Gran Turismo PSP Free For Early PSPgo Buyers

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Hello everyone. At gamescom we announced that we are giving away Gran Turismo PSP for free with any purchase of PSPgo within the first 10 days of launch. I am now in a position to share the details of the promotion with you. So here is how you can get a copy of Gran Turismo for PSPgo for free!


First you need to buy a PSPgo in one of the participating countries. Next, login to the PlayStation Store on your PSPgo with your new or existing PSN account. Once in the store, download the Gran Turismo Theme which will be highlighted on the top page of the store and we will send you an email with a voucher code to download Gran Turismo for free on your PSPgo. Just make sure that you do all this between the 1st and the 10th October. The voucher will be with
you within a week, but you should get it much quicker than that.

For the full details and a step by step guide please click here.


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3 Author Replies

  • Those screens are most defintely not the psp version.

  • Awesome. At least I get one new game to play on my new PSP go (Oh and Echochrome and all the PS1 games I bought).

  • The terms and conditions I read on the eu playstation site mentions that the offer runs from 6:00 pm on the 1st October. Can you confirm that I will have to wait till 6 to download the theme.

    • Hello, we are changing this and bringing it forward.

      The store will be re-freshed and the Gran Turismo Theme will be available to download at 2pm GMT (3pm CET) and for Australia and New Zealand it will be 4pm local time on the 1st.

  • Nice little offer for people picking a Go up early, helps to take alittle bit of the sting of the price tag. Will be sure to download the theme asap

  • @ ratchetnclank

    Those screens are not even from a PS3 verion. They are PC rendered originals.

    TBH, it makes me mad when PSP or PS3 games are billed/advertised using media that is not native to the console in question. It’s like a “look at this beautiful screen, you won’t get this quality, but isn’t it looking good!” type slap in the face.

  • I think you need to chuck more in the PSPgo box than a free copy of GT. £200 for a PSP that forces you to buy DLC from PSN thats costs more than 50% more than the UMD in a retial shop.

    This is a rich kids toy for people with money to blow and have no concience.

  • Im sticking with my Phat JAP 1000 model. Best of Both worlds.

  • awesome, but im buying my go from the us. Is usa part of the countries?

    • hi xl-Red-lx, unfortunately the promotion is not available in the US.

      This promotion is only available to residents of Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom

  • Nice offer. Can’t wait to try this game.

  • This does not justify a purchase for me. Your’re charging twice as much as a PSP 3000. I could buy a PSP, 16 gig memory stick and Grand Turismo for £30 less than just the Go.

  • Stop discriminating other EU countries. What about Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and others?

    • hi weaselIEST

      The way to download the game is via the PlayStation Store and unfortunately we do not have stores in those countries.

  • I’m currently residing in one of those countries listed in the promotion, [saudi arabia] however, the official Sony stores claim to be receiving there PSP Gos on the 20th of there anyway the offer could be extended for those of us in the middle-east, or our we getting the short end of the stick?
    It just seems strange that this promotion includes Saudi Arabia, when we wont be getting our Gos until later…

    Are there any plans to introduce Pre-order cars for those of us who Have to purchase the game later for our psp gos, Like with what is happening for Motorstorm Arctic Edge?

    Thank you.

  • i want be buying a psp go any time soon as i think it’s way over priced,i will wait a year or so to see if the price comes down.

  • oh ok thanks for clearing it up.

  • I want a PSP GO but I want to transfer my UMDs to it. Once that matter is addressed I will definitely buy one.

  • over priced , no umd no 2 stics + i hate ful douwnload games. litel extra (map weapens karakters ) =ok . sony ,u are stupid to not have no produo game stik (games) on psp go !!!

  • @ mikeuk2004, I’m afraid I have to agree – £200 for an ageing handheld with reduced functionality vs £229 (online) fo a PS3 Slim with blu-ray, 120GB HDD, and all the trimmings of a current-gen HD console. As well as £24.99 for a monopolised digital download vs £17.99 or less for a UMD version from one of many online retailers competing for your business.

    I like the concept of the PSPgo, but the pricing is all wrong – Sony would have been better off starting again with a PSP2 for that price point. A digital-only PSP2 with touch-screen, second analogue stick, backwards compatibility with PSP games (via download), maybe even built-in GPS/camera, would have been a big seller – maybe even at £250 – but £200 for nothing new is a tough sell.

    Like Nintendo have operated for years, devs could have still developed for the old PSP and new PSP2 at the same time, or if they absolutely wanted to use something on the PSP2 like a second analogue stick or touch screen (iPhone ports?) it could be marked as ‘PSP2 compatible only’ on the download (or include both control variants in the options menu).

    @ xI-Red-Ix this is a Europe only promotion, I don’t know whether or not they will have any similar incentives in the US…

  • I like the idea of the PSPgo, but until the prices for the downloadable games come down I think I’ll hang fire and wait. I don’t see why I should pay more for a downloadable copy than the UMD version in the shops. That’s a bit backwards to me…

  • Great news for PSPGo buyers. Just a quick question, is there any news of the UMD copy that was announced a couple of weeks back on the blog that was the collector’s edition? I still can find it for pre-order at any online retailers.

  • I really want to buy a psp go, but I have a lots of umds ( games and movies). I know that you get 3 free games if you have one umd but I got like 15 umdes. I want them on my psp go too=( It is bad that you are forgetting the loyal buyers(I have the lanch psp).

    I really want a go, but what am I sopsed to with all the umds???

  • i got 26 umd games !!!!
    sony mistakes = ps3 expensif * psp go expensif
    no ps2 compatible games on ps3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    psp umd copy = no go !!!!!!!!!!
    in game media cros chat = !!!!????????!!!!!!
    jappan – usa = patch en store servis 1st , europe = 3 place
    no dualchok *
    no psn cards*

    * = no problem enymore
    one question to sony = if europe is inportant ????

    lissen to jour players en sony fans !!!

  • @Locus2k1 The collectors edition of GT is exclusive to and is £24.99, still copies available too last time I checked

  • Hey Adam Grant, nice avatar. ;)

    Thanks for clearing this up. Though 4pm is some time to wait for us New Zealanders eagerly anticipating the game! Spose we can’t complain about a freebie! Can’t wait for the courier to deliver my Go.

    And I laughed at this:

    “hi xl-Red-lx, unfortunately the promotion is not available in the US.

    This promotion is only available to residents of Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom”

    Basically anywhere BUT the United States.

  • PSP go is only really viable for new PSP owners at this point, it just has too many negatives associated with it.

    Even for those people, it’s clear that and other stores will be selling UMDs for probably £5 or so less than the PSN so that’s another issue on top of the high price of the system itself.

    Even though I don’t like UMDs or the noise they make, I don’t like not getting reward points and paying more for games. Plus I also don’t want to have to stick with my 2000 to play my old games.

    I don’t even really trade in my games my games much but that will be an issue for a lot of people.

    So anyway while at first when they announced free GT PSP I was excited because I thought the system would be about £180, when I found out the true price that was it.

  • @10, looks like you proved the PSPgo hardware’s a pretty good deal as you didn’t take into account its extra/improved capabilities (smaller, lighter, better quality screen, firmer buttons and less ‘sticky’ nub, pause game, bluetooth etc) or the three extra free games from SCEE.

    Then again, SCE could be doing a better job of promoting the go’s unique capabilities.

  • So a loyal PSP owner since 2005 who doesn’t want to lose the ability to play his games, gets jack? Awesome as ever SCEE

  • The PSPgo needs to be cheaper than the PSP3000, as it’s simply a cut down, lite version of the PSP.

    The fact that Sony thinks it’s customers are stupid enough to pay such a pathetic price is just downright offensive. They’re basically spitting on their customers.

    Oh well, I don’t have to buy a Go, and I won’t be. My Vibrant Blue 3000 is nicer, has a larger selection of games and movies, as well as all of the other advantages :) At least Minis work on regular PSP’s, and UMD’s will continue to be released :) I much prefer to pay £5 – £20 for a physical copy of a game than the average £25 for a license to play a game.

  • In my previous post, regarding what I said about paying for a license to play a game, that’s what you’re paying for when you download a game from the PlayStation Store. You don’t actually own any of the games which you buy.

  • At the moment I’m trying to find someone that actually will sell me one, sofar I haven’t had any luck – found one retailer that are taking preorders and they want money up front – not a thing I want to do when I’m not sure they can deliver, flying out of the country friday I was hoping that I would be playing PSP Go on the plane, but it doesn’t seem,at least in this moment, it will be possible, will have to troll the stores on thursday hpoing that they have one on store so I can download GT5 PSP and the other 3 free games.


  • psp go = bad consolle , one word of advice = blaim u self if psp go wil fail .pspgo = more pathetic : umd – ore 600 € ps3

  • just out of intrest how do you discern between the psp go and other modles?

  • I pre-ordered PSP Go, but I’m having second thoughts after hearing this talk about downloadable games being more expensive than UMDs, no second-hand games, and how current PSP owners got a really bad deal on their existing games. And what happens to all the games if I sell my PSP Go – can I sell it with the games, or do I have to give off my account as well? If so, I’ll have to open another account for PSP Go.

  • You know in a year or two there will be some improved version of the Go anyway and surely cheaper too. Wait until then.

  • Steering well clear of the PSP Go, nowhere near being worth its price tag. A nice idea but followed through very very badly, shunning a loyal existing fanbase, killing off UMD….be very ashamed Sony.

  • um ive heard that the psp go will do some kinda psp go rewards if you are a owner of a regular psp that you will get 3 free games they will email it in a voucher??? is this true or is sony not thinking and jus giving this offer to other countries or is this in the usa to???? i really want this PSPGo and please answer

  • I actually want this new PSP go but….the games on PSN cost far too much were as i can buy a pre owned UMD in perfect condition for like £9 sometimes..Please tell me games will be cheaper in PSN store

  • I picked my Go up yesterday, gotta say it’s a great piece, to all of those who keep crabbing it I got one thing to say, why? why carb it guys? It’s not a forced upgrade, Sony are still releasing the UMDs for you all but if like me you hate UMDs and think they are a waste of space, power and loading times then the Go is the way to (go)

    It is a little expensive but it is a little new, has upgraded functions such as bluetooth (3.0 not 2.0) game pause/resume (you can switch your game off, play some music, use skype, browse net etc and resume the game later. I’m currently playing Metal Gear Solid (PSX) on mine until 4pm tomorrow when I’ll be downloading my copy of GT PSP and the other 3 free games. The old fat PSP will then be passed down the line to my 3 year old son (he’s a game freak in the making)

    Oh for those who won’t believe I got mine already note the nickname and my gamer tag.

  • I’ve updated the PSP Go, and downloaded the GT PSP Theme.

    *Waits for code*

  • I downloaded the theme and registered my UMDs a few days ago – still waiting for the voucher code. Has anyone else received theirs yet?

  • 1 – I had to follow the procedures in order to get the Gran turismo 5 codes but there are a lot of guys that registered on the 1st October and still havent got anything.2 – When I go (following your instructions in the playstation site: in my ancient PSP (the model is PSP2004 Slim & Lite) I get to the “PSP Go rewards (inside Playstation Store, in the PSP itself, through wireless net) although I have lots of games with the ULES ou UCES codes (in UMD cards), I get the info “no contents found”. I changed the UMD cards (Fifa Street 2, PES 2009, Tiger Woods Golf, etc, etc), and the message is still the same.

  • I’ve purchased my Go on the 2nd and downloaded the theme on the same day but I’m still waiting for my code. Is there anyway to check or ensure that my code is on it’s way?

  • Me too, my Go was registered on the 2nd and I went through the registration process and all seemed to go to plan but no GT code has been emailed to me yet!

    I did receive the other code this afternoon though, for the 3 free games from the selection of 17 and that all worked fine and I am downloading my choice now.

    Hope the GT one hurries up though, I really want to play it @:)

  • I really really hope this works, just downloaded the theme. Cant wait to get an email

  • Can anyone help please?

    I did everything needed to get the email for the free download of gran turismo and the 3 free games but I still haven’t received an email….

    Is anyone else in the same boat?


  • For my part, I have received my mail for the 3 free games in one day but I am always waitting the mail for Gran Turismo. I have downloaded the theme on 7th.

  • I bought 2 psp go for the kids around 8 Oct.

    Each kids has his own email and user name etc.

    I downloaded GT theme on both machine before the deadline passed.

    I still havent recived either redemption code for the free download of GT

    Does anyone know what to do to get in touch with someone?


  • I seem to have the same problem.

    I downloaded the GT theme on the 7th of October and I STILL have not recieved my code.

    Can anyone tell me whats going on


  • Me too. I have already posted a comment about it here on the 14th October but I still don’t know how to chase this up. Anyone out there? !

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