Sony Ericsson Launches The Aino Today

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Sony Ericsson launches the Aino today, the first handset from Sony Ericsson to feature Remote Play which enables users to seamlessly access and control their PS3 media content anywhere, anytime using Remote Play with PS3 on Aino. We talked to Alex Cardon, Marketing manager at Sony Ericsson to find what benefits PS3 owners can expect.


What can a consumer do with their PS3 via Aino?
Using an Aino, users can:

  • turn a PS3 on and off
  • browse and control the XMB user interface
  • access the internet and any DRM free media content saved on the hard drive
  • sign in to the PS3 network and message friends
  • shop for items in the PS3 store
  • watch and record live television using PlayTV

Is it easy to set up the Aino to work alongside a PS3?
Setting up the Aino to synchronise with a PS3 is easy. Simply register Aino on the Remote Play settings of a PS3 and an eight digit code will be sent to the handset for verification. Input this into Aino and it will automatically connect to the PS3. If you connect through an internet router and find it doesn’t work, you might need to change your router settings. You will need to check the router I/M and the PS3 on-line I/M.

How do I control my PS3?
Once the Aino and PS3 are connected, you can control all the media content on your PS3 through the mobile handset. It’s very intuitive with Aino replicating the buttons of a PS3 controller on its unique touch user interface. For example “0” for O, “8” for ∆, making it quick and easy to control content from the handset.

What key features on Aino accommodate Remote Play?
Aino is designed to work seamlessly with Remote Play and includes the following features to accommodate this:

  • 3 inch TFT display
  • WiFi DLNA certification
  • 3G HSPA

Alex is here with us in the office today and will be responding to comments, so let us know if you have any questions for him to answer.

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15 Author Replies

  • can we have all that functionality as an iphone app please, as that is what i have

  • I don’t really understand the difference between wi fi and 3g. All I know is that wi fi seems to need wi fi spots and 3g is what phones have. So would this be able to access my PS3 in wifi-less places that my PSP cannot? I use the remote play feature often but get annoyed when I find myself wanting to view something on my PS3 and not being able to find a wifi spot around.

    • Hi, your correct. the connection between the phone and your PS3 will work better with a WiFi connection but it will also work over the mobile 3G network (not available on all networks), meaning you can use the remote play feature when your in a”WiFi-less” area. Its best to check with the operator first


  • Any idea who’s selling them in the UK?

  • Hi James!

    Just to be sure, if my PS3 is at home, with the power off, can I turn it on while at the office or anywhere in France, access its media content as long as I’m connected to the 3G network?

    • Hi
      The PS3 has the capability to remote start, however this is subject to the your home network environment.
      To test this You must make sure you have remote start turned on in the remote play settings and leave it on standby (the red light is showing on the front)

  • Why call it “Aino” of all things lol
    Pretty swish piece of kit, bit expensive but still very nice
    Would enjoy a PS3 app for the iPod/iPhone though

  • Nice. It looks really stylish, I like it.

  • Ive got a question, is it possible to use the dlna features of the PS3 and stream it to the aino? Or is it only posible to control the ps3 and play the dlna content on your TV screen?

    • Hi, unfortunately you can`t set the PS3 as a DNLA `server`, it is only a `client` and therefore its not possible to stream content this way to the Aino. This is only possible with remote play.
      However Aino has built in DNLA so you can connect to your home network, you can view and play images and music saved in your phone.

  • Unfortunately its a little bit too thick for my taste. Otherwise its a really awesome mobile phone!

  • Just a couple questions

    1. Will there be any apps available of the Playstation Store for the phone?

    2. Will PSP Minis be compatable for play on the Aino?

    3. Does the phone feature any touch features?

    4. What would the retailo price look like? Approximently.

    5. How is the Remote Play connection? Is it quite strong or can it be laggy in some areas.


    • Hi
      1. No, the apps will be available on PlayNow which you can access from the phone.
      2.Unfortunately not
      3. Yes, all the media functions are available in touch mode when you close the slider.
      4. Not for us to decide, sorry
      5. It`s like any WiFi connection and will depend on the bandwidth and how many people share it

  • looks good but how much is it going to cost

  • Whats the price on this bad boy?

    i’ve been a fan of the sony Ericsson for ages so i want this

  • Yeah what is the price? The Remote Play feature certainly interests me and I might be after a new phone at some point and I dislike the iPhone greatly (I like proper buttons and not put my fingers all over the screen).

    Also reminded me I gotta get around to getting me the PlayTV at some point. Especially now my crappy freeview box keeps turning itself off.

  • The interface doesn’t sound all that intuitive to be honest (“0” for O, “8” for ∆). It’s hardly been designed with the PS3 in mind from the beginning has it? It’s another gimmick from Sony Ericsson. Thank goodness Sony Ericsson have not been entrusted to use the PlayStation brand on their handset!

  • have it listed for £389.99 which won’t be that much to me when I get back to work. My current nokia’s getting really irritating to use. Often freezing up and needing a ‘reboot’ these days.

  • Will the network “Three” be selling this phone? I see it is on Orange and Vodafone but “Three” is my prefered network. Thanks.

  • Ive been waiting for this phone to come out since March, but i cant find any info on which networks will allow remote play to work over 3G, If you can give me a list in here or link me to a list, i guarantee i will get one before the end of october!

  • Beautiful phone !

  • Sweet its out now, i so wanted this phone but i ended up getting a different phone :[ sucks haha may have to get one at a later date.

  • Nice idea, and it’s good to seen Sony finally begin to tighten up their product line and work together a bit more across divisions. I’ve not long had my latest phone but if I was due for an upgrade this would definitely be on my shortlist, accessing your PS3 content from your phone seems a great idea – next you’ll be telling us you can access Home from it, you know like Phil Harrison announced way back in 2007… ;)

    I still don’t understand why Sony don’t make an iPhone clone with slide out control pad and the ability to play PSP games though… I’m sure a digital only PSP mobile phone (PSPhone?) would have been more warmly welcomed than the PSP Go…

    P.S. It might just be me but your “0” for O, “8” for ∆ example doesn’t sound very natural for long time PlayStation users. You should have mimicked the layout on the gamepad so 8 = X, 6 = ○, 2 = ∆, 4 = □

  • what networks is it on in the uk?
    i would like to get it but if its not on O2 then i can’t

  • So the Satio won’t get this feature? I know the lack of buttons would be a problem but since it’s only really for media streaming I think it’d be ok. Just wondering as I prefer the Satio to the Aino.

  • how much does it cost

  • I love the sound of this, but if it’s delivering data via the ‘phone network, I’ve found this to be a cost-INeffective way. Ie, If I use my ‘phone to access the internet, it ends up costing a small fortune due to price per meg.
    I’m also reticent due to the fact I still haven’t got my PSP to work fully over the ‘net. (Prob due to not enough bandwidth when out and about.)
    Allay these fears and I could be well interested.

  • If only my Sony X1 could do this…

  • watch and record live television using PlayTV

    And again this is the UK Blog and the rest of the EU can’t use it.

    For the phone, nice, but I’m not going to use this.

    • PlayTV is available in the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Ireland so far and we are constantly looking to expand this where possible.

  • Are there any plans to bring the remote play app to other Sony Ericsson handsets that support wifi/3G ?

  • For everyone asking the price its a Huge £400!! and the lowest contract is £25 quid a month

  • Could you confirm what OS the phone uses? My contract is up in a couple of months, and I may take the plunge with this – especially if it is Windows Mobile (my current one is, so I can port my apps).

  • Will you be able to play videos from the UK PSN Video store (when it launches) on this phone?

  • There definitely should be a Iphone app that have these features!
    I´m never buying a Sony Ericsson phone again, they just break and you also need to buy a new phone each year if you want new features because Sony Ericsson never update their os in the phones.

  • When is PlayTV coming to Australia? TV on your phone would be pretty awesome.

  • Sony Ericsson aren’t in the OS business. They use a third-party real-time OS. (Not one that you would have heard of).

  • What OS does the phone run, is it Symbian?

  • this is pretty good but i still dont understand why sony hasn’t build a psp phone because that would be fantastic

  • @ James, If I was going to make a full suggestion on how to map the DualShock3 button layout on a phone keypad it would be as follows:

    1 = L1
    3 = R1
    7 = L2
    9 = R2

    2 = ∆
    4 = □
    6 = ○
    8 = X

    5 = ‘PS’ button

    I think that would be a pretty intuitive layout for anyone that has spent any time with a PlayStation controller…

  • Uh, pretty…cool?
    Actually, useless.

  • Oh and almost forgot..

    * = Select
    # = Start


  • Does this mean that when the movies on the PSN Store are launched you can access them from your phone if they are on your hard-drive? :P

  • I thought this was a blog about playstation, Yes, the phone has remotely (pund intended) something to do with the ps3, but a short sidenote would be more then enough. Nice product placement attempt though. What marketing and brand adviser came up with the idea that the sone ericsson mobile ciomapny could benefit from the playstation’s popularity? PS3 user dosen’t equal fanboy of anything with the ps3 logo on.

  • Will come the remote play feature from the anio to other Sony Ericson mobile phones? like Xperia X1?

  • will this phone be available on Portugal?
    if so, i really might buy it (depending on the price :D)

  • Hi James,

    Just wanted to know that if the Aino on the website will work on the “3” Three Network (the phone comes unlocked), seeing as 3 has the capabilities for 3G wireless connectivity. So if I simply insert a 3 sim card in there, it will be good to go?

  • If I show you my “Active Blue” Sony Ericsson W595… will you send me an Aino for free?

    Sorry… I had to try… :D

  • Is this phone have a 9mm Jack?

  • Can we do this on the iphone at some point?

  • Does it make phone calls and do texts also? Those are the most important factors for me when buying a phone ;)

  • Tried to get the Aino, but Vodafone don’t offer it direct, on an upgrade. They only do the Satio, so i’m muddling along with that – full touchscreen is a whole new experience.

  • Was supposed to get this phone today from but they ran out of stock :(.

    Oh well, they should get stock back in soon, and I’m looking forward to the phone!

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