Bomberman ULTRA Arrives On The PS3

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Greetings & Salutations – my name is Peter Dassenko & I am the Producer for Bomberman ULTRA. All of us at Hudson are very excited that Bomberman is blasting his way onto the PlayStation Network. We’re certain you’ll enjoy the classic, frantic gameplay of this version – gameplay that defines the series.

First – let me point out that we’ve done something very special just for PlayStation & for all Bomberman fans with this game. That is, we’ve included the ability for up to 7 players to play together locally on one PlayStation! Because what is Bomberman if not one of the best games ever to play with your friends?!

This version of Bomberman allows you to fully customize your character. You can choose from a head, face & body. I’m not to good at match – but let’s just say you will not soon run out of combinations & looks for your Bomberman. For example – I like the combination of a Clown Hat, with a Punk Rock Head & a Pirate Body!


This new version of Bomberman has arenas that have different gimmicks. The gimmick in each arena will affect you in different ways. On the Ghost Town map – be careful of the trapdoors that open and momentarily trap you below the arena. Other gimmicks include speeding up or slowing down your Bomberman, kick arrows that will redirect your kicked bombs and so many others.

Bomberman Gameplay

Bomberman also features the power-ups you’ve come to expect from the game. Included in this game is something we call the Dangerous Bomb. It’s a bomb that explodes in a square formation & can be powered up to explode in a bigger & bigger square! Be careful – it’s DANGEROUS!

Thanks for reading & happy bombing!

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  • I may be really thick but when abouts is it coming? :|

    I’ve read the post three times and I can’t see a date of timeframe? :|

    Looks good fun though :)

  • Mike Kebby

    It came out on the store last week :)

  • Oops damn not having store access at Uni :D

  • Yeah I was looking forward to this when America recieved it awhile back. Now it feel’s like sloppy seconds. Bottom line is it came to late for my purchase

  • This is the exact same as Bomberman LIVE from Xbox Live. Why change the name?

  • This looks pretty damn sweet. Is there a demo coming so that I can try before I buy? :)

  • Been playing it a lot this past week. Thanks again for getting on the Eu store finally.

  • Nice soon as i get some scratchings i will be buying this classic.

  • bought it last week. its great. love all the costumes. just wish we could have had a custom soundtrack feature. that would be ace. i hate the music, have to play with it turned off. any chance it would be put in later on?

  • Going to go buy this in a second, bomberman brings back fun memories.

  • @9, thanks for telling me about that. Was going to buy it, but heard two things I didn’t like. One it’s basically multi player all the way, no real single player game. I last played Bomberman when it was called Eric & The Floaters back in the 80’s. They used to manage to make single player games well back then.

    No custom soundtracks? Not a persuader for me. I’m sick of this feature being under-used on the PS3, some soundtracks are great (Batman Arkham Asylum for example), others need an option. Sounds like this is one, but developers won’t do it.

    I’m not even going to give this dude the chance to reply, because we all know Custom Soundtracks fans get very little in the way of offerings on the PS3 and I am almost totally certain that it won’t happen.

  • I haven’t checked the store yet but played the demo and if its less than €5 i might buy it.

  • I’ve got a couple of PSN cards on pre-order atm, as soon as they arrive I’ll be grabbing this. All my mates are well up for a bomberman session, even my gf is interested!

  • Why is the save ‘Copy Protected’ for? :-/

    Can you remove that please with an update maybe?
    I lost my Killzone 2 save because i couldn’t back it up a few months back :-(

    Apart from that moan :D loving the game ;)

  • I would love to know what took this an extra 3 months or so to make it over here after it came out in the US?? They have even announce a sequel for it early next year for the US/Jap ????

    Anyway its here now and it’s good fun!

  • Great game, but their is a few things really anoying. like the ps3 freezing when playing online (Yes my ps3 is up2date) with offline friends. Or the fact that when we play offline, we all have the same name.

    Anyway, my friends and I, are having fun with it. Thanks

  • Far too late… I bought the US version a while back, after waiting too long for the EU version to be released.

    I was thinkig about buying the EU version when it finally came out but now i hear the save is lock, i wont touch it.

  • I love this game, but when i play multiplayer (online) game.. sometimes game freeze :(

  • this game is a 360 port , im not buying it twice . but nice to see it coming on both consoles.

  • Nice port, purchased this couple days ago and enjoying it a lot.

  • Love me some Bomberman, already bought it and in the space of a week already had 2 bomberman nights with friends and family! ^^

    One question though. I remember playing bomberman from the Mega Drive days, whatever happened to the coloured kangaroos? Louie’s or something i think they were called.

    That was the one thing i felt was missing from Ultra… otherwise thumbs up.

  • Took it’s time coming out! Although the massive wait kinda made me hype it up too much in my head, especially since there are little faults that have put me off it slightly… the leaderboards are a bit borked for one thing. It’s not very encouraging buying a game on its release, looking at the leaderboards and seeing the whole thing full up of people that have had the game for months already, with absolutely no way to catch up with their scores.

    Plus, compared to the Wii and DS versions the support for stats is a bit underwhelming. In fact, it’s non existent… doesn’t seem to be a page anywhere telling you your wins/loses/frags/pickups etc. By today’s standards you expect games to collect stats to make your lost hours feel a bit more worthwhile.

    It’s silly really, the Nintendo versions have way better front ends but have terrible connection issues, whereas the PSN version has a lack of depth but seems to be top notch in reliability. If Hudson took the best part of both versions you’d have a perfect game.

  • Oh and couldn’t you be awarded more costume balls by playing more AI with hard difficulty? Bit boring just having to play the AI for hours and hours for costume balls, since their appearance seems to be just time based.

  • When i create multiplayer game many players join, but sometimes one of they dont start. I want kick but i cant :( This options is necessary !!

    Still i dont know why multiplayer game sometimes freeze :(

  • Freezing PS3’s and all playing under the same username in offline play? These things have added to the feeling of “maybe I shouldn’t”. Thanks for the info guys. I especially can’t stand either of them.

    Also, it’s such an easy thing to have an offline high score list, they should allow you to edit the names for players 2+. Pathetic to be honest. If your playing it with mates, why would they want your name on their high score. Seriously.

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