The Last Guardian: Interview and New Footage

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I know a lot of you wanted to hear more information on The Last Guardian coming out of TGS, so no doubt you’ll be pleased to see the video we have for you below. It’s a Q&A with Team ICO’s Director and lead Game Designer, Fumito Ueda. After the interview, there’s also a little bit of new footage from the game. We’ll have a full interview with Ueda for you later on. Enjoy the video!

[viddler id=ec03fac0&w=545&h=327&playertype=simple]

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  • It’s a ruddy Griffin cub/chick, here’s hoping ICO and Shadow of the Colossus get the remastered treatment on Blu-Ray

  • Well, I don’t claim to speak Japanese fluently, but… I think it’s quite funny that the sentence translated: “I hope you’re looking forward to it” is translated from a sentence, which ends with: “matte kudasai”, which basically means: “please wait”. CENSORSHIP! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! =P

    Ueda-san seems like a person you would want to get to know. First of all… Very creative! Second of all… Does not go with compromise, which ends up hurting the quality of the game. Third of all… He has a nice way of speaking Japanese… =P

  • I can’t say how much I absolutely adore this game! The whole things is just a glorious work of art, a perfect harmony! I can see this being a really big tearjerker!!

  • If anyone is interested, you can download the 720p version of this video from gametrailers, but you’ll need to register with them first.
    I can’t wait for this game …. a collectors box set would squeeze a few extra notes out of my wallet too ;)

  • It’s so sad that this beautiful game is so less popular in Europe than in America. I just can’t wait for it next year (hopefully) when I buy a PS3 :-)

  • @guitan:

    v. (Kanji=俟つ,待つ) await, wait, remain in one place until a certain event; expect, hope, anticipate

    You still have much to learn, young padawan :).

  • I can’t believe only 6 people commented on this game. The graphics are quite interesting. They make the griffin-dog look very realistic and make the boy look nearly 2 dimensional. I wonder if that is intentional to distance itself from the uncanny valley? We are more likely to accept a fictional creature that looks real and a boy that looks fictional than a fictional boy that tries to look real.

    I plan on playing through Ico and Shadow of the Colossus before this comes out. As loads of people have mentioned on the US blog, I hope they remaster those 2 games for the PS3.

  • i neeed this game! Ico and Colossus …love it!

  • Cant

  • I will buy this game. Once it goes gold give it to me FAST SCEE! Don´t make me wait a year. It´s ok if you have to fire a cupple of you bloggers if you need more monney to do so… *runs for cover* :-p

  • Last Guardian is not a game it’s a experience of a lifetime like shadow of collosus, i still remember the animation’s of the horse . That was so real that no game could match the animation till today . Last Guardian is going to give us various emotion’s of that i’m shure Boss out

  • I have never played Ico and Shadow of the Colossus but I’m sure I’ll love em when I do, from everything I’ve heard. thing is though do I wait to see if Sony do a re mastering of the game or pony up for a PS2 and buy em for that.

    PS I’m already smitten with cat-eagle

  • gonna buy this once its out.

  • Amazing… can’t wait for another masterpiece by Team ICO!
    And Lee_and_Nomi you should really get Shadow of the Colossus. It’s one of the best experiences you’ll have on a video game console! Way ahead of its time, it really should get remastered in HD.

  • What a great vid! I’m a huge fan of Fumito Ueda. Ico and Shadow of the Colossus are some of the best games on PS2.
    I totally agree with Necron above. Ico and Shadow remastered in HD with trophies like theGod of War bundle which is coming out soon?? I hope so.

  • I played Shadow of Colossus on PS2, and I really enjoyed it, but I have to admit that I won’t probably buy The Last Guardian. It just seems really “childish” – if it’s fair to put it like that. Of course it would be great to see more gameplay and that way be completely sure.

    The game will probably be really good. Tem ICO is well known for it’s quality ;D

  • If this game is ANYTHING like Shadow of the Colossus, & I can see this mans telltale signature written all over what I have seen in this game’s clip, then I will indeed be preordering this game, particularly if it has the same deluxe packaging that made me so pleased to discover & buy Colossus. When it comes time in the future for humanity to begin creating life, as I believe was likewise done to us(ID theory), designers like Fumito will become even more important in creating elsewhere in the galaxy, brand new flora &fauna & in finally creating sentient life. The fact that Fumito has created, in this game, an animal that is unique to our Earth human eyes, puts paid to our future meaning of life. Btw, I saw a trailer for a game I think was called Demon’s Souls which struck me at the time as being made by this creative genius of a man. Either he has a very busy schedule or I am mistaken. Roll on The Last Guardian :) Peace…

  • Это великолепно!!!

  • LAST!

    Here’s hoping the message of a Remastered Ico/Shadow gets through.

    Sony should think about having a week where a select group games are free, to introduce gamers to new game developers.

  • ico and shadow of the colossus are set in a world that any romantic would want to visit, the last guardian may take us there!

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