LocoRoco Midnight Carnival Out This Week

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Hello friends, only me!

What’s round and yellow and is out around Halloween? No not a pumpkin silly, it’s LocoRoco-Midnight Carnival!!

29th October will see the release of our LocoRoco friends on the PlayStation Network, just in time for Halloween! It will release for a mere  14.99€/£ 11.99. I know many of you have been waiting for a while for this and I can tell you now, it will be worth it…

Indulge yourselves in the new release where you can find yourself bouncing across the 16 brand new levels, 2 mini games and 3 additional stages. What’s also great is you can boing with your friends on full competitive and co-op modes. Don’t forget to stop bouncing when you’ve finished playing though, hehe!!

If you and your friends are up for “trick or treating” this Halloween then find some time at the Bui Bui store where you can spend your pickories here on dressing up your LocoRoco!

Loco Roco 1

Wear your new goods straight away!

Loco Roco 2

See them in -game!

Loco Roco 3

Can you guess who it’s trying to be??

Are these masks scary enough?

Loco Roco 4

Not only do all the accessories look great, but some even have special abilities! The Saviour Mask allows your friend to carry you over a stage simply by them wearing this mask. This would be great to use if you are finding a particular level too difficult or if you are simply too lazy!

Loco Roco 5

Saviour Mask- laugh at your friend with the funny mask!

See what happens if you manage to match accessories to the correct LocoRoco! Look at Voile here with her chic Heart Glasses, she’ll start singing to you and bouncing with her own colours!

Loco Roco 6

She’s having the time of her life!

Watch this space for more info to follow soon!

Think happy thoughts as you’ll soon be able to bounce until your hearts content!

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