TGS 09: Motion Controller Details, Other New Info

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Earlier today, Kaz Hirai kicked off Tokyo Game Show with a keynote speech that unveiled some interesting tid bits about the future of PlayStation. Customarily starting with some sales figures, it was revealed that the new slimmer PS3 has sparked a massive sales surge, with over 1 million PS3s sold through to consumers worldwide in the three weeks since its launch on September 1st.

Tokyo Game Show Press Conference

Hirai also showed off the motion controller, reiterating that they would be released in the Spring of 2010. They feature a pair of motion sensors, a three axes gyroscope and a three axes accelerometer, along with Bluetooth and a rechargable Li-on battery. A list of games in development for the peripherals was revealed, though there’s no word on which of these will be available outside of Japan. On top of that, it was confirmed that PAIN, Flower, Hustle Kings, High Velocity Bowling and EyePet will get compatability patches to add motion controller functionality. LittleBigPlanet and Resident Evil 5 were also demonstrated to be working with the motion controllers.

The PSPgo will also be getting a couple of new peripherals in January – a Bluetooth Stereo Head Set Receiver and a Converter Cable Adapter. The latter will allow you to use any PSP 1000 – 3000 peripheral with the PSPgo. These will be available in Europe and Japan. The European price will be €39.99 for the Bluetooth Head Set and €14.99 for the Converter Cable Adapter.

If the 120GB hard drive in the new PS3s isn’t big enough for you, you’ll be happy to hear that a 250GB version will be out in October in Europe (no word on 250GB bundles coming to America) . It will be bundled with various games and will retail for €349.99 (£284.99). We’ll have more details for you soon.

Finally, Gran Turismo 5 now has a solid Japanese release date – March. An European release date will be announced in due course.

We’ll be looking to go into more detail with the above information over the coming weeks.

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  • maby i will buy that

  • Nice, I was waiting for that 250gb bundle, now I just hope it will be bundled with a game I would like to buy.

  • £285 for 25oGB Slim with game – WOW

    I expected it to be higher than that, so for an extra £35 I can more than double the HDD and get a game (assume it will be Assasins Creed 2, Unchartered etc)

    Very good deal.

  • I’m disappointed Sony haven’t announced more games. For platform holder who have the largest first party studio, to only announce one AAA game, its really sad.

    Wand + Dualshock is a terrible idea. Why don’t they just make a bluetooth nun-chuck?

  • “Finally, Gran Turismo 5 now has a solid Japanese release date – March 31. An European release date will be announced in due course.”

    What an epic fail. Sony should have two studios making racing games because PD are way, way too slow and inefficient. Especially considering the poor damage and AI they showed at E3. Either that or they need to outsource. Pretty sure everyone was looking forward to a December 2009 release after the long wait and now there is nothing. Poor show Yamauchi, lift your game.

  • Still dont quite get this motion controller thing. I just hope it’s not too much like the Wii’s. I hate using that thing and am glad the Wii has no games I actually want to play on it anyways.

  • 1. The converter is nice to have and all (though ugly solution imo) but perhaps it would have been better if SONY actually had…1SEG/GPS/Camera attachments DESIGNED for the go in the first place?

    2. Now that I can convert my GPS/1Seg/Camera to the PSPgo…how do I get the SOFTWARE I own on to it? Eric Lempel promised news ‘soon’ way back in June…since then…crickets.

    3. Since you have still refused to name your wand tech I don’t know what to call it. The media will soon make their own name for it and it won’t be pretty.

    4. Is there a strap for that wand thing? Did we learn something from the Wii remote?

    5. Is there no analogue stick? I saw the ‘solution’ of a Dualshock in your other hand but that is SO inelegant and kids with small hands would not be able to manipulate a DS3 with one hand.

    6. RooM is nice…is it coming outside of Japan?

  • Hi,

    will we have any news on firmware update or new features for PS3 there?

    Thanks and regards.

  • I love the idea of the motion controller but unfortunately I don`t love the look of it lol. :(

    An extra 130 GB for an extra £25!? Deal Sony! :D

  • Feel free to ask PD why GranTurismo5 got delayed to march next year. Gamescom flyers were dating the release for Q4 2009

  • I do not like the idea of using the DS3 for movement, I tried holding the controller with one hand it just doesn’t feel comfortable. A analog stick is definately needed either on the motion controller, or as a nunchuck add-on like the wii.

  • Oh! Seriously, we won’t be seeing GT5 in Europe until the mid-2010?

    I don’t normally moan about stuff like this but, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  • agree with ds3 being awkward to hold with one hand, they need to elaborate on that nub in the middle of the buttons, actually tell us whether it can be used for movement control.

  • Ooooh, a 250GB system for Europe? Nice!
    Anyway, the new motion controller seems awesome, and could work very well with the DS3

  • Seed Studios just announced they’ll be supporting motion controls (and other impressive features) in their PSN strategy game, Under Siege:

  • I hope the European release of GT5 is earlier than Japan because March 2010 or later is incredibly disappointing.

  • i really hope we find out what that nub is…. and soon

  • March is really disappointing for GT5, though I want to hear the EU date.

  • Would love to see a Everybody’s Golf Title using the motion controller.


  • @ Jem – “three axes gyroscope and a three axes accelerometer”, that many axes sounds very dangerous, what if you cut yourself while using it? :D I assume you meant axis of course, but then since you had less than 5 hours sleep last night I’ll let you off with the odd typo ;)

    Regarding my thoughts on the controller:

    1) I can’t believe they’ve not named it yet! (SIXSENSE is my current favourite unofficial name)

    2) I can’t believe it doesn’t have analogue sticks and the way you control games is an awkward wand/DS3 combination! You were SO close to coming up with the perfect solution and you go and do that!!! Add a analogue stick (or even PSP style nub) to the motion wand and sell it with two wands – that is how this tech should be marketed/used, not some half hearted improvision with the original controller!

    3) Decent-ish list of launch titles and nice to see old games being patched to support it, I hope the steady stream continues (unlike Eye games that were never heard from again after the initial flurry at launch).

  • Oh and one more thing, was that supposed to be final hardware he was holding up, or is that still a “prototype and the design *will* change” as was stressed at E3?

  • Hopefully it’s not too late to add an analog stick to the motion controller.

    Right now the only option to control movement in 3D games is to use a Motion controller + DualShock 3 which in my eyes is a somewhat inelegant solution.

    With an analog stick it would give us the option to use a second motion controller (in our left hand) for movement. It would also open up new possibilities like dual-pointing as well as 2x motion controllers replacing the need for a gamepad (each ‘wand’ representing a half).

  • No analog stick on the Wand? Just like I feared.
    Could you tell us how we’re meant to move our character around in a 3d space, is the DS3 in the other hand really the best you could come up with? Or is this nub more than just a button?

    If there’s nothing else about the wand we don’t know yet, you should just be honest and go the casual route with the wand, this alibi core gamer setup is just silly.
    What about dual wand gameplay like seen in the e3 presentation, is this still planned?

  • WHAT??¿!! has RUMBLE been cancelled? How im now gonna explain my girlfriend we have to buy magic wand without magic??? FAIL!!

  • Regarding the new 250GB PS3 bundles, there are 4 I’ve read about so far:

    250GB PS3 Slim with 2 Platinum Games
    250GB PS3 Slim with inFamous
    250GB PS3 Slim with Uncharted 2
    250GB PS3 Slim with X-Men Origins: Wolverine and The Dark Knight blu-rays and the official Blu-ray remote control.

    In Japan they get a limited edition 250GB White PS3 Slim with Pink FFXIII design and a copy of FFXIII – I’m expecting that one to sell by the boat load in Japan! It’s a shame SCEE never go for custom painted PS3’s like they do in other regions…

  • @Apnomis: Um. You do realise that ‘axes’ is the plural of ‘axis’, yes? One axis, three axes.

  • @24



  • Will it be on the Store?

  • Tit bits Jem, “tid bits” is an Americanism.

  • Gran Turismo 5, 31 March 2010? This makes me cry.. what happened to the statement: it will be released soon after Gran Turismo PSP? 7 months after GT PSP doesn’t seem to be soon to me…

    Damn you Polyphony Digital, I’m really fed up

  • The missing analog stick on the new motion controller is a huge letdown :-(

  • @ iapetus & KSPRAYDAD, it was a joke so shoot me! Axes is the plural of Axis but I always understood it to be grammatically incorrect to use it in the context used in the blog post…

    For example a Three-Axis Accelerometer is used to measure movement along the the axes of a 3D space, or a Three-Axis Gyroscope block implements a gyroscope on each of the three axes.

    A quick Google search seems to suggest my grammatical interpretation of the useage of the plural seems to be the correct one, but it’s possible I’m mistaken…

  • Maybe buy it? Gosh Sony integrate your Motion Wand standard with every game and release it with the console or I don’t think it’ll be that much of a succes this generation. Nothing like the Wii controls, and indeed, not a nunchuck alike device for seperate analogue controls is a total let down, instead you need to use the DS3! How uncomfortable is that. No rumble in the motion wand? Eh, guys you do know the Wii mote has rumble and not the nunchuck… right?

    I also hope that [DELETED] alike device won’t be the final product.

  • Is this (GT5) an Aprils-Fool or something?
    I like the idea of making quality (not quantity) games, but here is something going wrong!

  • We are missing a Christmas GT5 bundle.

    I really expected GT5 in 2009 :(. Competitors aren’t sleeping…

  • you know what that thing looks like now?
    does it have rumble?
    does it have a rubber cover?

  • Mr Alexander, please tell me that point n click adventures will utilise this controller á la Wii/Broken Sword.

  • How could you not announce a European/USA release for GT5? Let me guess we’ll probably now need to wait weeks/months for an idea…

    Not really all that great considering us Europeans tend to be the ones that are car mad.

  • The harddrive is getting bigger and bigger. Good to see the pricetag is finnaly confirmed.

  • What are Polyphony messing about at with all these delays! Been waiting for this game for years now :(

    Have they realised that nowadays you can release patches that correct any issues with games?

  • FU%K it im not gettin GT5 now

  • poor show on the GT5 dates, you could have cleaned up this xmas with a GT5/PS3 Slim bundle.

    another classic Sony move.

    i’m guessing we won’t see the EU version until at least June 2010 now.

  • I’ve just spotted something even more troubling about the design of the Motion Controller aside from it’s lack of analogue stick – the location of the PS button!

    What is it doing so low down? If you’re suppose to use the odd shaped button thing and cluster of tiny buttons at the top of the controller then surely your thumb/palm will be constantly catching the PS button and throwing you out to the XMB?! I occasionally catch the PS button now on my DS3 if I slip off the analogue sticks and to me this placement looks equivalent to positioning the DS3’s PS button just below the X button!

    I just keep reminding myself of the infamous Batarang Controller and hoping, like that, it will undergo a complete makeover before release. Thing is though if it’s supposed to be out in Japan in March it doesn’t leave much time for a redesign…

    If you’ve not seen the front view of it yet here’s a link:

  • Seriously, this is neet! But what would really get me to buy a PS eye would be SKYPE! Please, it would so futuristic and convienient to videocall my girlfriend from my living room seeing her on my big screen!
    Think about it please SONY, would be a big selling point.

  • @ Apnomis

    It looks like the PS button could be “inside” the wand if you know what I mean, it doesn’t protrude.
    But we seem to agree, that the missing analog stick and/or dual wand gameplay is really a missed opportunity, to offer something more and far better than the competition is (Nintendo) and will (MS).

  • Where is the analogue stick?!!!

  • Very disappointed with GT5 having a release date of March 2010 in Japan, why not a worldwide release – the menu setup is the same as GT Prologue, can’t someone start the translation work sooner.

    I hope they haven’t spent the last 5 years just making a HD version of GT4 plus a few new cars and tracks, other racing games are catching up very quickly.

    Figures crossed for a release by May in Europe and a game that shows why GT is still the best.

  • The PSPgo accessory converter is surely the biggest design fail ever. Why not bring out specific peripherals for the PSPgo? Or actually build the camera and GPS into the system in the first place to justify the rediculous asking price.

    The PS3mote design isn’t filling me with confidence. The placement of the PS button is wrong and there’s no analogue stick. I can’t see where to attach the all-important wrist strap/chain either….

    The Final Fantasy PS3 is very nice; the console looks absolutely stunning in white. I really don’t expect to see such a limited edition in the UK, but a white PS3 in the near future might get me to upgrade from my current 40GB system. C’mon Sony, how hard is it to give the people a choice of black, white or silver. Or pink, the PS2 slim in pink looked awesome….

  • Hey playstation blog etc,

    The ps3 MOTION CONTROLLER needs an analog stick on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Holding a dual shock with one hand does not work!!!!

    Please pass the message on and dont make me start an online petition to try and stop you from making a huge mistake. A nunchuck add on is too limiting!!!!!!!

  • does anybody working on this blog know when the store cards are being released?

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