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Hola, Bonjour, Ciao, Guten Tag and Hello.

We are getting ever closer to our rollout in the 11 new territories so I am practicing my multi lingual salutations as I will soon have my work cut out translating many many more hellos. Still no solid dates yet but things are moving forward nicely with preparations. Exciting stuff I’m sure you will agree, until that announcement though I beg for your patience, we are working as fast as our tiny little hands will allow us to.

This week’s update is truly both too hot to handle and too cold to hold. So without further ado… Let us begin This Week’s Updates:

Homepage Feeds

Artist of the Week
Jay Sean – This fella seems to be enjoying success where ever he goes first the UK, then Europe, now America. Featuring his new single “Down” and more videos from this up and coming superstar that will have you partying and slow jamming in equal measures.

Jay Sean (EN)

Artist Spotlight
Britney Spears – Miss Spears has been around for a little while now and has amassed a pretty impressive back catalogue of videos. My favourite… Slave… for obvious reasons… the production of course ;) We have her new video “Kill The Lights” as well as pretty much her whole back catalogue. Enjoy

Britnet (EN)

Tony Allen – If you have never heard of this man, I beg you check it out (that’s the second time I have begged you this week… no more!). The man is a legendary African drummer and one of the co-founders of the Afrobeat movement. You may also know him as being the drummer in Damon Albarn’s project “The Good The Bad and the Queen”. Well worth checking out.

Tony Allen (EN)

Dirty Disco
Filthy grimey dance music for your viewing and booty shaking needs. From Leftfield to Mistabishi this is guaranteed to get your face all screwed up.

Dirty Disco

What Were They Thinking?!
Terrible terrible things have happened in the world of music in the past, fashion, performances, music… So bad they are brilliant. No examples for this one, you will just have to go and see for yourself.

What Were They Thinking (EN)

Recommended Playlists

Indie Rock Hits
You like Indie, we like indie we all like indie, here is loads of indie

Get This Party Started
VidZone loves it when you party… Let VidZone be your DJ

It’s back! We know you cheesy people love all the classics from last decade.

Next Week:
Halloween Special including special “Halloween Themed Skin”

Halloween Playlist
Ghosts, Vampires, Chainsaw wielding maniacs or whatever scares you to the point of soiling yourself. We have all the petrifying videos you need to get your knees a knockin’.

Artist of the Week
Foo FIghters – Dave Grohl and Co. have a new single called “Wheels” Why don’t you roll your way over and watch it and all their other videos here.

Hot New Videos
This features… Hot… New… Videos… Funny that… Videos from Little Comets, Taio Cruz and a whole lot more

Air Guitar Classics
Grab your “Air Axe” and get on the stage (your bed? The sofa? Your dad’s Porsche?*) and rock out with the best in the world. *VidZone cannot condone you going anywhere near your dad’s Porsche.

Greatest Garage
What you wanna call it? Garage, 2 step, Urban, Bassline, Speed Garage… wobble? Whatever you want to call it, it’s all here.

Other Things
World Exclusive Video
Exclusive number 10 (That’s right TEN!! is coming up, come back tomorrow for a very special announcement.

Universal Acts
There has been a little break from us uploading any videos from Universal Music, but we are back on it now so check out all your favourite acts from the biggest record label in the world.

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