TGS 2009: Quantum Theory Update

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We’ve got another interview from TGS today — this time Jeff chats to Makoto Shibata, the Director of upcoming 3rd-person shooter Quantum Theory. This PS3 exclusive title will be heading to the west next year. Here’s what Jeff had to say about the interview, which you can watch below:

Last time we saw Quantum Theory was at E3 2009, and the game was so early as to not even be playable. Now with this gothic 3rd person shooter at about the 50% point in development, Tecmo allowed us to go hands on before granting us an interview with Director Makoto Shibata. The playthrough helped us come up with a number of questions about the game, as did your readers. Here are the answers, as translated by Localization Producer Peter Garza:

[viddler id=fd9d19f5&w=502&h=299&playertype=simple]

I apologize for the fact that I’m practically yelling at Shibata-san; this dude over at the neighboring Alienware booth was incredibly, obnoxiously loud. If you were there, you know who I’m talking about.

Anyways, with a good deal more development to go, we’ll keep tabs on this game for you, and report back at the next milestone.

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  • Isn’t this game called just Quantum?

  • Does this mean there’s no on or offline co-op mode?

  • I cant wait to play this game, im very intrigued by the whole story premise and the moving tower system.

  • Looks good, but also looks like the gameplay needs a lot of work.

  • Nice gameplay, I hope Sony will do to all those future games exclusive mode online like Uncharted 2. Uncharted 2 Online is perfect and complete !!

    Graphically it should still work after the game is worthy of a Gears of War killer

  • Looks pretty nice. Cant wait for it.

  • looks like it could be a pretty decent game, very reminiscent of gears of war, but then that’s no bad thing, unless you didn’t like gears :)
    hopefully we’ll see a demo at some point in the future.

  • Great to finally see the interview :p
    The game looks very good, like said above me, gears of war like game (wich is a good thing :D).
    Also great to hear that they are focussing on a strong SP storyline, Not every game needs a MP in my eyes.
    Let’s hope we Europeans don’t have to wait that long after Japan/US to get our hands on this game!

  • I’m hoping they will include alternative mode (or as DLC) where you control ‘her’ directly and ‘he’ the back-up instead.

  • looks can be deceiving seems to lack good story i think hopefully demo will be out soon

  • Disappointing that there is no co-op, it will probably work against this game in terms of reviews and opinions – people have (wrongly) latched onto this being a PS3 Gears of War clone, so people will just look at it and say “no co-op? fail!” without fully understanding the gameplay.

    It sounds to me that the girl is only available in certain sections of the game, and when present is used almost as an extension to the main character – sort of like the Princess in the most recent Prince of Persia. At least it does feature some form of multiplayer though, and the capture the girl mode could be an interesting gameplay twist.

    I’m not completely sold on it yet, but I’m keeping an interested eye on it. But people need to stop expecting it to be the next Gears of War otherwise they’re setting it up to fail – to me, aside from having a heavily armoured main character, it is going in quite a different direction…

    It’s also a shame Europe get the short straw again when it comes to release date, although tbh there are enough great games coming out in Q1 2010 for me to be quite glad of a delay for once!!!

  • It’l looks so boring and i think i fell asleep

  • I agree with Apnomis gears point and think its not fair to compare the two. From what we saw it oviously has quite a way to go before being ready for a release and its showing some promise at the mid development stage. I especially liked the whole moving tower concept and think it wiould be great to play a shooter when the game world around you is constantly evolving and changing as it would definatly keep you on your toes and make for some intresting possibilitys tactics wise. One to keep an eye on but still too early to tell just how good it’ll really be.

  • looks good considering its only 50% completed bring on the trumpets

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