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PlayStation.Blog.Europe Weekly Content Recap

Some great announcements this week. The Battlefield Bad Company 2 beta was unveiled as a PS3 exclusive, Half Minute Hero will be coming to Europe and another minis title joins the ever growing roster. Check out the full list of PlayStation.Blog content below.

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  • It was a good week, although I joined the Blog during E3 so it’s taken me a white to adapt to the fact that we don’t get huge announcements on here all the time. Don’t know why I’m mentioning this now :-D Jem, would it be possible to do me a huge favour and ask the Video Store team for a very rough estimation of when the Video Store will arive in Ireland in 2010? Even something like “Q2 of the year” will suffice. Thank you for any help!

  • i read somewhere shane kim was extending a big thank you to scee for the way they held up dragon age for them, he’s still upset about ghostbusters but then he already owed you one from sfiihd.
    not like those americans getting theirs done early so it launches at the same time as the xbox version.
    and he said that was nice work with the fallout dlc, make it look like you’re releasing it properly but then doing a totally terrible job, and telling some of the countries they would get it then not giving it to them, stroke of genius, it will do wonders for ms when the next bethesda game is released and they want to get exclusive rights for the dlc for xbox.
    and he’s hoping you could do your usual for braid, he understands the sacrifice you’re making considering how big a market europe is for sony, he’ll owe you one.
    can’t remember where i saw it but that was the gist of it.

  • and a question, simple yes or no answer
    is europe going to get the god of war collection?

    if we had an edit function on the blog i could have put this all in one comment.

  • dont you get it HazelAM you are one of many reason they stoped speak to us this is not a chat room its a blog

  • I personally think the replies have improved greatly in the past few weeks

  • OMG I just had my 18th Birthday and I LOVED SINGSTAR. I thought to myself if singstar will keep us occupied for my birthday and I bought it today and loved it SONY! Vol 2. was a bit crappy so my friend had an idea and brought his singstar PS2 discs and had loads of fun. Now my friends are going to buy a PS3 cause of the cool ABBA songs :D Haha should I be a marketing director?! hehe. Cheers guys :)

    Now I’m off to buy a bravia with a free PS3 tomorrow, Oh I’m so excited :D


  • yes, i accept full responisbility for scee ignoring their customers, not to mention the fact it’s my fault they can’t get a single thing out on time.
    every single one of scee’s nearly infinite list of flaws is directly down to me complaining in the blog.
    if only everybody kissed their backside all the time they’d reply and they would get games out on time.
    why didn’t i realise, thank you for enlightening me.

  • No dragon age, what exactly was the problem?

    Why was it avaidable to everyone except european ps3 users? just curious

  • ah well, ive been gaming for a long long time now so im used to europe getting the [DELETED] handed treatment. having to import demons souls as it seems its gathering universal acclaim yet theres no mention of a release in europe.

    still im very happy with my ps3 for being region free and so i can side step SCEE if they annoy me too much.

  • Hazel, I’m not trying to be rude, but you really aren’t helping. I agree with you that we can’t just praise SCEE all the time, but constantly moaning about everything or pointing out every flaw won’t help either. I mean, I know this is an old excuse and people are tired with it, but the fact remains, the SCEE region is by far the hardest region to get content to. There’s a load of different languages and all that stuff that we all know about.

    I don’t know what happened with Dragon Age but you have to assume there is some reason that it wasn’t released on time. Most games are released on time, but people seem to ignore those ones and have a go at SCEE when one of the semi-rare games gets delayed.

    Again, I’m complaining about you, I agree with you on some things. I’m just saying what I think.

  • i want final fantasy 8 on ps store before end of november!!!

  • i’m just saying when it happens so often and the single solitary factor in these cases is scee, how can you come to any conclusion other than it’s scee’s fault?
    without inventing excuses or imagining any number of scenarios for why it isn’t there fault, look at the facts of so many of these delays.
    there is one factor that keeps coming up more than anything else.
    when so many times the product is out on other formats in europe, you know europe isn’t the problem.
    when it’s out on the same format in other regions you know the ps3 isn’t the problem.
    and when it’s available in the appropriate languages on other formats it’s obviously not the languges
    if it was one of these you could say it’s not scee’s fault.
    but when all of these apply what other conclusion is there that can possibly be drawn?
    without trying to rationalise scee’s blamelessness by inventing excuses that you have no proof of.
    all three of these conditions apply to dragon age, as they’ve applied to so many titles for the ps3 over the past few years.
    nobody is denying europe is a difficult region, but that doesn’t change how often it’s only scee that has problem when others get the same content out on time.

  • continued…

    and pray tell me how just ignoring the failures of scee is going to ever help anything?
    ignoring problems is why there has been a worldwide recession, if you don’t learn from history you’re doomed to repeat it.

  • what’s that saying?
    ah yes.
    ‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing’

  • here’s one i came up with.
    “apathy is a poor catalyst for change”

  • Jem,

    is Call Of Duty Classic coming to the Store this Tuesday?

    For everybody or just for those who bought the Hardened Edition of MW2?

    What’s the price?


  • @HazelAM

    Bioware has confirmed the release date but hasn’t confirmed why. Just thought I’d let you know in-case you hadn’t heard. See link

  • thanks aeonlord, been waiting for an official realease date, must have missed that post.
    but then they’ve redirected everybody to the social site saying those forums are closingso i haven’t visited those forums for a few days.
    and i think i’ve made my opinion about the cause for the delay clear so no need to go over it again.
    just a matter of waiting now.

  • sorry for beeing an adult and dont like add kids to my friend list

  • If you were such an adult, you wouldn’t A) make fun of the games other people play when you have no idea what they’re about and B) come onto a public blog and talk about it.

  • i told you not to turn off, we were teksting rember :)

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