Motorstorm Arctic Edge – The Team Behind The Game Speak

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Hi guys, to celebrate the launch of Motorstorm Arctic Edge on PSP the team decided to get together and come up with some exclusive info for fans of the Playstation blog. As the Art Director on Arctic Edge, I’ve got top secret full access to the team so I thought I’d do the rounds and find out what they think…

MotorStorm Arctic Edge

What makes the game stand out from the crowd on PSP?

Motorstorm fans will love it because it’s a full-on Motorstorm game you can take anywhere (I was playing it on the train yesterday). Racing fans new to the series will love the sense of freedom (there’s a great choice of vehicles and routes) but there’s still a big emphasis on finding the best line amidst all the explosions, crashes and aggressive mayhem. – Richard Ogden, Game Director

MotorStorm Arctic Edge

What did you enjoy most about making MotorStorm Arctic Edge?

The fast cars, the women, the rock and roll lifestyle…. were not available while working on Motorstorm (well, the cars were!). With that in mind we had to console ourselves with the fact that we were bringing a widely respected and loved PS3 franchise and making it portable. That alone was quite an awesome task that had the team ready to give 110% to ensure we did the fans, and indeed ourselves, proud.

I personally enjoyed working to the PSP’s hardware specs and trying to push the console to its limits. 6 player On Line and Ad-Hoc races, uploading and downloading of ghost vehicles, 10 racers on screen during single player, over 100 events, full vehicle customisation, Photo Mode, Avalanches, Ice Bridges, Weather effects and so on. A complete Motorstorm package where ever and whenever the players want it. That is what I enjoyed making, and more importantly that it is what the fans expected – and I feel that we have delivered that and more!

MotorStorm Arctic Edge

– Robert Shaer, Game Designer

Any cool stories from the research trip to Alaska?

After seeing Alaska’s stunning scenery and witnessing the unpredictability of the terrain and weather we were certain that this was the perfect location for the next Motorstorm festival. The Denali range contains one of the highest mountains in the world, being set down by our plane amongst some the peaks thousands of feet above sea level, in the middle of winter was a very memorable moment, especially as we watched out ride home disappear off in to the distance without us! Luckily he came back, and we used our thousands of stunning photos as an inspiration for the game.

MotorStorm Arctic Edge

– Matthew Brown, Environment Artist

As you can see, the team is really proud of Motorstorm Arctic Edge. If you’re lucky enough to own a copy, we’ll be telling you about some hidden secrets in our next post. If you just want to check it out, look out for the demo hitting PSN soon!

MotorStorm Arctic Edge

Simon Bursey, Art Director – Motorstorm Arctic Edge, Bigbig Studios

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6 Author Replies

  • We need more games like motorstorm on PSP, il love this game, and i can’t wait for LBP PSP

    Good Job with Motorstorm Artic Edge !

  • all these great psp games and things like ‘remote play’ with the ps3 bring me closer to buying a psp every day.

  • Thanks for MotorStorm – its just great… :) and it has on the best gamesoundtrack ever… will there be a chance to download it by title, sometimes?

    • Hi, glad you’re enjoying the game! We put a lot of effort into getting an awesome playlist. We don’t currently have a plans to release the music seperately, but your PSP and PS3 can play MP3s of the tunes which you can buy online.

  • Any chance elements from Artic Edge will be added to Pacific Rift for those of us that don’t have a PSP? I suppose I could get the PS2 version, since I have an original backwards-compatible PS3, but I’d miss my trophies and general PS3 HD loveliness!

    You have Fire, Earth, Water, so would it be feasible to add ‘Ice’ and including a few of the Artic Edge tracks and the Snow Ski etc? Or is the idea that you continue to tease PS3 owners into getting a PSP as well (whether they need one or not) to be able to play exclusive sequels/versions of their favourite PS3 franchises? No doubt Nathan Drake’s next adventure will be PSP exclusive too… :roll:

    • The PS2 version of Motorstorm Arctic Edge is available in UK & Ireland from 9th October, and most other PAL territories from the 14th October.

  • It’s a damn awesome game.

    In your next post, tell me how to unlock/find the WipEout/LBP/Pursuit Force/Killzone emblems.

    Thanks :)

  • I got a PSP GO last week and its a definately maybe for me.

    After buying the PSP Go
    Then for PS3 I have Fifa 10 Ninja Gaiden and Unchartered 2, Brutal Legend & WWE coming this month I think I’ll need to wait til next payday.

    But looks great

  • How about Earth, Wind and Fire themes with a soundtrack by Earth, Wind and Fire!?!
    KoS, what do you thing of your PSPgo?

  • Custom soundtracks? Nice one! That’s made my decision to buy a copy :0)

  • Good work on the game. It’s up there with Burnout Legends as my favorite racer on the PSP, and considering the PSP has a lot of great racing games that’s something.

    About the custom soundtrack bit. Where is that? I can see the music playlist menu where you can disable/enable tracks from the game itself but I don’t see where I can add my own.

  • @bood – I love my PSP Go – its so shiny.

    I got the white one and it just oozes class.

    GT is great and I think I probably need a rougher experience to compliment it – AKA Motorstorm

    Custom soudtracks is a great option – but not needed on Motorstorm both PS3 games have great soundtracks and I’m sure this is the same.

  • I record a lot of 6music off PlayTV and transfer it to my PSP so it’d be ideal for catching up on while playing games.
    (Does that make sense?).

  • The tunes you want to add need to be MP3 files (Bitrate 256 or less), and stored in the \MUSIC folder on your Go or Memory Stick. They will then appear at the bottom of the Options->Audio->Music Playlist in Arctic Edge.

  • lol custom soundtracks on a psp game? That is just way too awesome!

    Got me a GT Edition PSP last week and Arctic Edge will be my next PSP game on my next payday. I love Motorstorm and having a PSP version is going to be awesome!

    Well done to you guys at Bigbig Studios and at Sony for putting together what looks like an amazing game and what is a sure buy for me.

  • The game doesn’t seem to see my 192kbps VBR mp3’s I have in my music folder.

  • Will people who bought MotorStorm Artic Edge on the EU PSN get the pre-order bonus that the US PSN users are getting?

    Great post, I love this game so much, I love how colourful the menus are, they really pop out on my PSP Go’s screen. Of course the rest of the game looks great but I appreciate a well designed and good-looking menu. :D So glad you guys made a MotorStorm game for the PSP.

    • Hi, the Collector’s Edition, which includes Art Cards, and a PSN voucher for the Mirage rally car, and an exclusive PSP theme is only available as a limited edition box product in Europe. However, the PSN voucher you get with the box is compatible with the Go version of the game (but you can only use it on one machine).

  • @ Carnivus_Prime: Make sure your tracks are in /GAME/MUSIC and not in the MUSIC folder at the root of the PSPs memory. I had this problem as well but I fixed it by putting the tracks there. Now I can listen to Muse as well as The Prodigy. :D

  • I want to start of my post by saying; WOW. It’s like playing Pacific Rift (Minus the change in scenery, sometimes) but on a PSP. Very well done.

    Quick question though. I read that when you buy it from the store in the first 30 days of release you get the pre order bonus, asd I have a PSPgo> However I did’nt get any bonus car. What is the situation on that?

    – Matt –

  • Custom Soundtrack – Update

    Hi guys, to clarify:

    Music tracks need to be put in PSP/MUSIC where the PSP folder is at the root of the memory stick.

    The tracks must be MP3s encoded at 256 kbps bit rate (or lower) and 44.1 kHz. Variable bit rate (VBR) MP3s will not work. MP3s that aren’t supported will appear in the in-game playlist but they will not play.

  • Hey cool. Didn’t know about the PSP/Music folder (my memory stick didn’t have that done already, just the root Music folder which was confusing me) and they show up on the playlist now. dBpoweramp batch converted all the mp3’s I just moved there into cbr and have just now been playing the game with my tunes and they work fine now. Thanks for the assistance :)

  • @ Simon Bursey: Ah well, I didn’t know there was a limited edition version of Artic Edge available. Thanks for clearing that up (and the music thing too, I should have written /PSP/MUSIC and not /GAME/MUSIC). :D

  • At sucks. I do indeed have my MP3’s in PSP/MUSIC, but they’re in folders organised by album. They only show up in the game if you just chuck all of your songs in one big folder (MUSIC).

    Too unorganized for my liking.

  • What? The first word in my previous comment should be “That”.


  • Great job you did BigBig. I should hopefully be getting Arctic edge for my birthday in november, and its nice to know that your releasing a demo soon, so I can try it out before buying new game.

    Could you be able to tell me when you think the demo should probably go up on the PSN? ( ;

  • I’d like to try the demo before buying.

  • Play Motorstorm or Pacific Rift, but imagine the whole track being White. That’s Arctic Edge. Plays great.

  • Good Job with Motorstorm.

    Plays super and online works great.

  • Is it possible to put music automatically in the PSP/MUSIC folder using MediaGo? Or do we have to do it track by track manually (if you know what I mean)?

  • I’m playing Arctig Edge every day, it’s brilliant.

    One of the best title on psp for me, nice work. :)

  • Will it ever be on the PS3

  • will there be any dlc for moter storm artic edge

  • Seeing great titles like this really helps to make me think im doing the right thing saving for a PSP Go. Good job guys keep up the good work.

  • I purchased Arctic Edge on UMD and I noticed on the back of the case it has a very distinct symbol claiming that it is PS3 Remote play compatible. I have asked around and no one seems to have an answer to how this would work with a game that is already on the PSP? Many people would like to know how to use the PS3 remote play compatibilty feature in this game.
    NOTE: I have used remote play to play PS3 games, music, web browsing, and videos, I just do not know how it could relate to a PSP game?

  • What remote play symbol? There’s only the PSP to PSP & PSP to WWW symbols!

  • The U.S. version has a symbol on the back that says PS3 Remote Play Compatible. I am really getting frustrated by the dead ends I run into every time I ask this question.

  • I’ve Googled this and everyone’s asking about it! It seems to be specific to U.S. packaging. I don’t understand how Remote Play would work in reverse? Or how the game would benefit from it?

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