Blue Toad Murder Files Coming To A PS3 Near You This Year

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Hello everyone,

We’ve been busily working on a new title here at Relentless Software. It’s called Blue Toad Murder Files and it’s coming to PSN in December. It’s the first time we’ve self-published a game so we’re really looking forward to it. Blue Toad is an episodic murder mystery game exclusively for the PlayStation Network.

Jem came down to our studio in Brighton a couple of weeks ago and put the game through its paces. He also interviewed us, as you can see below. We’ll be back on the PlayStation Blog soon with some more info and a new trailer, but if you’d like to find out a bit more before then you can head over to our website at

[viddler id=48f384&w=545&h=327&playertype=simple]

We’re around in the comments to chat about the game (or, in fact, anything!) So come say “hi!”


David & Andy

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  • Murder Mystery type game. Not enough of those around, by golly!

  • What is your favorite thing about the BUZZ series?

    • I like the fact that we’ve made it a game that anyone can play.

      I also like an animation we did in Buzz!: The BIG Quiz where Buzz acts like he’s a dog with worms.

  • awesome, i’ve been looking forward to this game since edge previewed it! I love old-school adventure games, and this sounds like it’s styled like a hybrid of adventure and puzzle games :-)

    im assuming it will be priced fairly, considering it’s episodic nature. will you be offering a bundle price if i buy the whole season at once? i plan to do that if you do :-D

    also, looking forward to the new buzz! that’s a firm favorite in my house :P

    • We’ll be pricing fairly. We’re at £6.50 for the first episode or £10 for the first two. Not sure what that is in euros.

  • This seems like a great concept, grew up on adventures like Monkey Island and Broken Sword, was wondering will the games by similar to these or more text based? (which I also love :P)

    P.S. any word on pricing? if they were substantial games I wouldn’t mind spending the same as the Penny Arcade adventures.

    • Love those old adventure games too. It’s less text heavy than those as there aren’t long, branching conversations. It’s more about paying attention to what they’re saying and doing, like an Agatha Christie drama.

  • What is the rating going to on this game ?? i mean 12, 16, 18??? haha

    • We had some bad language that we got a slap on the wrists about and have since changed. I think we have a PEGI 7 now, which is pretty good considering there’s a MURDER in one of the opening scenes.

  • wow. thats a great price! i’ll stock up on psn cards specially :-D

  • Do you think perhaps Jem was had just finished a chat with mary J before that interview? I think so….

  • Blue Toad Murder Files what a name! This will be purchased by me for sure

  • Looks interesting. Might be worth fixing the inks on your blog post.

  • observational gameplay seems so novel… that statement has just sold me on the concept completely

  • The link to the game does not match. A good game. 44 days for sale.

  • Played the first Episode at the Eurogamer Expo up at Leeds. Its great fun, and for completing it with 7 golds and 3 silvers (and unlocking 3 trophies) I got a t-shirt! Woop Can’t wait for the rest of the episodes!

  • Yep nailed the whodunnit. It was tricky because Eurogamer was loud and I couldn’t hear some of the chat but I got it. Oh, I appreciated the subititles through the game however some of the puzzles are talking ones but you don’t get subtitles for some reason, which made it hard answering the questions in a very noisy eurogamer hall (hence 2 of the silvers!), if you could get subtitles added to that as well that’d be ace. I won’t spoil the puzzles but if you want to get hold of me to tell you can PSN me.

  • I know the puzzles you’re referring to. One of them I’d guess is in the Mayor’s office, which is my favourite of Episode 1.

    I don’t know what Jade has planned regarding subtitles. Regardless, I’m hoping that it will usually played in a less aurally-challenging venue than the Eurogamer Expo.

  • Good to see Relentless trying new stuff! I look forward to giving this a try mate, i think it is looking very very promising! Can’t wait. The very best of luck, hope it goes well :)

  • The other one was at the station. Anyway, really looking forward to release, hate to say it (as I’m tight) but it’ll be day 1 for me!

  • I read about this in Edge. Its interesting, but how big is each episode going to be (1.5gb+)? If so, I wont be buying because I have a horrible internet connection.

    Also, do you plan a future BD release?

    • Last I looked it was about 500MB for Episode 1. Maybe our engineers can squeeze that down a little further though. Interesting to hear that filesize is still an important issue.

      No plans currently for a BD release.

  • Quick Question about the new Buzz, I know its off topic but I for some reason I cant play My Buzz Quizes on my own. Are you able to play them on your own in Quiz World.

    Ps Looking Forward to your Game

  • Will be more languages than English on the game? Is it in Spanish? Thank you and good job!!

  • The smaller the file size, the better. I wanted to buy Ratchet & Clank Booty off the psn but it was 3GB, so that was a no no (luckily it came out on BD anyway). I have a 1.5mb (if Im lucky) connection, so it would take hours to download.

    So yeah, the smaller the better.

    And as you have the Buzz home space, are you looking at getting a home space for this?

    • I’d love to make a Home space for Blue Toad but I think the team here needs to finish Season 1 first.

      Jade was keen on a Murder in the Dark space. I have no idea how that would work, but it sounds like it would be fun.

  • Played this at the Eurogamer expo and had a lot of fun… I got lost in Lady Snobishs’ Bush!!!

    One question I do have which I forgot to ask at the expo is regarding replayability; is the experience different every time? So, different puzzles to solve, different murderer etc

  • Sounds great, usually I’m not into these kind of games but I don’t know, something about this interests me :-) Good price too! How long is each episode on average?

  • sounds interesting, how do you make a game like this co-op though, says it’s co-operative on the official site?
    sounds like something in the style of say a monkey island game.

    • It’s co-op in a number of ways. You alternate between players when going around the village and solving puzzles, but perhaps more importantly the gameplay is often better solved co-operatively.

      We’ve left it up to people to decide whether they want to play co-operatively or against each other. In our focus groups people have tended to play co-operatively until the final whodunnit at the end of the game.

  • I’ve been waiting for a game like this on the PS3.
    Hope this will revive the old-school (point and click) adventures genre a bit.
    Aaah, the good old days of Grim Fandango, Monkey Island, Larry….
    Good work guys!

  • Sounds great….. I loved those monkey island/broken sword games so i’ll definately check this out.
    The price sounds good too €7.99 approx.
    Don’t discard that ‘Murder in the Dark’ idea…. sounds interesting and having a Home space is a good advertising platform for you…..but you probably know that anyway ;)

  • hey, thats a singstar microphone!

  • Haha…I didn’t notice that!!


  • Please make it so we can play it on the PSP too!
    Looks like a fun game to play on the go!
    It’s about time somebody started to use the interconnectivity of these
    2 platforms!

  • It looks fun!

    i have a question… Will the new Buzz world be available in english only in north america?

  • Sorry for the OT but are there any estimates on when will the new Buzz arrive in other regions? I’m hoping that it’ll be available in Poland for this Xmas. Hope it makes it cause I need my Buzz fix…:)

  • @Phuquit: ..imo, mornings are overrated.

    Question: is it a design where you choose between which people you talk to – or will you go through the set pieces, and pick some options afterwards? How does the investigation happen, I guess is what I’m wondering.

  • Ha! So there ARE PS3 owners (besides myself) who are interested in playing point n click/graphic adventures on PS3!
    So maybe Sony can now get their ar$es in-gear and have Telltale Games’ Tales of Monkey Island, Sam & Max, Wallace & Gromit etc released on PS3!

  • David Amor, your company released a game called Brain of New Zealand on PS3, PS2 and PSP. The game did NOT have a SINGLE question related to New Zealand. I WANT MY MONEY BACK for the miss leading advertising of your game that said it had hundreds of New Zealand related questions when in fact it was the same as Brain of Australia and Brain of Great Britain

  • Is there going to be an option to purchase the whole season up front?

    Also I really hope you can put these out every 2 weeks, max. Any long and I just can see it catching on as a ‘season’

  • I would like to point out that subtitles would be rally good selling point outside the UK at SCEE region.. There are plenty of us who has English as a second or third language and thus have considerable difficulties understanding spoken English (especially if it’s fast or has regional twang in it).

    So for the rest of us, please have the opinion for full subtitling.

  • it was looking GREAT at eurogamer :) congrats, definitely will be playing through this :)

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