Lemmings Update Brings Trophies and Rumble

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Hi, Robert Karp here, you might remember from a Hustle Kings post I did a few months ago, but today I’m here to write about Lemmings.


Those loveable little Lemmings are back once again giving you another chance to play one of the greatest puzzlers of all time, exclusively on PS3. This classic has been remade in High Definition and now includes both trophies and rumble support!


Only the most skilled players will be able to achieve all the trophies, and for those of you that are struggling to get the most coveted golden Lemming Leader, here are a few tips to make sure you save the maximum number of those gorgeous green haired critters. Four levels in particular need quick wits to save as many Lemmings as possible and here are my top tips for those levels:

  • Fun – Down and down we go! : Start off by giving all your Lemmings umbrellas and sit back and watch as they fall to the penultimate ledge. It should be plain sailing from there!
  • Fun – Total Eclipse of the Lem : Make the first Lemming a climber and the split second he illuminates the first lamp set him off as a digger. Then quickly set the second Lemming to a blocker before he walks off the left edge into a fatal peril! Whilst the first Lemming is digging give him an umbrella, then once he lands, set him off digging again until he gets almost all the way through the brick, at which point make him a builder. You’ll still have a bit left to do from there. Are you up to the challenge?
  • Taxing – Bomb not bash : The crucial part of the this level is setting off the first Lemming as a digger at the very first opportunity and making sure he’s a digger as soon as he lands after the long fall.
  • Mayhem – Burning Bridges : 99 Lemmings is what you need here. Just use one of the blockers and be sure to take the most efficient route. One extra tip, use the digger very wisely. Best make sure the whole of the spade doesn’t go into the concrete!

As well as classic puzzles, this HD re-imagining of Lemmings introduces some new challenges to stretch the sharpest of minds – do you think you can cope with teleporters, cloning machines or playing in the dark ?



Lemmings is exclusively available from the PlayStation Store and at only £3.49

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  • I may get this sometime. I had it on PS1 when I was younger, and I didn’t have a clue what to do!

  • I have this on psp. Does ps3 version contains the same levels?

  • Just got 100% on this last night. Love Lemmings, please make my day and tell me there will be additional levels coming as dlc one day, please?

  • I downloaded an update to this on Monday as I heard something about the patch on the US blog – however although it does rumble now there is no sign of any trophies?

    A ‘Purchase Now’ section has also appeared and I get adverts to buy the game from the Store when I’ve finished a level, even though I bought it years ago? When I click on the link in the ad to buy it the Store says it has found no content available for me? Is this in preparation of some kind of expansion pack or has my install gone faulty?

    I will try again now to see if another patch has been made available, just in case…

  • does it include mouse support yet? that’s the thing that ruined the console version for me.

  • I realise SuperVillain aren’t connected with XDev but can anyone from SCEE say if the flOw trophy patch is releasing here?

  • you should patch more old games with trophies. how about calling all cars.

  • @Robert Karp


    ADD trophies and rumble support TO THESE GAMES:-

    1-SIREN: Blood Curse
    2-Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty
    3-Mortal Kombat II
    4-Everyday Shooter
    5-Gauntlet II
    7-PixelJunk Racers
    8-LocoRoco Cocoreccho
    9-Toy Home
    12-Calling All Cars!

  • Awesome.

    But does this game support remote play? This is the perfect game for it…




  • Please Sony, add trophies SIREN: Blood Curse!!

  • I will buy this game eventually :D

    trophies for SIREN: Blood Curse!! :D

  • How much is £3.49 in €?

  • @ 4


    If you go into the store and go to your download list. You need to find the original download key that downloaded when you originally bought it, redownload and install it (should be about 100kb in size). This will solve the problem you are experiencing and also make trophies work.

  • Love the game and was gonna do the trophies before i saw the one where you have to save EVERY LEMMING possible… i mean, thats not even funny… why put in a trophy like that? Ok if you do really hard trophies for some of the maps, like save x amount on this level. But save all possible? Come on. Now it just put me off it completely and i wont bother… a same for such a great game :/

  • @ 15 Blurrkup,

    Cheers m8 that sorted it! Bit of a serious bug with the patching process though to remove your key – you would think they would explain that a bit more clearly as I bet it confuses a lot of people!

    The Full Game Key was 172nd on the list of 177 things I’ve downloaded! I actually bought it on Launch Day along long with some of the other PSN games (as almost all the games back then cost £3.49!), seems a bit ironic that one of the first ever games I bought for my ‘state of the art’ next gen console was a retro classic like Lemmings lol!

  • Lol this was the first PSN game i got on my 60Gb PS3, nice to see that old games get updates to. :)

    So with that…thanks for bringing my old games to life again. :D

  • Cheers for the trophies. I’d forgotten to buy this game so thanks for reminding me. I’ve played it before on PS3 and thought it a pretty good version.

    By the way are Blast Factor trophies available in Europe yet? Sorry if they have been and I missed it.

  • @ghamdikh1 – robert karp won’t be able to tell you anything about those games as they are from various different publishers and developers which have nothing to do with xdev studio.

    @apnomis – i think you maybe have to re-download your key?

    for anyone thinking of getting this – the link on the latest section of the store for £3.49 is for a small file of 135K. this appears to be an unlock key. to get the game, you’ll have to go and look for the starter pack and download it (it’s free). when you start it up, it comes up with a message about checking entitlement, then all the levels (not just the trials) should be available, and it has the trophies included. it doesn’t actually say on the store to do this.. just in case you download the £3.49 file and are left wondering where on earth your game is.

    only got through the trial and fun levels (which should have been called mildly frustrating!) :)

  • @19 Yes the Blast Factor update is go to go, so just update your game….got it my self and the update works great. :)

  • Ah Lemmings, I might buy this now that trophies are on there.

    It’s a shame they haven’t put the classic DMA/Psygnosis original up on PSN… seeing as DMA went on to create GTA and Psygnosis went on to create WipEout, they could release the original Lemmings as a sort of awesome-developers-early-days tribute :D

  • I have a problem with Lemmings. I originally bought it on the day the PS3 launched, and after recently re-downloading the starter pack then the unlock key, the game is still called ‘Lemmings Trial Version’ on the XMB even though the full game has been unlocked. Hopefully this wont cause problems.

  • i have a problem. i have the game too. same situation like no. 23.
    mine still says trial version on the xmb too. and i have just updated it, to version 2.00. but there is no sign of trophies.
    i deleted my old save data, and started fresh. still no sign of trophies.

  • i just restarted it, and trophies are there. my bad.

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