Take On The PSPgo: Team Trial In PlayStation Home Tomorrow!

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We have a very special, brand-spanking-new, SCEE-exclusive event coming to you tomorrow, the PSPgo: Team Trial.

Get together with three other friends in the re-dressed Presentation Podium to conquer this challenge (some would say the toughest challenge yet in PlayStation Home…;)

Home PSPgo Space 1

Home PSPgo Space 3

Home PSPgo Space 10Home PSPgo Space 11

Once you’ve grouped your team together, you will ALL have to perform a series of actions, (that means no slackers!) successfully complete these and you will unlock a Download Orb, from which your stunning in-Home PSPgo (which is on loan for the duration of the event) can download the next challenge.

Home PSPgo Space 5

If all team members work together and complete all of the challenges you will be rewarded with the limited edition, very lovely, *animated* PSPgo Vortex T-Shirt, check out the screenshots below (these look nicer when they’re not static ;))

Home PSPgo Space 7

Make new friends or hook up with your best mates in this battle of memory, speed and above all, teamwork :)

Also, to celebrate the recent launch of MotorStorm Arctic Edge on PSP, we’ve got two brand new, very rare, MotorStorm Arctic Edge Snow Jackets up for grabs. Hidden, somewhere in PS Home as of tomorrow, there is a 12 digit promotion code (the code will look something like this: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx) which will unlock both male and female versions of this item for the lucky few that find it (check out the screenshots below):

Home MotorStorm outfit

Home MotorStorm outift

This promotion code will only work for the first 3,000 lucky users, so keep your eyes peeled after tomorrow’s update! Click here for promotion code terms and conditions.


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4 Author Replies

  • kools another EPIC update thanks SCEE

    • Thanks DANTHEMAN121,
      Also, on a side note, you’ll also see a little suprise under the Uncharted chip on the World Map…

  • nice update, we will see animated shirts that we can be purchased through the store?

    • Hey ER-nut,
      You can’t purchase the t-shirts, you can only win them in them in the PSPgo: Team Trial.
      They’re pretty awesome – and animated!

  • LAME . why are you giving us a psp go then taking it away elliot

  • Limited again as usual that ain’t good enough because it’s always people that are on like 24/7.

    • Hi hjm50,
      Keep an eye on the forums – someone is bound to put the code there once they find it – you can then quickly redeem it via the PC PlayStation Store…. ;)

      If that fails, we may look to re-run the promotion a bit later on (I agreem, the MSAE snow jackets are pretty swish…)

  • WOW Awesome update Thanks Elliot.

    Its nice to see some team/community challanges again. Looking forward to seeing it all in action. Keep up the great work :)

    • Thanks Chris_D
      This one’s a pretty tricky challenge too. ;)
      Unless your team work together you can’t win – a little hint, though, you need to appoint someone to ‘lead’ the group!

  • YAY more T-Shirts. Will there ever be a time when a hoody could be used for transfering designs onto? Or something other than short sleeves?

    Cheers. Nice update.

  • basically we get a game that unlocks yet again a TSHIRT just close scee home tis a friggin waste of time

  • But nobody uses team work in Home, damn. I remember that XI maze teamwork challenge, shudder…

  • is that all i wonder what scea update is,

    its a alright update on a weekly basis & that good,

    if scea get a bigger update i wearing not just a hard-hat but flame-proof vest from the fallout. :|

  • Thank you Elliot
    Awesome update , we missed promotion redeem codes

  • Even though I may not get one there will obviously be 1 lucky person that will post the code online as everyone rushes onto Home to redeem it.

  • would think with all the cash europe spend in home we would at least get stuff other regions gt months back like namco museum , godfather 2 , siren , warhawk and picture frames , what is it elliot europe plough most cash into home then u.s and jap get all the good stuff lol aye popeye wont be spending a dime in home again scee home team are bunch of bandits

  • Sounds like a lot of fun. Will be checking it out!

  • Sony give us a brake with this crappy Home idea

  • Elliot. Is there a possibility of updating the maintenance error code on the welcome screen login? As to the oblivious user, it means nothing.

  • http://blog.us.playstation.com/2009/11/this-week-in-playstation-home-win-a-copy-of-uncharted-2-among-thieves-fortune-hunter-edition/
    they get a chance to win the uncharted fortune hunter edition, we get a virtual jacket.
    but of course they didn’t make that edition available outside the us anyway did they? so we were never going to get that.
    mind you i doubt i’d be the one winning it :)
    still it would be nice if somebody in europe got the chance, i’m trying not to be too subtle with my hint.

  • The upside is that there seems to be updates each week at the moment. The downside is that none of the updates help us catch up to US and JP. Like other comments have mentioned there is a lot of stuff we are missing. It also seems like every SCEE space we get it’s always for a limited time. The PSPgo PDA seems great but that’s limited and the space is limited.

    We ain’t even getting a new space at all. It will be gone again in a week. The teamwork stuff sounds fun and it gives people something to do in Home, why not keep it SCEE!.

  • while it’s great win can win an animated tshirt, how about releasing the dozens the us has in their stores.
    i forgot, you have to localise them don’t you?
    i can’t imagine how hard it must be to translate an abstract logo into french and german.

  • aaah hazel you beat me to it

    let me ask you ppl a question: if you have the choice what exclusive space you want

    A- uncharted 2 event

    B- psp-go space event

    sorry got no prize this time will we ever get that event, will we ever catch up with other region,

    or are we still not good enough you tell me. :|

  • Thanks elliott!!!! :)

  • You should put in place in PlayStation Home where you can test out the PSP GO, so you know how it’s like and stuff.

  • Cool that you run events in Home. But where is the games for the PSP Go that you said would be out there?

    I still cannot see any Football Manager 2010 in the store from either my ps3, psp or media go entries into PSN.

  • Nice update, but will the space lag because everyone will be there?

  • How about you just make the PSPGo standard in home.

  • i cant wait them t shirts look awesome

  • It would be good if i could get on Playstation home. Won’t let me since the new update!!!

  • So no heads up for the psn update 2morrow, gonna be rubbish as ever then?

  • Looks cool, but i think, when i go to PShome.
    then all of the codes have already been activated…

    That PSPgo t-shirt is cool! :D

  • @KAP

    “PS3 users with alot of trophies use home alot less (Hardcore Gamers)
    PS3 users with few little trophies use home like they use there lungs (Casual Gamers) – there better of getting a Wii, seriously!”

    Need I say anything mate? ;)

    Looking forward to the update tomorrow :D

  • Well the update seems ok but I have to say about the ltd 3000 t-shirts. Its down to the first 3000, but sod anyone else that works for a living and dont get home between 6 & 10 pm. Again Well thought out Sony and thanks alot.


  • yet again elliot totally ignoring questions and negative feedback yet hes happy to reply to people who are settled with gettn the crap updates scee home team hit us with . PATHETIC ELLIOT . home = triangle press x , delete thanks bt shove that crap service were sun dont shine pal . scee home team are clearly just milking home users for the cash as they knw loads are daft enough to spend 100 quid on virtual stuff bt yet u aint even answering abt why we haven’t gt stuff others regions have . some service that is u cn keep it

  • @Loonytoons

    okok apart from….. one, or two.

    at the bare minimum lol


    Your totally right. EU is a cash cow for them they already let slip with a qoute the other day about home then retracted it when poop hit the fan hahaha.

    Games FTW!!!

    Home FAIL!!!

    Oh by the way “Looking forward to the update tomorrow” yes…yes arn’t we all. Tshirts comin out our HDD’s Ooooooo cant wait!!!!


  • @Seany1 and @HazelAM

    Do you seriously come on the blog just to complain? I don’t think I have seen anything positive from either of you.

  • i complain when its rightly due and home in e.u deserves all the negative feedbk it gets . try create a u.s or jap acc or look on youtube to see the other regions homes . then look at e.u the region who clearly buy most stuff from home . difference in content is a joke tbh

  • I would check home content if I could blumming get on, everytime I try me PS3 either freezes or home just does nothing after the load bar is full. Not that fussed tbh because I never really got the point of it anyway

  • Discussing foreign accounts is against sony’s terms and conditions and that is the truth

  • No its not! Its called freedom of speech mate!

  • Let us know when something worthwhile happens on the SCEE Home, I’ve deleted it in the meantime since it was wasting HDD space just sitting there never being used.

  • @LordCartman,

    I like using Home but if you have seen some of my posts recently regarding Home, you will see some of my posts moaning & whinging about certain aspects of Home. much to my surpise I am in much agreement with HazeIAM and I know she doesnt post in the Home forum anymore but I merely thought she was whinging and moaning for the benefit of herself. I understand why she wa posting was she did. She like most people have a point. The last few weeks the content has been good, Yes we get free stuff occasionaly but I would like somthing other than Tshirts. This they do with a find the 12 digit code with in Home, and it will be posted upmteen times in the hlome forum and with in 2 hours the limited edition run of 3000 will be used up. cont…

  • <— cont) It doesent matter about the people that have to work till late or cant even get onto the PS3 till late in the evening so they will miss out. Thus some people that do get the code even through the legitimate source of looking for it on Home then they go and enter the code only to find out its no longer valid. So what happens a fourm full of even more complaints. Because of some muppet at Sony Home HQ suggesting they make it a limited edition of 3000. Sod the working folk of the Playstation Home Community.

  • @DANTE234

    “Discussing foreign accounts is against sony’s terms and conditions and that is the truth”

    err no no its not. Discusing the creation of foreign accounts is frowned upon and apparently not cool according to some people and yes its against Sony T&C’s but when they start treating every Home region as fairly as each other then the other account talk / creation will stop. Try and get your facts right before you post ;)

  • @ dante . i said create an account which people do and sony know it and obviously dnt bother or look at youtube to see what other regions have . certain users really need to get a severe grip and stop brown nosing scee even when we get treated like the 3rd cousin . u dnt get a badge or free games for doing it ur just labelled a fanboy and sad tbh

  • just another note my major problem with scee home team is they havent even given us a new home square like all other regions have so we are left with 1 thats got lower memory resulting in posters popping in 10 secs later even cached at 12gb on virgin 20 meg . our home has severe performance issues were as other regions nt so much . bt scee still make sure they flood it with stuff to buy

  • only 3,000 :( and its PSP STOP & not PSP GO. Too expensive + no UMD support so meh good luck sony!

  • i would like to make a point regarding the jackets.
    you may make a few people feel special by getting it but you make a lot more angry by making it so they can’t get it.
    it’s not as big a deal as restricting the demo of one of the biggest games coming to the ps3, but it’s still annoying.
    what is the rationale behind limiting the numbers of a virtual item anyway? be it a demo or an item of clothing for home.
    you afraid of running out?
    and like hentis said people will find multiple copies and post them on the forum, no doubt some will also make their way to ebay, so it’s not like it takes any skill to win them like the animated shirt for the challange.
    and i’m going to ask again, why do we still not have the picture frames?
    or the stage set apartment, and the ghostbusters firehouse that goes with it, we will have that in time for the new film in a few years won’t we?

  • Crap Your comment is awaiting moderation. yes I Know the truth hurths dont it SCEE i was saying i agree with hazel & seany1

    & other ppl that home could be better. :p

  • btw my (Your comment is awaiting moderation.) post did not content any swearing what so ever, they cant handle the truth so if you get it that is why. :(

  • stop [DELETED] whining, these two events look sick, sorry about these idiots, SCEE.

  • i think that moderation thing is just a bug in the blog software, or it has a weird list of words it automatically flags up for moderation.
    of course it does quite often end up with that post being deleted so who knows.
    anyway, it would be nice if somebody from scee actually interacted with us here on the blog now and again, but alas, no.
    like maybe telling when or if we’ll get the picture frames and why we still don’t have them, same for the stage set.
    so how about it elliot, up for answering an important question for a change?
    when’s mike doing his heads up article? now there’s a guy you can talk to that will actually listen and reply.

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