Ratchet & Clank Move Into PlayStation Home!

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Hi guys,

I’m pleased to announce that the Ratchet & Clank: Gadgetron HQ space will be launching into PlayStation Home tomorrow.

Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time

Below is all the info you need to know about this great new space:

Boasting three mini-games ranging from super-casual to über-deep – like the massive Skunk Works’ tower defense game – this space is jam-packed with things to do, rewards to win, virtual items to collect (like a full-on Ratchet outfit), and sheep to wrangle (huh?). We’re even releasing a Ratchet and Clank apartment – set in a galaxy far, far away – that is a must-have for every die-hard fan of the franchise.

And this space is even launching ahead of Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time, which means that if you want a taste of the future of the Ratchet and Clank series, you have to get into PlayStation Home. Put your eyes on the below vid for more details.

[viddler id=c36ed300&w=502&h=299&playertype=simple]

Be sure to check it out tomorrow!

iELL / Elliott

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5 Author Replies

  • Video not available

  • Beat me to it…… no video :(

  • Hey guys,
    Video’s working now :)

  • Looks like the best space in Home yet! Can’t wait

  • oh, and is Captain Quark in the space? And does Clank come as a ‘back-pack’ with the Ratchet outfit? Please tell me yes!!!

  • I’m not a fan of the games (no offence) but this space looks really cool and I think will be the best by a mile to date.

    Are the personel spaces unlocked by been on the leader board? because if so I don’t stand a chance. :)

  • Very cool stuff. I’m a fan of R&C so good to see this. Any chance we’ll be getting any Uncharted Home stuff since the US has had the first game’s space for ages. I got my Uncharted 2 in the mail today earlier than I expected and I’ve been playing it constantly. Beautiful game through and through.

    • Hey Carnivius_Prime – keep an eye on the blog for more info on Uncharted 2 in PlayStation Home… you’ll find out here first ;)

  • A nice surprise, well done there, i didn’t expect any home content tomorrow as i thought it wasn’t a content update, i thought it would be on the 22nd

  • Awesome! Looking forward to this, plus it’s not a content day tomorrow

  • elliot im not sure if you will know but the preorder bonus from play which entitles you to an outfit for home will this be a diffrent outfit and will it be exclusive to the preorder bonuses ?

    and i cant wait for this space

  • great cant wait to check this out, great job guys.

  • That’s awesome :D

  • Video working just fine. This is gonna be fun to check out, because there is nothing much to do now in home and you hardly meet any interesting people in there.

    Sometimes if your lucky.

  • hey elliott,
    Could you please add picture for Ratchet outfit in your thread

  • Elliot . hoping this is a sign of change getting home content weekly instead of fortnightly as would make sense to get people using home regular instead of 1 in a blue moon . sort freezing and really slow load times out too would u kindly

  • OMG that looks truly awesome!
    Watch out other game developers/promoters, Ratchet and Clank space might just become the benchmark that all other spaces get measured against!
    Outstanding work, all you Insomniacs, i’ve been a fan of this series all the way through and i’m looking forward to a very unproductive day off 2moro :D

  • Will it be possible to access this space from germany? Or will it be banned like so many others?

  • That’s all very nice but there’s an itching question… WHEN DOES THE ACTUAL GAME COME OUT?!?! :)

  • woow you spoiling us this week elliot, last week was content week & this week is scee feeling alright.

    i agree that space & apartment is better then the motorsport apartment.

    if this blog gives out kudos i will give it you, well done.

    ps next week is the uselessly content week so we get more next week?

  • If you can unlock the full ratchet outfit from the space, what outfit do you get when you pe-order ratch and clank: a crack in time?

  • Edit: motorstorm :D

  • Locust_Star (Home Manager) says:

    “We appreciate your willingness to hang in there for a few additional moments in order to access all of the great features that are a part of the 1.3 update, and all of the awesome content we are working to bring you EVERY WEEK that can only be found in PlayStation Home.”

    So there you have it, from the horse’s mouth.. weekly updates. nice one

  • content on a maintenance day in EU!?


    and that space looks so cool!
    i can’t beleive we’re getting those ratchet costumes!

    I’m so excited!

  • I’ve just sat and watched the video over and over again, it looks brilliant!!! Thanks Elliot and the team, i can’t wait to get my hands on this apartment. :)

  • Thans Elliott!!!! :D

  • This is great, i would log back into Home after Weeks of absence. I really like Home but its annoying one can do little in it.
    I know Home is a beta, and don’t get me wrong when i say ‘one can do little’, im sure there is much to do in Home and seeing it free we can’t complain.

    however there is the cool things i see home doing [sadly only in my imagination], things like virtual tv in the apartment that can stream video content in the hdd, heck why not have a channel for vidzone and bbciplayer on it while at it. ability to purchase pool tables for our apartments because its hard getting into a game in the home.
    real movies we can purchase and watch in home theater. cross-chat within home. lobby system with 20-50 persons max per lobby. premium areas in home we could need to pay to enter, these areas should have multiplayer arcade games like sega classics games i.e street of rage. less buttons to press before we get into home! and least a home-server donation box in Home [in case we are feeling generous]

  • Looks great! Really looking forward to picking up Crack in Time, and hopefully I can get some of those rewards/costumes from the Ratchet & Clank space too.

  • Looks awsome cant wait :)

  • looks to be a great space.
    and nice to see europe actually getting it.
    is the rachet costume available for women and is it for sale or is it won in the space somehow?

    another question i have is when will europe see the stage set space, the ghostbusters firehouse, the graffita game in the infamous space and the picture frames?
    seems you are holding back anything that entails any sort of user content.
    i could understand with the picture frames, if the legal issues hadn’t been sorted months ago and it’s now an arbitrary management decision that we shouldn’t be allowed to have them, but why have we still not got the stage set space?
    i would appreciate answers to any or all of these questions.
    and it would be nice if we could the pixeljunk space.
    and the deadquarters, but being as we don’t really celebrate halloween here i can understand, it’s not like with christmas, you wouldn’t let europe be the only region to not have a christmas event would you? >_>

    and no plans for the charity items for the eu home like the us has?
    i asked last week but the question was ignored.

  • just realised it’s been five months since the stage set space launched in the us.
    is this gonna be another space like the uncharted space that just gets forgotten?
    if you can release a japanese space unlocalised why not the stage set space?

  • correct me if im wrong isn’t scea home getting 3 things to our 2 things what the logic is that. :|

  • sounds like business as usual to me.

  • i have a question about home in general,
    have sony got a set of tools to let devs use a player’s avatar in a game?
    seems a logical thing, nintendo and ms do it with their avatars and miis.
    so, when will we get to play golf, football, kart racing or any other games outside home with our home avatars?

  • Will that Deadquaters space be coming to Home too?

  • The Ratchet space looks awesome but it’s kind of hard to reach when Home is crashing every time after I remodel my Harbour Studio.
    Is there a fix incoming or a list of things not to do in the Harbour Studio?

  • i thought jem was going to do something about the lack of replies, seems like mike is the only person on here who bothers.

  • home is dead for me now my Home login screen its crashing during loading of Harbour Studio… :(

  • Great space guys, good to see some quality finally leaking in to the SCEE Home.

    Just a couple of thoughts (although these are probably too late):

    1. It would have been great to win an bouncing sheep as an award, the little spaceship is cool but it doesn’t bounce, and it isn’t a sheep.

    2. A queue system for the tower game would have been appreciated to prevent people hogging the game space allocations, I must have spent at least 30 minutes trying to get into a game before I gave up. Join queue – play game – finish game – get added to the end of the queue to play again.

    • Hey SiRobertson,
      There will be tweaks made to the Ratchet space going forward (as well as additional items), so thanks for the feedback!

  • i thought 1.3 added queueing to home.
    just realised, how very british, complaining about not being able to queue. :)

  • though right now i’d settle for home not crashing the ps3 so severely it requires switching off at the back.

  • and again at exactly the same place, gets to where it says reserving hdd space then the ps3 stops responding altogether.

  • that was some maintenance session, great job guys.

  • hevean forbid anybody there actually replies to any of these comments, wouldn’t want you to strain yourselves.

  • ps home keeps freezing my ps3 system, this has never happened to me before what’s going on please fix

  • mine also freezes while loading HOME after the update :l, i’m a sad Ratchet and Clank fan… :'(

  • i guess we know where we stand with scee, we’re just an annoyance aren’t we, sorry that us, your customers make you work harder, we should leave you alone and make your job of ignoring us a bit easier.
    just because our purchases pay your wages doesn’t mean we should be given any respect or anything does it.
    of course not.

    • Hi HazelAM,
      We’re aware that the 1.3 update has caused some log-in / freezing issues – and let me assure you that our engineers are working diligently to rectify these isolated problems.
      We listen to what you guys have to say, on the forums and the blog, so please know that we are working to resolve this for you asap.

  • thanks for the reply, shame it always takes so long to appear, but then seem seems to be endemic to the whole blog.
    i may come across as harsh to you guys but like many people i really don’t like the feeling of being ignored.
    you don’t have to give a detailed response every time, just a little post saying “we’re looking into it” came make people feel like they’re being listened to.

  • when do we get the deadquarters

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