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PlayStation.Blog.Europe Weekly Content Recap

I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s been a hefty week for the PlayStation Blog. Between our week long minis feature and our continued Tokyo Game Show coverage, this has probably been our most content heavy week ever. There’s some other stuff too, including a Fate/Unlimited Codes competition, the final part of our weekly Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 feature and news that the Uncharted 2 beta is now open to all. Oh, you didn’t know? Get downloading!

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  • uncharted drakes fortune 2 beta is fantastic cant wait for the full game.

  • It has been a really positive week and thank you very much! I greatly appreciate it. Now my school holidays are over it is back to studying :( hehe :)

  • hmm, been one of those “high on content, low on quality” weeks for me, not many stories I’ve been interested in, but then again that’s just me, I’m never happy am I? ;-) I’m sure there’s plenty of people who enjoyed this week so well done :-)

  • Well well, PSN network down without notice :(

  • Feh..was a mediocre week. PSPGo is a marketing spaghetti junction which is still holding a hefty pricetag, no PSone classics, Bethesda shafting consumers by slapping £8 on each pack (and forcing me to take up knitting at the advice of another user..have you seen my new hat?) and Uncharted 2 with it’s share of idiots (But that’s every online game so Que Sera Sera)

    BUT, you have all at least cut the noose from around your necks in recent weeks with some punch-packing updates, now you all just need to start the walk off the gallows (except Sir Mike, who was carried off the gallows by SCEE customers for always listening and responding to us and being a bloody nice guy :p HINT HINT)

  • I just have one thing to ask and it is WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH THE PSN NETWORK? since last night(02-Oct-09) my friends not showing up, others say I’m offline when I’m not with all this pspGo updates to the store you guys bronke the network can you please fix it as I want to play fifa 10 online, other than that it has been a superp week

  • There’s no Blog entry of the PS Home update. It was updated to version 1.3 this week, among other things including cache size adjustment.

  • Just keep up what you’re doing Jem, this week mightn’t have been for me but I’ve enjoyed other weeks on here, I guess there’s just something for everyone. oh, and I bought a PSP Go today (upgraded from my 1000) and I’m happy to say it’s amazing, I was extremely wary of it before (high price, no game trade in etc.) as were are many others but I have to say it’s a hell of a machine once you start using it :-) Also, is it just me or is the internet faster on the Go than the 1000?

  • oh, and would it be possible to ask the PSP firmware guys to add a remaining-battery-power icon to the Store when downloading stuff directly from the Go? I’m downloading Prince of Persia Revelations, don’t know how much battery is left, thanks for any help :-)

  • Its been a busy week. I’m hoping that the PSN problems are temporary and due to more people downloading stuff for the PSP and PSPgo, and SCEE will add more servers or whatever IT magic they need to do to handle the increased load.

    I do think they could have handled the PSPgo free GT and rewards better. I rebought a PSP primarily for GTPSP. I chose a go as GT came free. I didn’t really expect to be waiting several days to get the code – why isn’t there just a code in the box? how can it take so long to send out an automatic email?

  • Any chance of there being a Spotify app for the Playstation 3? Maybe one that supported custom soundtrack.

    I’d have to say it would be an absolutely amazing killer app. Spotify and the PS3 are begging to be matched up.

    VidZone is fantastic but it would be nice to have music work in the background along with the ability to change playlists anywhere(Such a useful feature. I’ve now deleted a lot of the music off my iPod and now just use Spotify because the sync up is instant).

    Please try and make it happen!

  • More Motion Controller information! The thought of holding a motion controller and a dualshock isn’t very good :S sounds very uncomfortable

  • Good work this week with psp in the PS Store.
    By the way, I broke my PS EYE the last week, I bought it 20 months ago, Can I do something with it?

  • Would it be possible to get an interview with Bioware before Dragon Age is released? I have not seen any PS3 gameplay and I have a few questions to ask them.

  • Jem, any chance you could provide an overview of the TGS articles planned for next week, are we going to get any exclusives? IGN always seem to be one step ahead and already have TGS articles covering several flagship games including Final Fantasy XIII and Gran Turismo 5, I thought an official SCE blog would have been THE place to go for the latest and greatest news.

    • TGS wasn’t a very newsy show this year. It rarely is. Expect interviews with the likes of Level-5 (White Knight Chronicles) and Q-Games (PixelJunk Shooter) to come over the next week.

  • Mr Alexander, Is Sony working on any new music visualisation for PS3, personally I’d love to see a visualisation by Ryan Geiss (I particularly like his Smoke and Milkdrop plug-ins) or Sound Spectrum (G-Force or White Cap).

  • i have one question, why was the update to home ignored on the blog.
    it’s not so much that as such but the fact that home was down for most of the day and nobody says why.
    sure most of us have been here long enough to know what’s going on but with the influx of new users since the slim launch there will be a heck of a lot of people that have no idea what’s going on.
    so much for the much vaunted spirit of openness.
    and why is europe still not getting the picture frames?the legal issues were sorted out months ago, yet “management” decided we shouldn’t have them.
    was that the same management that decided we shouldn’t have the graphitti game in the infamous space?

    and now for this week’s edition of the retro corner.
    wii vc: super empire strikes back.
    ps1: nothing this week, a couple of disney games on special offer, how else they going to get anybody to buy them? still waiting on lots of far better games, like the tomb raider games and the return of silent hill.

    but you did finally get the store cards out

  • Jem can you help me? There’s a stuck pixel on my PSP Go and it’s really annoying when I’m playing a game, is there any way to fix it? :-(

  • @ raider197

    You have to see if its a dead pixel or a stuck pixel. If it stuck its frozen with a color, if its dead its black.

    To fix a stuck pixel you can run a video for some hours that flashes colors. Sometimes it can be fixed by pushing on the screen, but don’t do that. Search for stuck pixel psp.

    If its dead, or you cant unstuck it. Try to return it. Depending how annoying it is you may be able to return it.

    (I had two stuck pixels on psp 2000. Trying to unstuck them didn’t work, but after half a year of usage they fixed themself.)

  • Interesting, thank you GHenrik. I’ll take a look into the videos, the pixel is a stuck one, it isn’t that noticeable as it’s near the very top of the screen but of course I’d prefer my brand spanking new (and incredible) PSP Go to be perfect, like my previous 1000 model was (until the sound stuff broke) ;-)

  • Wait what, why is my comment awaiting moderation? Did I do something wrong!? :-O

  • I’m not sure, but if you post a web link, you have to wait for an admin to confirm it’s not a spam link.

  • ..sorry but interview with Yama for GT5..? ..I remember you promise something from TGS or I’m wrong..?

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