VidZone Update: Groove Armada World Premiere

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The world premiere for the new GROOVE ARMADA videos is coming to all VidZone PS3 users today! Their new video “I Won’t Kneel” is an ultra sultry, retro future classic that once again rips up the rule book to their ever changing sound. I implore that you check it out right away.


We are also interviewing the band next week and they have asked us to ask you for any questions you might like to ask. Anything you want,.. well… within reason ;)


What do new videos smell like? Fresh of course! Like just mowed grass, like a spring rain shower, like a gently trickling waterfall, like an underwear drawer full of socks and pants just laundered by your mum. So if you get asked, “how fresh are the new videos on VidZone?” You can say? “Mmm… mum fresh”.

Lots to tell you this week so I will get straight down to business.

Home Page Features

Artist of the Week
Whitney Houston – Not Whitney Housten as I once wrote on the Twitter and got duly crucified for by eagle eyed tweeters. That’s right “The Voice” is back and belting it out as well as ever. “Million Dollar Bill” and “I Look to You” are both brand new videos you should definitely watch if you are a Whitney fan ( which I think we all are whether proud or in the closet).


Best of Covers
No, we AREN’T talking sheets here…we ARE talking artists singing other artists songs. Bob Dylan sings the Crazy Frog, Metallica sings Enya, Ludacris sings Miley Cyrus… OK, these are not covers which have ever existed (but they really should). This week Weird Al Yankovic sings Nirvana, Westlife sings Billy Joel, Mark Ronson sings Radiohead with covers that have happened and that you can watch here.


Country Hits
I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to Country and Western, but it seems that it’s what a lot of you want in your life. So here you go, get your cowboy hats on and spurs out and scream yeeeeehaaaaww!! Actually, maybe I should just stop stereotyping.

Blast from the Past
Modern music is overrated, the old music is the best music. Wow, I sound like my dad and it’s not true, but you have to admit there is a lot of good old music out there. So much in fact, that we’ve had trouble narrowing the playlist down to a short list. But we did it! So enjoy!

Recommended Playlists

Romantic Music Videos
Sexy Time!!! Snuggle down with your other half to these sickeningly romantic videos

Video Diary
Backstage Time!!! Watch all the stars go about their day to day business.

Chatting Time!!! What has your favourite artist got to say? Find out here.

Driving Anthems
Cruisin’ Time!!! Ultimate driving videos to cruise around at your local supermarket car park to.

Other Stuff

Naughty Nannies
We received this video the other day and we would like to know what you think… But be warned, as you can see from the screenshot, it is a cringe worthy, but we reckon you won’t be able to stop yourself from watching on.

Naughty Nannies

The Visitors
We like to champion new music as much as possible so we recommend this must seevideo by The Vistors called “Another Day”. Check it out and let us know what you think.


New Videos
Just a reminder to tell you that you can see all the newly uploaded videos in the “New Videos” section of the service, a few of you have been asking for a full list of videos and hadn’t realised that they were listed here.

Next Week
As we only blog about the updates every two weeks and we update the features weekly, thought it would be a good idea to tell y’all what we have planned for next week too so you can prepare yourself both mentally and physically for it.

Artist of the Week
Miike Snow – UK, Ireland, Australia, Germany, France

Shakira – Italy, Spain

Artist Spotlight
Editors (Europe Only) – All their music videos plus an exclusive interview.

Next Week

Emo Videos
Amazing Directors
Ultimate Number 1’s

Is that it? I think it is. Once more it’s time for me to say on behalf of the whole VidZone team. Thanks for all the support and comments.


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