Minis Week: GameShastra Studios

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Hi everybody.

I am Prakash Ahuja, CEO of GameShastra, one of the lead developers on PSP Platform. I have always believed that the PlayStation provides an amazing gaming experience and PSPgo is an exciting addition to the family.

D-Cube 04

At Gameshastra, we have a vibrant team that is developing entertaining, immersive games for PSP platform. D-Cube our first game is about a Lilliputian alien from a distant galaxy on his journey to earth. He has crash landed into a strange planet – the D-Cube. He must recover and assemble all the parts of his spaceship to continue with his voyage. The planet itself is a giant maze filled with cubes that only move in a particular direction. You have to guide him through these puzzles and help him collect the spaceship parts.

[viddler id=db413791&w=545&h=327&playertype=simple]

Circles, Circles, Circles is our next game. It is a brain teasing puzzle game where you need to conquer the golden zero in the world of circles using basic math skills. This is followed by Laserwars – an action puzzle game setup in an asylum where you split and deflect an array of beams to its target. Our fourth game is the awesome bike ride down the famous Route 66 connecting Chicago and Los Angeles where you search and find hidden objects in the journey.

Circles 01

[viddler id=b42d10cc&w=545&h=327&playertype=simple]

We have a suite of over 30 games under development for PSP and the goal is to release a couple of games every month. We are working with the leading publishers on other consoles and porting their games with rich experience to this great new platform.

I have always believed that downloadable games are the future of gaming industry and the gaming industry is going to follow the music industry in moving towards the single download of addictive immersive games to be played anytime anywhere!!

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  • 30 games in development and your looking to release a couple of games per month? I wish you guys luck with that, sounds like quite a challenge your setting yourself.

    What price will your first few games be?

  • Id buy it twice if it was playable on ps3 and had trophies ;)

  • I suggest you think about editing those videos. The first minute of the D-Cube is loading screens. Boring and not cool.

    I want to see gameplay when I click on a video.

    Just a thought.

    Good luck with your minis though and i’ll be perusing all the goodies tomorrow afternoon with my new PSP GO.

  • That is the first time i have seen a official video that makes use of a steadycam. This so awesome and yet so wrong.

    I fully support the cheap small games development so I can see you don’t need to put any work into promoting the game. That awesome, its just so wrong the the game don’t get that much much stylish promotion then.

    Would it be an idea to use the community to make trailer for the game? Just dump a bunch of raw video down and let the community make something out of it?

    “Id buy it twice if it was playable on ps3 and had trophies”
    Sony is looking at the idea to bring minis to PS3

  • Those videos really aren’t doing anything to convince me these games are worth purchasing, all they are doing is demonstrating really bad game resource management, why am I seeing so much “loading…” in the games? Restarting a D-Cube level, for example, requires the entire level to be reloaded, why?

    Trying to develop and release so many games in such a short period of time is not going to be good for anyone, you should consider dropping some of the games and spending more time on the production (quality).

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