Killzone 2 Soundtrack Released On iTunes

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Hi everyone! My name is Mario Lavin, and I’m the sound director at Guerrilla. I’m here today with some exciting news for all you game soundtrack aficionados out there. You asked, we listened – and now it’s your turn to listen, because the official Killzone 2 soundtrack by Joris de Man has been released on iTunes!

Killzone 2 Soundtrack

Performed by the Nimrod Session Orchestra and recorded at the world-famous Abbey Road Studios in London, England, these thunderous tracks are guaranteed to give even the toughest Helghast trooper goose bumps. The full album includes a throbbing remix of Fight the A.T.A.C. by yours truly (created under my pseudonym, Singularity23) and a digital booklet containing concept art by the Guerrilla visual design department.

The track listing is as follows:

  1. Opening – Birth of War (Retribution) 3:40
  2. The Second Helghan March (Helghan Forever) 2:21
  3. Battle Preparations 1:33
  4. Bridge Is Down 1:47
  5. Ambush 2:23
  6. Protecting the Convoy 3:14
  7. Flight Into Blood Meridian 0:45
  8. Fight Your Way Through 3:21
  9. Heavy Resistance 1:32
  10. An Unexpected Guest 0:58
  11. The Police Station 2:23
  12. Resistance On The Bridge 0:53
  13. Taking the Bridge 3:03
  14. Petrusite Revealed 0:56
  15. The Academy 3:21
  16. Fight the A.T.A.C. 1:59
  17. A Day of Mourning 2:36
  18. Suljeva 3:12
  19. Next Stop Tharsis Refinery 2:26
  20. Question Time With Radec 1:18
  21. Dante Garza RIP 1:58
  22. Going Up 2:07
  23. Templar’s Last Stand 3:45
  24. The Exoskeleton 3:38
  25. Nuked 1:53
  26. Radec’s Personal Guards 3:10
  27. Visari’s Lament 4:41
  28. End Credits Suite 8:07
  29. Fight the A.T.A.C. (Remix by Singularity23) 1:12

Total playing time is 74 minutes.

To find out more about the creative genius behind the Killzone 2 soundtrack, check out’s interview with Joris de Man here . Aside from discussing his inspirations for the score and the challenges he encountered during production, Joris also gives careful listeners a little pop quiz about a recurring theme on the soundtrack. If you’d like to purchase the album, or to listen to samples of the individual tracks, please visit the iTunes store by clicking here . Be warned, though: listening to this soundtrack can make your dull morning commute feel like an extremely dangerous military operation.

Happy listening!

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