Crash Commando Patch Incoming

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Hello to all Crash Commandos,

Well I asked you all to go easy on my last time but it looks like no one took any notice of my begging :)

I hope you are enjoying the new maps and characters….I’ve been hearing the Colonel taking about some lederhosen and had the Ninja chop me like Sushi!

Crash Commando Rapper

Well I know it hasn’t been long since the last one but we have another patch coming your way. This fixes a couple of things we have noticed since the last build and adds in some Rumble support!

Crash Commando Canyon

I’ll be seeing you all online – and remember “Hurts so bad, feels so good” :)

  • Sound fix for issues where various sounds are not being played at all
  • Unlock Heist Map Pack fix
    • Now unlocks the Heist Map Pack properly when purchasing it within the game’s online store.
  • Heist cash bag fix
    • Corrected detection of when players and other players bots are removed from the game taking the cash bag with them.
  • DUALSHOCK 3 Vibration support
    • Added rumble for player weapons, near player explosions, player vehicle weapons, player vehicle collision impacts, weapon impacts on the player etc.
  • To avoid any new text issues the game only acknowledges the on/off setting of vibrations the player can set in the system’s controller settings.


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  • I’m still unsure if this game supports local multiplayer. If it does, I’ll buy it for sure, need some games to have fun with friends sometimes!

  • Great, the patch is certainly needed especially for the sound!
    But I’m having a problem when playing online, sometimes when I join a new match, I get the error which is every player in the match leaves the game! Check the match again, and all the players are in the match, try to connect again, same thing happens! What’s causing this issue?!

  • Sweet. The game is damn near perfect. Fixing the sound and adding vibration are about the only things you could have done to improve it.

    Splitscreen would be cool, but may not work too well in reality.

    Oh actually, can you please get rid of the damn copy prevention on the save file? I’ve lost all my stats and records 3 times now :(

  • I know this doesn’t got anything to do with the post but when I tried to get into the psn store 5 minutes ago it said it’s not available in my country o0.

  • Thanks for the update!

  • Wow. The EU community is just SO talkative, look at all these comments and discussions here! Seriously, at most theres like 20 comments on a story, you guys need to comment more so we get more stories here and more blog posters interact here.

    And i’m from the US.

  • Yay for patching in vibration! Also couldn’t help but notice that you share your name with a jazz-rock virtuoso…

  • At poster 1#, it doesn’t support local multiplayer unfortunately, but don’t let that get u down about grabbing this masterpiece (lol). It really is a awesome game, bought it when it first came out.

    Thanks for the continued support guys! the rumble functionality sounds especially cool.

  • Awesome!!!! I love this game :D but local multiplayer would be fantastic, sad when friends come over and stare at the screen feeling left out :( hehe ;)

  • Great to get these annoying bugs fixed. But it is a shame that nothing was done regarding the sniper rifle. The game still feels like running in slow motion compared to when the sniper had 4 shots.

    A setting page where the one hosting the game could change some weapon settings like turning them off and changing the number of shots before reload would be nice!

  • Can we have some new trophies in the game please? I’ve 100%’d it and the trophies were a bit too easy to get anyway – how about some really tough ones?! :)

  • Hi Everyone,

    Just to let you know the patch will be with you next Wednesday (14th)Evening.
    Glad you are all still playing and enjoying the game :)

    Keep on fragging as i am still seeing the same names at the top of the leaderboards, although now we addressed the sniper rifle i hope this will change soon :o)

  • I’d be really high on the leaderboards if I hadn’t lost my save file when I upgraded to an 80GB PS3, and then again when I upgraded to a Slim PS3.

    Why did I lose my save file each time? Because you can’t copy the Crash Commando save file.


    Thanks :)

  • Thanks for the patch! :D

  • Awesome game !!, Any info on if theres ever going to be a splitscreen patch ?

  • Recently got the game, and i’m enjoying it greatly. Only thing missing is the local multiplayer. Seems like this game is just perfect for some frenzied fun, while slapping my mate next to me on the couch^^
    Great support, good stuff.

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