really think it’s a important feature the PSP lacks …

  • hey adam i have a question

    once i downloaded the comic reader i noticed below it talked about going onto a link to get a free comic, but it doesent seem to be working,

  • Ketchup, while you have people hacking the PSP and running custom firmware in it you won’t get trophies. Sony need to verify the integrity of the platform in order to roll out trophies.
    If someone manages to hack their PSP to give themselves and others trophies, then the trophy system itself becomes pointless.

  • meh, was already expecting the digital comics to get a very limited release.
    Instead of working on getting Digital Comics to more countries why don’t you wait to release it until you got Digital Comics to more countries. Every EU service seems to favor UK then France and Germany and then maybe the smaller ones and it’s practically always a serious MAYBE.

  • Will GoEdit now be moving to the Extras menu, seeing as it’s more of an utility than a game

  • Regarding the video store:

    1. What are you calling HD? 720p, 1080i or 1080p?
    Needs to be 1080p. Anything else isn’t HD, by Sony’s own admission.
    2. What audio format?
    Needs to be at least Dolby 5.1

    If the answer is 720p and Stereo then you are entirely missing the point, not to mention being upstaged by Microsoft. If the answer is 1080p and 5.1 then well done, Go Sony!

  • nice gained a tv icon on psp,

    but i have lost my bbc iplayer icon from 3.10 on uk ps3 :(

  • Another MAC support request.

  • @FullSpecWarrior, Its a high quality MP4 so sound is stereo

  • Will the comics have DRM?

  • – does this firmware supports parental controls on videos now?

    – when will it be possible to watch videos records on a sony cybershot camera on the psp with having to copy and transcode using a pc? Sony need to work on better product interoperability between sony products – otherwise there is no point buying all sony products.

  • Hi, great update,

    can i make a XMB suggestion. mainly its for the games folder.

    on the PS3 i have the honor of arranging my games into most recently used. which i find is a helpful feature.

    but more important, i would like to create folders. mini’s in a mini folder, psone in a psone folder. you get the picture.

    simple file creation would make my PSPgo complete. well that and actually being given my gran turrismo code wich i still havent got.

  • when will we see a flash update for the psp? i want to watch youtube on my pspgo :(

  • Please make it possible to sort games by name, genre and platform (PSP, Minis, PSone, Demos) and/or give us an option to create game folders ourselves. Thank you. :)

  • And please also give the web browser some needed attention and make it more functional, faster and easier to use. E.g., Nintendo’s DSi browser application (Opera) works better functionality-wise and it has much faster rendering of websites in comparison to the Playstation handheld.

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