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The PSB.Europe weekly reading list (week commencing the 5th of October)

This week we’ve been taking a look at some reviews, interviews and previews of upcoming PlayStation titles. We’re giving our RSS feeds a good ol’ clear out next week so that we can bring you more, better links in future editions of this post. So, if you have a favourite site you think we should be reading, let us know in the comments section.

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2 Author Replies

  • Sorry for offtopic. But when is the european release date for Uncharted 2. I see 16th but also 14th. Which is it? Do you know?

    • Games tend to release on the mainland two days earlier than in the UK, hence the difference in release date.

      So, to clarify:

      UK – 16th
      Europe – 14th

  • Off topic again, but I have been waiting eagerly for ages for news:

    I would like to make a plea to have Jeanne D’Arc released on the European/ Australian PSN!
    It’s been translated and released in NA, how difficult can it be to release it here too?! I don’t really want to import itfrom Japan or the US as I wouldn’t be able play it on my PSP Go which I just paid a premium for.
    Please! Let us play Jeanne D’Arc!

  • i think the best site for playstation news is you should check it out :)

  • You know what we DIDN’T read this week? Replies on the blog… seriously, besides Mike (really nice guy) and a few once-off dev posts, we’ve heard nothing from anyone else in the comments. This is my main complaint with the Blog at the moment

    • I’m sorry to hear that, Raider197. I’ll make sure you see more replies on here from now on. That’s one of the main purposes of the blog, after all. :)

  • there are these chain letters going around and I want to know if there is any truth to them or if its just some xbox fanboys with nothing else to do but mess with the ps people.
    1. there is 2 that regard the playstion store, saying that if you send this message to so many people you get $25 & $50 on a specified date
    2. one that says basicaly the same thing but its for a beta key for modern warfare 2
    3. The most IMPORTANT one. It says that Sony is going to make us pay to play online unless 500,000 users receive or send that message by 1/12/09.

    If sony does decide to do that they are most likely going to take a giant financial blow, im guessing. Is there any truth to any of these?

  • Dear Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

    Do your job.
    Publish YOUR OWN GAME in Europe.

    I have double dipped on this title, now owning both a Japanese copy and a US copy. It is hands down the best game, not just purely in it’s genre, it’s THE best game released this console generation.


  • SCEE, check out Kotaku.

  • @ericscolon [5]
    Do you honestly believe any of those chain messages are true?

    Seriously, after reading through the comments posted in this blog and the SCEA blog I’m not surprised developers are dumbing-down games for this generation of consoles. The more advanced the consoles get the less advanced the gamers seem to get.

  • SiRobertson, I agree with you about gamers being alittle “less advanced” but I don’t know exactly what you mean with developers “dumbing-down” their games?

    I mean, games has longer single-player and most of the games also have a fully fledged multiplayer mode aswell. But you might be referring to something completly different? Because in my opinion, we get more bang for our bucks these days.

  • @Jem Has there been any news what so ever concerning the resistance franchise? I don’t know what to make of this: Is it fake? Or a movie sponsored by RES3 that released the ad early by accident? (Battle:los angeles?) I struggled to word that :P Also see:

  • Did you also read my post about not being able to log in to Home?

  • nope i just want to tell my friends those letters are full of crap

  • It would be nice to have Demon Soul released here.

    I would also like to see more links from other sites on these stories, there are some great European sites out there but it always seems to be the same sites that get linked to.

  • I think you should post stories from , they always seem to have the latest reviews and news. Good Site.

  • Demon’s Souls please, ASAP.

  • JEM . what abou playstation home it keeps crashing . this is unacceptable as ive put lots of cash into home and cant even use it . scee are a joke tbh get a friggin grip u lot

  • what are the best on coming games?

  • @ Jem thanks for answering (how do you wright that?).

  • Hi, Elliott are you around? is it true that Uncharted 2 and Ratchet and Clank are coming to Home as well as Tekken??

    i still can’t find the claws :-/

  • LOOK HERE, is that the final design for the motion controller? Please tell me it isn’t. Do the people who are making that controller even play games? No Analog stick? Why play RES Evil 5 with two different types of controllers when all you need to do is turn that big black button on the front of the motion controller into a mini analog stick like the psp that happens to be clickable.

    Do you guys see us playing one hand with a motion controller and one hand with a Duelshock? Does I dont.


  • @Wollan (#6)

    Listen to this man, please. Demon’s Souls deserves to be released for us eurofolks aswell.

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