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Hi everyone,

I’m Olivier, I work for Nobilis as the product manager of Trine and I’m thrilled to tell you that the demo of Trine is now available on the European PlayStation Store!


Trine is a fantasy action / platform game that combines 2D gameplay with 3D graphics. The game is balanced between action and puzzle solving sequences which uses physics extensively. Three heroes are bound to a mysterious device called the Trine in a quest to save the kingdom from evil and the player can at any time freely choose whoever is best suited for the upcoming challenge or puzzle.


Players all around the world – and on this very blog – wanted a demo of Trine. We listened! You can download it right now on the European PSN. You’ll be able to play the first two levels of Trine in solo and in cooperative mode. Just have a go with the physics engine and the many possibilities it offers.

Some comments also mentioned that the trophies’ designs were a bit disappointing. We took that into consideration as well and released a patch two weeks ago which brought new icons for the Trophies.

You can watch this trailer and get a glimpse of the many possibilities offered by the gameplay of Trine. Just see how different obstacles can be overcome by the clever use of each character’s abilities.

[viddler id=4e3250a6&w=545&h=327&playertype=simple]

Keep in mind that the possibilities are even more numerous by combining the character’s powers in cooperation!

Trine is available for download on the European PlayStation Store for: €19,99 and £16.99.

Thanks for reading this and good gaming to you all!

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4 Author Replies

  • its a very cool game but the Trophie list is sick
    500 objects in one level ????

  • Thanks for the new trophy icons. I have already got platinum, but I like any improvements!

    Was there any other changes in the patch?

    • Hi nickjd331,

      Yes, other changes include the addition of Finnish localization, of a new background image and an adjustment of the last level difficulty. Among other things :)

  • Tried the demo and love it, definitely an awesome game. But I have a question, what would be the possibilities of having an online co-op mode added in the future?

    • Hi Dark_Az_

      I’m afraid online co-op isn’t something that will be implemented in the future.

      Local is still loads of fun though !

  • I guess I can reply to this, I hope you don’t mind Olivier. :)

    Anyhow, the patch also tweaked the last level difficulty, making it easier on Easy/Medium/Hard difficulty levels. There were many reviews and comments that the last level was way too difficult – this is now fixed.

    The patch also adds the XMB background image, some technical improvements, Finnish localization, and credits fixes (heh). It also fixes a couple of bugs, including the third level skeleton room bug and some checkpoint issues in the later levels.

    I’m glad to see so many people enjoying the game (and the demo too!). Have fun! :)

    – Joel, Frozenbyte team

  • Well I downloaded the demo, I loved the game, and I went back to the Store and bought the full version – the moral of this story? Demos and trial versions of PSN games WORK!

    P.S. it’s £15.99 on the UK Store, not £16.99. I’ve never understood why Store prices are often different to published prices – it happened with the Beatles album yesterday too, on the official site and on Mike’s Store Heads-Up it’s £10.49, but on the actual store it’s £9.19 or something like that… (not that I’m complaining as long as the store is lower!)

  • Not a bad game, but over priced.

  • Loved the game, and I have my platinum. Big fan of 2D Platformers so it was always going to be a hit with me. Recommend it to anyone who likes platformers, now with a demo there’s no excuse not to play it. :)

    The last level wasn’t that difficult, even on Very Hard. Just took a little practice to learn the route. ;)

  • Don’t need to demo as I already have the game :)
    But I will say if you don’t buy this game you will be missing out on a great gaming experience.

    Keep it up FrozenbyteGames!!

    Can’t wait to see what you have in store next.

  • Thank you very much for providing a demo of Trine! I thought it showed a charming game that offered fantastic gameplay, and I was genuinely delighted that the team at Frozenbyte had recognised the opportunity that offering a demo provided.

    I enjoyed the platforming and puzzle elements, the way the narrative was presented, and the vibrant vivid world that was presented. Another thing I did like a lot, was how some times there were extra objects to find, and the path some times took some time and thought to follow. It didn’t become samey, and the three characters were great.

    On the note of the characters, and you mentioning the disc image you’ve added in the patch – is there any chance of a XMB theme, in particular, or wallpapers for Trine, being released?
    I just think the game has a wonderful art style, and distinct characters. :)
    I think you’ve done an excellent job with the game, with the only slight point I would raise, being that the voice delivering the narrative isn’t quite right; but regardless of that, I’m really looking forward to buying the full game from PSN, very soon! :D

  • by the way, you have forget the advertising for cheap bubbel gum
    or some sony fails, this is the last psn game im using money at

    sorry but sony drags you down

  • To better explain what I meant by “didn’t become samey”, was that I felt while playing that there was plenty to see, and keep me eager to progress, and interested; as part of the backdrops, and I really liked the music and the game’s general tone, too. As I say, overall, I was very impressed with what you’ve created.

  • What took you so long to bring this game to the PSN compared to the release on steam? Something is very wrong with Sony’s whole licensing and QA process. It all takes waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to looooooooooooooooooooooooooooong.

  • Is it just me or were spawning skeletons added to the last level? I don’t remember them before the patch…

  • Trine is 1 of the best games ive played tbh . it has a great feel to it which not a lot of games have if i payed 40 pound for it i would have bn happy bt at 16 quid its a quality buy . thanks guys what a stunning game . P.S DLC DLC DLC LOL

  • Hey, thanks guys, nice of you to make those little extra tweaks after release. Just like some of the other commenters, I don’t need a demo, already bought it on release day and, actually, platinum followed soon after that because I just couldn’t stop playing! xD I think it’s a good list though, you get some for your progress, you get some for doing things a little outside the box, and you get one for the hardest difficulty. It’s inviting you to get a lot out of the game really (my favourite kind of trophy list). Anyway I just have to say I think that video is excellent, I must have completed the game at least three times (original, collecting stuff, then on very hard), but it actually makes me want to play again because it’s a game with so many ways to get from A to B. I don’t understand why people found the last level so hard when there were so many paths (except maybe the last bit, I could only ever beat with a floating block and grapple combo!). lol anyway good luck with your next endeavours^^

  • Gonna try the demo, but the lack of online coop is killing it for me :/ I’ll give it a shot anyway, heard so many great things about it

  • Just tried the demo and really enjoyed it. Online co-op would have been the icing on the cake but it’s a fantastic addition to PSN. Bought.

  • Thanks guys. :)

    Regarding possible XMB themes/wallpapers, I think it’s a possibility. No definite plans as of yet but we’ll definitely look into it.

    And spawning skeletons were indeed added to the last level, to make it a bit more interesting. So yes in theory it’s slightly harder on Very Hard difficulty… on Easy/Medium/Hard there’s other adjustments that make the level much easier now. I don’t want to spoil it directly for those who haven’t played it yet, heh.

    Online co-op is unlikely to be added in the future, unfortunately. There are major technical issues that are the problem. It’s not like we decided “hey let’s not to online co-op” on a whim, the reasons are quite big (in short, our technology just doesn’t support online multiplayer without a complete rewrite). You can go and search for our community forums where I’ve explained this before if you like.

    Anyhow, thanks for the feedback. We do listen to the feedback here and elsewhere, so even if we can’t always do anything about it, we hear you… :)

    – Joel, Frozenbyte team

  • I’m in love with your game from what I’ve seen from the demo. The lightning effects are beautiful and the characters are very well detailed. Good work.

  • If the demo is the as the PC one I would like to add that the game has around 8hours of playtime depending on your skills and the game features some light role playing elements to make collecting those experience bottles and special items more important. These elements make the game quite a bit deeper and more fun than the demo might show.

    For completionist, the game has quite nice re-play value(most people probably wont find all the exp bottles on the first try and the difficulties spice the game up even more) The game is also really good for those people looking for a game to be played with their friends (offline).

  • Is the same*

    Where’s mah edit button :<

  • Changes in last level are not fun, now “better than developers” trophy is impossible to earn, and this is the only one i need for platinum :(

  • Considering that I got a Platinum within the first week, it wasn’t worth the money.

  • The demo was pretty good but it is too expensive so a no purchase for me.

  • oh man, i totally held off buying Trine as i wasnt sure if it was worth the price. no after playing the demo i really really wanna buy it!

    hopefully ill be able to pick it up at some point.

    although i heard theres no trophy icons, bit of a shame, but still :D. nothing to complain about though, the game is great fun.

    • Hi TheNarrator,

      There ‘were’ no trophy icons ;)

      Since the last patch there are custom icons now, thanks to you guys you requested this change!


  • How long is this game? Does it have any replay value? If so, what is it?
    Oh, no online coop!? What is this, year 1990!? :P

  • Played the demo yesterday, thought it was great! As for pricing of full game i’m left undecided. Dont get me wrong here, as i can see this is a highly polished game (keep up the great work guys…) but I remember not too long ago, PSN games were all roughly around the £5-7 mark, so i was just wondering really why IS the price much higher than others? I guess i’m just worried that this is a trend that we are going to see more of on the store..

  • The “official” first playthrough time estimate is around 6-7 hours. It can be less and it can be more, depending on your playstyle and whether or not you hunt all the secrets and experience bottles. Co-op can take longer too because it can get quite hectic. :)

    As for the price, I think we understand that some people think it’s too high etc, but personally I think it’s just right. But that’s for everyone to judge – that’s why the demo is here after all! I would not draw any parallels with the Trine price and general PSN pricing, in the sense that Trine is a story-driven adventure with very high quality and polished content and gameplay – each level is very unique and I think that brings a lot of enjoyment. Many of the cheaper games on PSN are “arcade” games and I think it’s natural that their prices are lower.

    The demo is 240 MB btw, so it’s a really small download. We optimized it and the full game as much as we could to make the sizes small. :)

    – Joel, Frozenbyte team

  • doh, i should have read that about the icons, sorry lol. glancing at words ftl!

    makes the whole thing even more appealing though :)

  • fair comment re: pricing. and it is very likely that i will get the game v soon.

  • played the demo, and I liked it but 16 quid seems a bit too much to me but if/when it goes down in price I’ll get it.

  • Hi Joel. Firstly, compliments to FrozenByte on a beautiful looking game thats got gameplay to match.
    I’d been tempted from the moment Trine hit the PSN but hesitated as the price put it beyond “Impulse Buy”. The demo convinced me it would be money well spent. I wish more PSN games had demos; i’m more likely to part with cash than when relying on just a text description.

    Good to see post release support with patches and community dialogue. I’m not sure any more updates are planned but thought it was worth pointing a couple of issues out. Some looped audio samples don’t loop seamlessly; notably the sound of running water and the “twinkling” sound of the treasure on the first level. This means that the water sounds have a momentary pause every couple of seconds as the sample returns to the start. Its less obvious with the “twinkling” sound though the loop still stands out. I realise these are small details in the grand scheme of things but they tend to stand out more due to the otherwise excellent production values.


  • Of lesser concern is the high rate of compression used on the videoclips which results in artifacting on the image. I understand this is to reduce the file size as much as possible but it seems a pity for the sake of a few extra kbps.

    Issues aside, I would urge everyone to at least try the demo of this game. If you enjoy old school platforming action (with a very modern real physics twist) you will love this!

  • There we go. You’re all really stepping up the pace now – good to see :)

  • the demo was very cool, i really liked the french voice narrative.
    but it was a bit hard to switch from the 3 heroes. It remind me of lost viking ^^

  • great game!! nice to see platform / puzzle on PS3 …i’ve played this game and i’ll bye this.

  • shame, online co-op would have been the reason to buy.

  • great game (playing it on pc). will there be any dlc in the future ?

  • Thanks. DLC is possible but I don’t want to promise it, we’ll have to see what happens. :)

    Cubbins thanks for the feedback. I think we will spend more time choosing the best compression formats in the future, we probably could’ve used less compression in some files. The water sample (and the water sounds being so loud in general, this is my personal pet peeve with the game) is something we’re aware of too, the treasure one we’ll look into. These could be something we’ll fix in a patch if another one is released in the future.

    – Joel, Frozenbyte team

  • I’ve already completed Trine but i struggled with the price for a few weeks before taking the chance.
    Thankfully, it’s a fantastic little game that provides plenty of challenge and drew me right in.
    Shamefully, i completed it with only 5% of the trophies so i have plenty reason to play it again :)

    As for the cost ….. spending half that on a game like bomberman or digger is OTT when you consider the value you are getting from Trine.
    I hope the demo brings more success…. and ultimately a sequel or more levels… ;)

  • I think this game could more than double it’s sales if the price was halved or at least taken down a bit. I understand that it’s a very complex game but given that I can usually knock 3-4 hours off official playtimes of games on first playthrough without rushing and with plenty of exploration I think it’s a tad too high.

    My friend and I were playing the demo today and were en-route to the impulse buy when we got to the PSN store, clicked on the Icon and then saw the price and stopped dead in our tracks. Also, the conversion rates are a bit off. £15.99 is €17.85 and despite the fact no one ever listens about the EU/US price discrepancy $20 is €13.46.

    If you were charging €12 to €14 for the game we probably would have bought it then and there. As the price currently stands however, it’s a no sale. Many lessons can be learned from those who made iPhone games for $5 and later reduced them to $0.99 to see exponential sales increases.

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