Dizzee Rascal Home Party Tonight!

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Remember to head down to the SingStar Rooms VIP space which opens today in PS Home to see the Dizzee Rascal ‘Tongue n Cheek’ Launch Party. Showing his exclusive performance playing at 20:00 BST (UK time) 21:00 CEST (Mainland Europe). Hear six chart topping exclusive performances from the Mercury Award Winner, meet his avatar and hear his interview. His avatar will try and meet as many of you as possible and will hang around for a while after the gig.

Be quick you don’t want to miss out, oh and grab an exclusive Dizzee Mask upon entering the space. There’s loads of other Dizzee Merchandise to purchase as well as the SongPack.

Note: We ask that you please leave and re-enter the VIP space after 20:00 BST/21:00 CEST in order for the video screens to refresh.

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  • Call me bonkers but i will be there because i am not on holiday, get it woo. Party on people.

    • This is James – I’ve come along to keep you up todate.

      There has been a lot of traffic in PlayStation Home and, therefore, it is taking slightly longer to upload the video. But bear with us – Dizzee will be on-screen shortly.

    • There are so many people trying to access the SingStar Rooms right now we’ve had minor technical problems.

      I am here and monitoring everything, and he’ll be online really soon, so don’t think that this isn’t happening. Massive apologies from all of us.

    • To all the people trying to check Dizzee in PlayStation Home, We need you to log out of Home, log back in and then head to The SingStar Rooms VIP. Then, I promise the video will be live and Dizzee himself will be there soon.

      Massive apologies once again, but we are live.

  • Bows head in shame :(

  • the things i thought about home startly become real! wow, thats good! :)

  • Seems like a good enough reason to go back on Home for me. See you there. :D

  • I`ll be there (If I remember) :P

  • So how will it work ? will there be a live performance as u said last week or will it be music videos already recorded ? Will his avatar actually be controlled by dizzy, or will it be a representative ? will it be in the singstar rooms itself or on a video screen in the singstar rooms ?

  • Been to the space already, it looks top-notch, I couldn’t resist purchasing a few things while I was there. Great work guys! :)

    Please don’t stream super-high-quality audio/video at the event tonight though, I have a broadband connection and the audio/video in the SingStar space and VIP space kept buffering (pausing) every 15 seconds or so – no doubt Home’s lousy asset management and caching doesn’t help but loads of buffering will completely kill the event.

  • Hopefully if everything goes to plan tonight we’ll see more of these events in the future :D

    Vhari x

  • Hi there, not sure if this is the right place to post this but I’ve found a sure-fire way to crash my (or your) playstation… Just go to the singstar room, have a look around, and then try to walk out through the door that you came in through (the dark hole you first spawn next to after entering). It will keep loading forever without you being able to press the PS button.

  • @maniulo

    That sounds like something that happened to me earlier, I was in the SingStar space and went to enter the VIP area, the screen did the blur thing as per usual but after that nothing – I had to manually reset the PS3.

    Nothing out of the ordinary seemed to be happening in the SingStar space but the PS3 was doing a lot of loading at the time. Home seems to have a big problem loading media (audio/video) and lots of avatars at the same time.

  • Can’t wait for this hope to see a few of you there ! :)

  • @ SiRobertson, the video streaming technology used in Home and the What’s New section is awful! Even though I have a 10Mb connection and everything else works fine those video files buffer every few seconds, it’s SO annoying! Sometimes it stops to buffer even if it’s got some video stored that it could be playing!

    Sony really need to take notes from the BBC iPlayer in that regard – with the PS3’s iPlayer I can stream full-screen Freeview quality video with absolutely no buffer at all it doesn’t even buffer at the start, and I can even skip forward over big sections of the video with minimal delay.

    Home and What’s New are the only streaming video content I seem to have trouble with – I hope that trend doesn’t continue with the upcoming PSN Video Store…

  • Dizzie Rascal makes my ears bleed. Sony stop advertising him anywhere you can. This bloke will die out soon.

  • No Dizzy here either, oh well he must have other plans. It was a good idea but in reality it didnt work. Thanks for trying.

  • it crashers every time i try to get in to the vip room an i was in it an just come out cuz i only just found out u need refesh lol

  • “Content is Unavailable” – you blew it SCEE! Your chance to have a big unified Home event, the very reason the service was built, and what do we get? Bored people booing because they either get an error message or a looping trailer! For such a high profile event you would think you would have rehearsed it a bit more! So much for a live event at 8pm…

  • Also most people are leaving now – 45 minutes after they arrived for the event, you can’t blame them really…

  • According to various sources the event has been delayed by one hour, not the greatest start in the World but better that than the event being completely canceled.

    If the VIP space crashes before you get into it (which I have experienced a few times) wait for a few minutes in the normal SingStar space and then try to enter the VIP space – that works for me at least.

  • I have never understood why HOME is so slooooowww. Everything takes forever and needs to load from the hard drive and it takes forever to show the avatars. This is after I installed a new hard drive and a fresh installation of HOME.
    If there is anything you guys should do in future is improve the horrendous loading speed (buffer more if you need to).

  • Sorry James, my time is more important than Dizzee. Thanks again for trying. Hopefully by the time you get it sorted many people will leave HOME to help you’re server load. Good luck!

    • See the messages at the top. So sorry. I just came along to speak to the blog so I don’t know the specifics of what happened, but the video is now live. You just need to quit home and then log back in immediately.

  • its working now.. waited 5 hours and to be hounest for an hour late i dont think its much copp or the ps home fans are rightly compensated for it… at the end of the day sony you failed jus like most expected.. right let down..

  • Not working at the moment

  • I really do’nt want to say this james but its not working, sorry

  • James can you like do something about the people waiting in the space and not leaving because i reckon they’re causing the problem

  • Ok, so after the initial teething troubles this actually turned out to be quite a fun event! It’s good how it’s streamed live so everyone is watching the same bit at the same time. No sign of the Dizzee avatar on the server I was on though :(

    Hopefully there will be more of these in the future, and hopefully you’ll have learnt from experience ;)

  • Finally got the Dizzee video here… what a complete waste of time.

    After a delay of no less than one hour, and a load of predictable PS3 crashes if you leave the SingStar space too soon after entering it, the much hyped “event” turns out to be nothing more than a streaming video.

    Not impressed in the slightest, and a nice looking Home space doesn’t compensate for any of this fiasco.

  • Guess me && SiRobertson on the same page.. sony really needs to buck up now coz they are not jus falling behind they are also starting to p**s people off.. and if Dizzie has any sence he will notice his fans ain gunna be happy with him also coza sony (even tho the vid looped and wasnt much copp anyway)..

  • I still cant get into the space

  • wonka118.. hounestly m8 its not worth the hasstle.. if you get in tell me wah yu rekon..

  • Sorry James…but the constant buffering ruined it…its just not good enough.And i dont think its live either…you guys really let me down..i thought this was gonna be memorable. Guess not.

  • it worked fine for me no dizzee to talk too though is that happening still

  • @ flf4sgam3r mine didn’t buffer once I was in?

    I think Sony will have to give away tickets next time to limit the numbers, mind you if MAG can manage 16,000 beta testers playing 128 vs 128 matches, surely getting a few avatars in a room to watch a video can’t be that hard? Look at how much content the BBC pump out of iPlayer at peak times…

    I fear it’s down to cost though, maybe there could be an entrance fee next time? LOL

  • So we know that the video didn’t start playing until home was quit and the reloaded, now fair enough maybe the refresh structure isn’t working correctly and that could be a big, but should probably have been tested with a smaller private space or something to make sure that it would work.

    The other story that I heard was that the video wasn’t uploaded ready for 8pm and that the upload was taking longer because of the number of users on home. If thats the case then there’s a pretty big question here. We all know that the infrastructure isn’t in place to allow live media streaming from within home, so if the upload was taking longer then expected, why wasn’t the video uploaded in advance so that the playlist for the screen could be altered to display the video, to me that seems a logical and fairly simple preperation task to allow it to go smoother.

    But hey, what do I know. :p

  • lame u lied about dizze rascal being in home. MOD moshi kept saying he’s coming for about 2 hours then the moderator disappeared and dizzy rascal didnt come. singstar space is great but the event organisation when the main guest dont turn up says it all really. ive been a dizzy rascal fan for a long time and i was gutted as there were some genuinely interesting questions i would have like to ask him. cant believe hiw bad this was, late loadung video performance and then a no show.

  • I got into the space fine at 8pm but just got the trailer over and over again, which drove me bonkers (excuse the pun).

    Then I read this blog and re-started Home to find the performance video was then live!

    I didnt stick around long enough to see if the actual Dizzee turned up as I guessed he would be in one instance of the room, possibly hopping around, spreading his time around the different servers.

    Technically I’m very interested in how this worked. Did you get Dizzee to log into HOME at SCEE UK HQ in Soho, and was it with a special avatar that no one else could imitate? Also, how many servers were hosting the SingStar VIP rooms, and did Dizzee move between them? If so how long was he in each one, and is it an admin tool only that lets you do this knowingly (I know I can re-locate to the same location but where a friend is for example).

    Sorry for the nerdy post. This VIP Room event was a great idea…just needed a bit better planning in its execution. You should have foreseen the servers getting hammered ;)

  • Been into the space, and it’s seriously cool guys, i just wish the launch wouldnt have been on at 5 am.

    I hope u guys collaborate more with muso’s and other groups on this level as this is what I think will really get home happening.

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