TGS EA PSP Minis Interview

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Tokyo Game Show officially begins tomorrow, but EA set up a special press showcase on the 52nd floor of Roppongi Hills in central Tokyo. Whilst there we met up with Mayumi Koyanagi and Jeff asked her a few questions about EA’s plans for PSP minis. Tetris and Sudoku were on hand to play during the showcase, but clearly there’s more to come from EA.

[viddler id=1781d972&w=545&h=327&playertype=simple]

The PSPgo is only a week from release so you can see how these games play for yourselves then. Spoiler: it’s like Tetris and Sudoku, but on your PSP.

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  • Nooooooo… The Last Gaurdian LOL!

    NAh im messing, keep up the good work

  • The PSO Go should be pre-loaded with Minis, then that may justify the price of the system. I know it’s being marketed as a “premium” product, but even so…

  • Would be cool with a couple Minis preloaded, but don’t forget that PSP Go buyers get GT PSP for free if we download the GT Theme the first 10 days or so.

    I’m getting Tetris on day one. Played it a lot on Gameboy and I’m looking forward to do so on my PSP Go!

  • Yea, I understand that you’ll be getting GT PSP :) But even so, it’s expensive. For £20 more people could get a PS3.

    I already have a PSP 2000 model, so I won’t be getting a PSP Go. If the price was a little lower, I may have. For now I’ll just stick to getting some memory sticks to upgrade the space!

    Enjoy your purchase!

  • I’ve always held off buying a psp, always waiting for the “psp2” and it looks like a psp go will be as close as I’m going to get for a while. Having to carry around umds would have been a big problem for me so the digital download service looks great!

  • I hope these Mini’s are £3.49 like all the PS3 games used to be on the PSN back in the ‘good ole days’ when it first launched in 2007. It seems to me that prices on the PSN have been slowly but surely creeping up and up, so what used to be £3.49 and £4.99 are now £4.99 and £7.99!

    Games like this need to be under a fiver and even that is pushing it for some of the more basic ones. But no doubt they’ll all be £7.99 and £11.99, just like the retail games will be £24.99 – even though you can buy them over the internet on UMD for next day delivery including box and manual for £17.99 :roll:

    Pricing of (monopolised) digital content is the one and only reason I, and probably many other people, will be holding off on getting a PSPgo. I suspect it may well be a defining factor for it’s failure…

    But hey, I’ll be happy to be proven wrong and if I am I may just pick one up myself!

  • Sorry, but i heard that PSP Minis are not allowed to have multiplayer Ad-HOC! This is important for Tetris! Even the first Gameboy version could do Multiplayer! sorry, but if this is true it is a very bad decision. But i think the whole concept of the PSP Go is not a clever one. Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Ericson should work together to create the Ultimate Mobile Entertainment Plattform with Touchscreen, GPS, Camera, HSDPA, TV that would play both Games and Applications. Like a super-improved iPhone. That would be a Bomb! And i bet People would not even mind spending 300 – 400€ on it.

  • Please can you update us LOYAL CUSTOMERS on what happens with our UMD games when we upgrade to the Go. If it’s not been announced by release date I won’t be bothering to collect my pre-ordered unit.

  • Tojeka, those arent restrictions they posted, its just guidelines. I’m sure theyre allowed to put ad-hoc on it.

    By the way, I hope these are very cheap, under 5 bucks, it seems like a nice buy and play on the go thing.

  • Just to be sure: PSP Minis (specifically Tetris) will also be on the PSP 1000 model, right?



  • Hell I’d like the transfer system inplace just to be able to use on my old slim and have some games on my memory stick. Not getting a pspGo anytime soon, I’m hoping for a pretty good price drop on 3000’s and ill pick one of them up for another.

    The Go is just too rich for me right now, by a long shot, id sooner buy a 2nd ps3, at least then the technology justifies the price. I really hope the market doesn’t justify this price to sony, if it sells well, in the end we as consumers will lose down the track when something else is released.

  • I already know what games they are going to bring seeing these 2.

  • Media go is important for PSP future

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