Uncharted 2: Among Thieves – UK Marketing Campaign

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Hi Everyone

My name is Phil Lynch, UK Software Product Manager for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

I’m sure you guys have read Thach’s blogpost on Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, if not pop over and have a look.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Screenshot

I’d just like to share with you guys some of the UK marketing and advertising for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves that you’ll be seeing on your screens over the coming weeks.

We’re sponsoring some great TV over the next 10 weeks, this will feature ‘Uncharted 2: Among Thieves’ branding and footage on all Sky One & Two Movies, including Mission Impossible 2, Hunt for Red October and Beverly Hills Cop. In addition the sponsorship will cover adventure programming on Discovery across four channels (Discovery, Discovery Shed, DMAX and Quest) including new episodes of Deadliest Catch, Whale Wars and Bear Grylls. The movie and adventure sponsorship angle obviously fits Uncharted 2 perfectly.

Along with this sponsorship, we’ll be running our TV ad, including great spots in both the England World Cup Qualifier against Belarus on the 14th and the UEFA Champions League match between Chelsea and Athletico Madrid the following week.

[viddler id=64017d17&w=545&h=327&playertype=simple]

You’ll also be able to catch our ad in cinemas nationwide in movies like Saw VI, Jennifer’s Body, Triangle, 2012 and Zombieland among others

Along with this we have a big press campaign and a competition running on www.benathandrake.com, where you and a friend are in with a chance of winning a real Himalayan adventure and follow the footsteps of Marco Polo (and Nathan Drake of course) on a 19 day holiday in Nepal. UK residents only, sorry.

That’s it from me… let me know what you think of the campaign and if you have any other questions or comments.

Take Care, enjoy the game and I’ll see you guys online


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5 Author Replies

  • Looks great, nice to see some gameplay in the ad. :)

  • Uk residents only. Typical.

    Also that add does not do Uncharted 2 any justice. Why don’t you just use the promotional ads made by Naughty Dog?

  • Any chance you could get the some copies of the Fortune Hunter edition of Uncharted 2 to Europe also? please :)

    • Hey noruraeus,

      The Fortune Hunter Edition is not for sale and is only available as a prize in the North American market via a local competition organised by our friends in SCEA. For the UK, our Collector’s Edition is available through GAME.

  • Glad SCEE are finally marketing what everyone wants.

    Forget movies and music, people buy a PS3 for the games!!!

    And Uncharted 2 is looking phenomenal.

  • Great ad. Fits the current PS3 theme adverts and shows a lot of the game too.

  • Advertising on Film4 would of been good due to it being free to view for most digital subs.

  • I don’t understand why you don’t do like every other company which sells millions of their games (gears, halo, modern warfare) and do an EPIC trailer rather than those corny ones.

  • Hello, I live in Germany and want to know when Uncharted 2 comes out? It seems like nobody really knows it… Amazon says 16th, Naughty Dog says that it comes on 14th…

    Can you plz help me?

  • Yeah the voice ruins the whole ad. Some classical music like what cod6’s ad has would get more peoples attention. I wasn’t going to get MW2 but after seeing this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rgBXFEFp-A my mind completely changed.

    The voice runs the whole ad, get rid of it

  • Voice in the ad totally ruins it all.

  • Thanks for informing us about the marketing of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Paul Lynch.

    The ad is quite honestly brilliant. I personally find this one to work better than the U.S ad. But one thing I would like to know about this ad is that will you guys have the same ad translated for other European countries like the other “The Game Is Just The Start” ads? Or the other European countries will have a completely different version?

    I think having the Ad run on movies like 2012 and Zombieland is a very good idea, and I am sure it will pay off as the game is arguably the best of this gen.

    Anyway, I have one question that I don’t think you can answer, but hey, I am going to ask it anyway!

    Do you know the budget of the marketing campaign? If you do, can you share us the info with us. I am really interested in such thing so I would really appreciate it if you could give us the info. :)

  • “We’re sponsoring some great TV, Mission Impossible 2, Hunt for Red October and Beverly Hills Cop”

    Man that made me laugh. Sky kicking out the same crap week after week!!

    Still, the game looks simply awesome and I can wait for my pre-ordered collectors etd to arrive!

    Best of luck with the launch guys.

  • I think this ad is quite powerful.

  • @geddesmond2,

    The ‘ad’ you posted is a fan-made, not official.

    And the official video is not an ad either; its a trailer, but it was debuted on TV first.

    Big difference, you know!

  • great that Sony games get some marketing! But I must say that The US tv spot of Uncharted 2 is SOOO much better. Sad that SCE waist money on different marketing. Use the same and it will be great. I hope Ratchet & Clank get some marketing to!

    I have re booked the CE !

  • The ads since the launch of the PS3 Slim are really amazing. I love ’em! ÷D

  • The ad is well done but I do not like it. It feels tacty, and to be honest unmemorable. This is an epic adventure and you got it lost inside all the swirls and everything.

    Also i doubt that “hell” bit will be tv.

  • Noice! Should encourage more people to get this amzing game :)

  • @psn-god

    Well you still get my point. The fan made MW2 trailer works better than a trailer with crap voice overs. I’m getting Uncharted 2 no doubt about it but if Sony wants to get the casual gamers attention they need to loose the voice over. It sounds like the big brother commenter

  • Why is it that marketing guys don’t think its a good idea to put “actual gameplay footage” at the bottom, you never see that on games with good graphics.
    ive seen it once on a kilzone 2 ad at the conema

  • Where do you enter the competition? I don’t see it anywhere on that website.

  • Hey,
    Can you tell the design department to stop putting those annoying coloured PSN discs on the front covers of the box art? ;)
    It already tells us that information on the back and tends to ruin the front cover :)
    Looking forward to the game. Hopefully Amazon’s estimated arrival date is wrong and it arrives on release day!

  • Hey, IT’S NOT “Athletico” The name of that team is Atlético de Madrid.


  • May I ask whether the Collector’s Edition will be available in GAME in Ireland? Thank you!

  • I particularly like the the way SCEE have promoted Uncharted within Home, the Uncharted space is great…er sorry it’s been in the US for over 12 months but not made it through that localization limbo ?

    Sort it our SCEE it’s your biggest game and it’s an exclusive yet you can’t pick up the phone to SCEA and sort something out.

  • I’m definitely already getting this game just from liking the first one so much. But if I knew nothing about this game I don’t think this ad would make me want to buy it. I think it’s the voice-over that makes it awkward, lol.

  • Hi Phil
    can you confirm that the UK version include ONLY ENGLISH?
    If yes, can you also explain why?

    Thank you in advance

  • Thank you Phil, things are well, looking forward to Uncharted 2! May I add you on PSN?

  • that speech has spolied it . all that money of that goes into getting the audio and music of the game and it gets wasted on the advert.

  • Don’t like the advert. Shut up the guy doing the voiceover. It’s not needed – i adds absolutely nothing. In fact, it ruins it.

  • I can already tell you this add will not help sell the game, gamers wo don’t have a PS3 will not be impressed and non-gamers will not be interested.

    It would have a much greater impact and on a wider range of people if Uncharted 2 was presented as an epic adventure rather than nonsensical gunfights without any context.

    Why not just take the official trailer and remaster it a bit ?

  • “UK residents only, sorry.”

    And again this is the UK Blog only show. Thanks for nothing!

    O, the add is terrible. Why not thow the game and end it with “only on PS3”, the the voice over and everything make the game look worse!

  • I’m impressed, this is easily Sony’s best marketing campaign for any PS3 game so far. Please keep this level of marketing up for all PS3 1st party published titles because imo they are easily the best out there and the more people made aware of them the better.

    Sony have really stepped their game up with marketing since the release of the new PS3 Slim and the PSP Go.

    Keep up the great work guys and I can’t wait to see you all online over the weekend when Uncharted 2 is out!

  • Sony is finally getting their advertising funds beefed up.
    It’s going to be tough to match you-know-who but great ad with great placements!

    4 days to go!

  • Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen Sony advertise an individual game, rather than just the console. In fact, the last ad for a PS3 game I’ve ever seen was for Resistance 2 when I went to watch Quantum of Solace at the cinema last year.

    So, I hope it goes well for you guys. I’ll be buying UNcharted 2 regardless of whether or not you advertise it (in fact, I’ve already pre-ordered my special edition from Game). Roll on Friday!

  • Just preordered my Collector’s Edition :-) Too bad there’s all the horrible days in between now and Friday!

  • any idea what shop I have to pre order in ireland to get the Special edition?

  • When does the Multiplayer Beta end? I have already pre-ordered the special edition, but I don’t want to have any downtime as I might end up with a nervious twitch from waiting… waiting… waiting… wai…

  • The ad is ok and I like that it shows a lot of in-game footage, however surely a game like this could carry itself without the voice over and animation effects? I suppose this is more an advert for the PS3 featuring Uncharted 2 though, rather than just an Uncharted 2 ad.

    If you were doing a true Uncharted 2 ad I would have liked it to have been more akin to a movie trailer, to emphasise it’s cinematic qualities, there could be a couple of 30 second TV spots and a full length trailer for playing in cinemas using entirely in-game assets.

    Something like this as an example:

    Also given that this game is getting good reviews left right and centre shouldn’t you have flashed up a few 10/10 review scores?

  • Awesome stuff SCEE. I would love to see this in Australia also. The new marketing campaign is really pushing the ps3 to new heights. Keep up the good work and i can’t wait to pick up my preordered copy of Uncharted 2.

  • Nice ad. Can’t wait for the game!

  • gr8 ad! looking forward to game!

  • The Naughty Dog trailer of the game sells itself, you I’m afraid have made a dogs breakfast of it! :) Pardon the pun.

    Don’t do what you did with Uncharted – Drakes Fortune of which I think is the best PS3 game, yet hardly anyone I know had ever heard of it!

  • Not only that, pretty much everyone that has Sky 1 & 2 watches it on Sky +, hence they skip the adverts. You should of just put it on Five ( especially between the Gadget show ), Channel 4 and if you’ve got a few spare quid on ITV between the X-Factor! :)

  • Looks amazing. I hope this exclusive finally gets the credit it deserves. I hope Naughty Dog smash that 2.5 million target :D

  • OMG uncharted YAAAAAAY

  • Good marketing campaign especially the TV ad… love it!

    Ahhh I’m so excited for this game. Only a few days to go. Hopefully I’m right when I say this but Naughty Dog have well and truly pulled something special out of the bag here. Not only a definite contender for GOTY but also best PS3 game ever. :D

  • Congrats on finally attempting to market a game on the same scale as microsoft would do (US advertising that is) unfortunately the UK/Europe side of things fall short as usual. Not going to point out faults that have already been noted by other users. My only question is why do we (UK/Europe) not get the same treatment in quality with ads as in the US? Someone already mentioned a Halo example and it does annoy me a little to see an ‘ace in the hole’ get such treatment especially so close to Christmas. If this was a microsoft exclusive it would’ve gotten so much attention in quality no matter what region you’d be seeing it advertised.
    This game deserved more and casual gamers who see that advert will not be pulled in especially if you compare Gears of War’s advertising. I’m not trying to bash you guys at all…you just need to get more serious if you want the same dominance the PS2 had. And if the issue of cost arises how costly would it be to just use the ‘Fortune favours the bold’ trailer which already is?

  • The campagin is good but its doesnt work when advertising a specific game. A shortened version of the ND trailer would have worked brilliantly.

    But at least Sony are trying but its no where near as good or as epic as Xbox standards.

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